If you are looking for the most affordable Meta Quest 2 compatible Kiwi VR accessories, then continue reading what you have just read to discover more about Kiwi Designs.

Sadly, today’s VR gadgets all have limitations in one form or another, whether it’s battery life, tangled connections, or something else – that’s why Kiwi provides a variety of accessories for various headsets, such as link cables, cover pads, grips, head straps or even tracker belts.

However, finding exactly what you want in this enormous market is difficult. You have to know every suitable feature of every accessory, which is almost impossible – that’s why we did some research and will show you all of the latest KIWI VR accessories.

KIWI VR Accessories Compatible With Meta Quest 2

11 KIWI VR Accessories

KIWI design Head Strap: Compatible with Quest 2

KIWI Oculus Quest 2 head strap comes mostly assembled with its sidebar attachments already fitted. You also get a plastic and foam-padded rear pad that attaches to the inside of the main strap, and a thick foam-padded top strap is prefixed to the rear of this head pad.

KIWI design simply hasn’t copied the official elite strap, they have pretty much enhanced it with several nice premium features.

First of all, the overall build quality is much better, which feels more solid than the official elite strap.

The rear adjustment dial turns smoothly, and it doesn’t make any squeaking sound. The rear pad clips in really securely, and the surface area is a lot wider than the official elite strap.

But the most impressive part is the extra pivot point that allows the headset to be flipped up easily. Since the headset is quite heavy, it doesn’t tend to stay flipped up without holding it. However, it makes it so easy to take the headset off or put it on without rubbing hair product all over the lenses.

KIWI Controller Grips Cover: Best Controller Grip For Quest 2

With the upgraded KIWI controller grip, you can access the controller’s battery compartment without ever removing the grip cover.

It has a better battery than other VR controllers. You don’t have to replace your controller’s batteries very often. However, if you do, you’ll have to remove the grip or knuckle strap from your controllers. This will enable you to get to the battery compartment if you have a grip or knuckle strap. Nevertheless, if you’re doing all of this midway through a game session, it can get annoying.

In order to solve this exact problem, KIWI design has updated its silicone pro grips with a unique addition.

The package includes silicone grips with knuckle straps and a set of replacement battery compartment covers with battery pull tabs attached to each of them. There is also a set of spare battery pull tabs included in the package. A small paper instruction manual explains how to use all of these items.

A small cut-out window flap is included on the inside of the grip cover, which is identical to the original grip covers from the KIWI design. Inside the battery compartment, a wedged-shaped rubber material is used to reinforce the flap. In addition to keeping the flap securely closed, this also supports the battery inside and prevents the flat from being pushed further inwards. It stays firm even when it’s closed without the battery inside.

KIWI Controller Grips with Battery: Beat Saber Compatible with Quest 2

With the package, you get the controller grips themselves, with the battery covers that you find in the other grips. You also get some Velcro sort of loop fabric that is meant to go over the silicone covers of the knuckle straps. If you want a softer material, you get wrist straps that are already pre-attached to the controllers themselves.

The grip itself is similar to their older models. However, the handle has become a lot wider than the original, almost an extra inch longer. This adds width and depth to the controller. Not only that but if you have very large hands, you can let go of the controller to rest your grip without dropping the controller.

However, they are a bit expensive at 45 USD but a new controller (if they are ever in stock) will run you at least USD, so in the long run, it’s cheaper to add the protection now and avoid the loss of a controller after a hard right or uppercut. Sure, they could be cheaper, but they will not be built like this or last as long.

KIWI VR Cable Management: Compatible with Quest 2 Link


VR cable management pro version is supposed to be quieter, less tug, and better than the original.

If you try to take these off without damaging your walls, you will most likely be unable to do so without damaging your wall. The original system comes with a glue-sticky hook for the wall. The right solution may not be for you if you’re not supposed to tear down your walls.

You can extend the retractable wire up to 71 inches before it bounces back without resistance as you walk around, providing a more comfortable VR experience.

As far as we are concerned, the system virtually eliminates the need for extension wires. If you run the wire on the floor, you’ll need an extra cable to keep it level and out of your way. However, the pulleys keep it out of the way all the time, so you don’t need to take an extra break to get it out of the way.

KIWI Face Cover Pad with Lens Protector: Best Pad for Oculus Quest 2

What if there was an inexpensive accessory for your Meta Quest 2 that would protect it from sun damage and dust, increases the resale value of your Quest 2, and make your VR experiences way more comfortable? Let us talk about KIWI design’s silicone face pad cover for the Meta Quest 2.

Installing this cover is ridiculously easy. After you remove the current face cover, slip on the silicone pad, and snap it back on your headset, you’re ready to use.

KIWI’s accessory offers such an upgrade in terms of comfort and prevents light leakage.

When you’re playing games like a beat saber for a long session VR can get hot and your head starts to sweat. What makes this awful is that the default fabric cover absorbs all the gross bodily fluids and it becomes abrasive to the skin giving you the rash. However, cleaning this silicone cover is super easy, and it feels a lot more comfortable and cooler to wear for long gaming sessions.

KIWI design VR Stand: Compatible with Quest 2/Rift S/Valve Index/HP Reverb G2


The KIWI VR Stand has the advantage of being much smaller than other stands, and it can accommodate both the headset as well as controllers and headphones. With such a small product, you can easily find it around your house where it does all of this.

A stand has a high build quality that matches all the other accessories KIWI makes. With no moving parts, very little can go wrong.

