Meta has brought VR to us long before we expected it. Mark is already working on his own prototypes before we can even begin to imagine the long wait of the development process. We know that Meta has allegedly set aside at least 10 billion dollars to upgrade the virtual reality sector.

What’s more, Mark Zuckerberg reveals Meta’s next-gen VR display prototypes on social media. He is undoubtedly ahead of his game but let’s find out how this is more than just all games, shall we?



 Mark and his company designed one of his most recent VR headset prototypes dubbed Butterscotch for the testing process. It has highly defined pixels, so defined that human eyes will have a problem differentiating between them. Using Meta’s Butterscotch lens, the Retinal Resolution & Ultra Bright HDR Prototype Headsets can show fine writing and a more realistic-looking virtual world.  

Meta claims the prototype is too big and cumbersome to export, plus it has exposed circuit boards.

Half Dome 3

Half Dome has been under production since 2017. Meta has a different plan for this project. It intends to be a testing ground where displays can compete against one another, not for superiority but for experimentation. So Half Dome has some sort of an over-achieving plan. The updated display, according to Mark, can change the focal point of the optics and the distance between them.

Meta claims that using Half Dome’s technology, the resolution, and visual quality might be strengthened sufficiently to allow users to construct virtual desktops within a headset. Liquid crystal lenses have replaced mechanical pieces in the third iteration, which we know as Half Dome 3.

Holocake 2

Holocake is either the underdog or the game-changer compared to the other prototypes. Meta Shows Off the Future of VR With Prototype Headsets. And Holocake 2 sure looks quite advanced in the video with the slimmest-looking model, which is just as light.

 If you plug it into a computer, it can activate any VR software. But then you will need fancy lasers that most people will never be able to buy. Moreover, these lasers are extremely harmful and need special handling during use.  

According to Zuckerberg, if the headset is to focus and direct light directly into the user’s eyes, the lenses must be at least a few inches away from the display in order to achieve this. He makes use of a holographic lens flattened along with lasers to make the whole thing lighter and lighter, and it is that holographic lens that gives it that sleek look, as far as we’re aware.


Meta Reality Labs details the Biggest Challenges to VR Visual Fidelity. Starburst, as a prototype, focuses more on the research section with its diverse, vibrant displays. The high-definition graphics pair with an extensive palette of hues for extra oomph. Only HDR seems to connect to the highest level of realistic appeal, but with additional depth. 

The Meta Boss says that he intends to experiment with the technical paths that can lead to the realistic vision he sees. Furthermore, Zuckerberg hopes to find the ideal path to take him to that destination.

Mirror Lake

Meta also unveiled a ski-goggle-inspired headgear prototype dubbed Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake aims to bring together all of Meta’s many headgear technologies onto a single display. It is this combination that will help us develop our lives in the future.

Michael Abrash, who serves as Meta Reality Labs’ chief scientist, provided his expert opinion on this matter. The Meta Shows VR Headset Prototypes, and he finds the Mirror Lake prototype to be a reliable entry into the game, but it is still very new.

The idea hasn’t gotten its much-needed attention with all the strings attached and pulled to the kernel yet. Because the architecture is still undone, we have chosen to cross our fingers regarding the future. Nonetheless, the Meta expects it to be a revolutionary drift into the realm of VR. 


Are VR headsets worth it?

If you’re interested in virtual reality gaming, now is a wise time to get a VR headset since the costs are coming down and developers are releasing more and more humongous games such as Resident Evil, Half-Life, and Star Wars.

Should I wait to buy a VR headset?

Despite the fact that virtual reality is in its infancy, firms are working hard to make products that are smaller and more easily linked to smartphones. Investing in old equipment is best avoided at all costs. Pomona College declares meta to be accurate and reports many upcoming prototype VR headsets are on their way.

What are We Thinking?

The VR headsets that Zuckerberg is coming up with are incredibly innovative, but we don’t know when they will be available. And we were not informed on what exactly they would do, but Mark gave us a general idea of the plan. The Meta VR Headset Research Prototypes he showed are pretty futuristic, and we can only wait for the grand reveal. Till then, we will keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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