With all the accessories positioned on its base, the base maintains its stability.

You can also rotate them to the back if you don’t want the controllers on display or if you wish to have them perched on the side of the stand rather than facing the front.

KIWI Link Cable USB A to Type-C: USB C 3.0 Cable Compatible with Quest 2

The KIWI connection cable is ergonomically designed to be 10 feet long and lightweight, allowing you to play as many games as you like. In the Link Cable, 0.4 mm copper wires allow for a more stable transmission than 0.12mm copper wires, which provide high-speed data transfer while charging.

The USB-IF connector is a high-quality, long-lasting connector that has a bending capacity of 10000x.

There is, however, a difference in speed depending on which USB port you use.

While it is unquestionably less expensive than the Meta connection, it is vital to note that many customers have complained about the cable’s weight and rigidity. Its weight makes the headset strap seem quite heavy on the ear. However, once you get used to it, the stiffness of the strap comes from attaching it and detaching it more than anything else.

KIWI design Link Cable: 16FT Compatible with Quest 2

When using Air Link, sometimes the connection is lost, the quality deteriorates, or undesirable delays occur.

It’s all over with this wire; It is a 5-meter cable that will provide you with more than enough length to play without jerking your PC, as well as remarkable build quality so you may play with the greatest quality and without any delay.

KIWI design connection cable is specially built for VR gaming and has a tinplate casing for improved pull resistance in the cable head. With the 90° user-friendly design and the magic strap to tie the cable to the head strap band, there is no need to worry about disconnection while moving.

The link is made of a sturdy and quality material that’s very flexible, lightweight, and soft, giving you the best-in-class immersive gaming experience. It’s also a smaller wire that may trail behind you when you’ve bucked around in VR games.

KIWI Facial Interface: Best Facial Interface Foam Pad Replacement

Based on the Kiwi design, this product is the replacement for the Meta Quest 2’s facial interface and foam. It offers the same level of quality we have come to expect from them. However, there are some additional features and improvements that we have not yet seen on any other facial interfaces for the Quest 2.

In the box, you get the black-colored facial interface itself; two similar-sized leather foam pads are also in black and there is a padded lens cover.

The entire design of the facial interface seems to be wider than some other branded interfaces. You can tell this by looking at the sides of the cover, which almost reaches the speaker exit hole on the side of the headset.

The plastic material they’ve used is rigid and runs throughout the whole interface which is different from other interfaces that use a mix of rigid and soft plastic materials.

This interface from the KIWI design is the most breathable yet for the Meta Quest 2 and has more grilles and holes than any other interface, which helps with ventilation during high-intensity sessions such as working out in VR.

There are full-width grilles located across the top and bottom of the interface, and there are even grills underneath the lower foam-padded area of the interface. It’s because of these lower grilles KIWI design has had to rethink its method for its foam pads because there are simply no Velcro attachment points in this area.

KIWI Tracker Straps and Belt: Best Face Cover Pad with Lens Protector

KIWI created straps and belts to make the VR gaming world more comfortable and beautiful while wearing hard-to-breathe masks.

With the Kiwi strap kit, you get a higher quality product right out of the box. Both foot straps feature Velcro facing the right way, and the belt has an easier-to-use cinch strap.

The first is the refined and enhanced textile technology, resulting in a more robust sticker strap and a more breathable performance. Shock absorption is superior to other similar items, improving the precision of your motion feedback and allowing you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The only problem is that employing wrist straps instead of foot straps causes severe foot fatigue. If you do not like to wear shoes in VR and wrap the straps over your foot because the material is so thick, they dig into your feet. The Velcro might adhere to the carpet.

KIWI design VR Weight Controller: VR Weight Controller Fits Quest 2

A pair of weights attach quite aesthetically to the touch controllers on your Meta Quest 2 and add a little bit of weight to them, so they will add some weight to your arms if you use them for fitness. As a result, you will need to work out a bit more when you are using VR.

In addition to being quite heavy, the pistol itself gives you a sense of weight when you’re firing it.

Although using the thumbstick is a bit cramped with the screw cap, you will still be able to play games using the thumbstick. However, it is a little frustrating to have your thumb hit it when pushing up.

If you have other Meta Quest control accessories, like ring protectors, you may not be able to use them simultaneously with the VR dumbbells.

Some Most queries

Is the Kiwi strap worth the money?

The KIWI is the ideal Elite strap! The considerable cushioning on the back and upper straps make a significant impact. You won’t need to utilize the turn dial on the rear after you’ve mastered it.

What are some useful VR accessories?

Here is our list of the top VR accessories available: Covers, Gloves, Tracker for the Entire Body, Virtual reality lenses, Cloth made of microfiber, Grip Covers, and much more.

What can I do to make VR more comfortable?

Consider purchasing a third-party hard strap with soft cushioning and support for external batteries to counterbalance the front portion of a VR headset. The important thing is that the headset does not push too hard on your forehead, cheekbones, or nose.

Why does wearing a VR headset cause pain in my head?

After wearing the headsets, many people suffer headaches, eye strain, dizziness, and nausea. Such symptoms are caused by the VR illusion, which causes the eyes to fixate on objects that appear to be in the distance but are actually on a screen only a few centimeters away.

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Your VR experience will be way better with Elite Straps, Knuckle Grips Covers, Facial Interfaces, and Link Cables from KIWI Design. In light of the number of items available through merchants like Amazon, it may be difficult to decide which to purchase. Therefore, we conducted this research to help you find answers.