Whether you are a casual or a hardcore driver, you will love driving games. But the question is, are you playing the game well?   

As you know racing video games have brought a revolutionary change in the sports gaming world. A driving game always offers high-octane visual graphics, speed, and better quality productions. And virtual reality technology has helped bring these to life.

We’ve selected some of the most popular driving simulator games to provide you with an unmatched virtual reality driving experience. These VR simulator racing games are compatible with Oculus, PCVR, and other popular PlayStations.

best vr driving game

Top 5 best VR driving / Racing game


Assetto Corsa

Mode: single and multiplayer

The Assetto Corsa has gained a quiet reputation in the sports racing world since its launch. The game is developed by Kunos Simulazioni. One of the good sides of this game is it supports multiplayer

The positive side

The game has well-established features such as the environment, lighting, and physics. Kunos Simulazionis has maintained these brilliantly. So, you will get a realistic racing experience while playing. 

The simulator is very impressive and works accurately. One of the most significant features of sports games is force feedback. It works well and gives you a tactile experience. 

Further, the tracking and mode have a great balance that allows the player to immerse themselves in the game. Remember, you will not get good graphics on a console device. 

To get intense graphics performance, you need to play this game on a VR headset. That’s why I prefer to play this driving simulator game on Oculus Quest 2 or any standalone headset. 

Although it is an old game, you will have an advantage because you can customize the cars. There are over 100 cars that you can customize while playing the game. 

The good thing about the game is you don’t need a high-end device to enjoy it.  

The not-so-good side

Nothing is 100% accurate in this world. Same as in this game. The only drawback is that it is a 2D simulation racing game. Still the most popular VR racing game.


Dash Dash World

Mode: single and multiplayer

In the racing simulation world, “Dash World” has become a big name. According to many gamers, it is one of the most enjoyable VR-driving games they have ever experienced.

This game is truly fantastic for all ages of people with a fascinating story. You can even enjoy it with your whole family. Because this game allows you to race up to 8 players. 

The positive side 

Dash World is a cross-platform VR racing game. It is perfectly suited to be the VR headset for Oculus Quest 2 driving games. 

Let’s start with the positive side of the tracking feature. The race tracking system of this game is awesome. So you do not have to worry about tracking your co-player.  

The graphical presentation and soundtrack are incredible. You will never get bored with this for sure. 

Mods are what make this game unique. It is possible to drive and shoot guns with your opponent at the same time. 

There are plenty of weapons you can use while driving. There are a number of options for the controlling system of the game. 

Do not worry about that. The control system for the game works perfectly. I am so amazed at the colorful presentation of the contents. This makes you crazy about the game too.

Overall, Dash Dash World is one of the best racing simulation games with the best VR handling. 

Happy to tell you that there are cloud saves and offline story modes. 


Dirt Rally 2.0

Mode: single and multiplayer

If you want to have the most thrilling and realistic driving experience, the Dirt Rally 2.0 is the right choice. Whether you are a PCVR gamer or any standalone user, this game is absolutely fantastic.  

The Codemasters have captured the motion of the game perfectly. So it is for sure that you will get a breathless driving experience on dangerous roads.  

Therefore, Dirt Rally 2.0 is probably the most enjoyable VR racing game with the steering wheel. 

The positive side

They promised some changes in part 2 of Dirt Rally after the success of part one. Let’s start with the graphical presentation. 

The graphics in this game are extraordinary. Everything like wheels, steer, or roads seems more authentic than before. 

Music is another of the most significant parts of any game. With the soundtrack of wheels or engines, you will feel immersed.

Now come to the control part of the game. The controls on the wheel and gear work perfectly. Driving on dangerous roads can be dangerous for you. Specially low-speed handling capability is improved.  

Stages or locations are my favorite part of the game. There are over 70 stages where you can play. Particularly in Argentina.

You will find over 40 iconic rally cars in this game, like the Thrustmaster TS-XW. While driving you can even change them.   

The not-so-good side

When any car or truck gets damaged during racing, sometimes you will not be able to repair it. Even it becomes undrivable. Basically, this game is not suitable for beginners.


AutoMobilista 2

Mode: single and multiplayer

If you want a classic and realistic racing game, AutoMobilista 2 would be the right choice. This updated version has finally met the expectations of gamers.   

The positive side

Reiza Studios brought some improvements that were not in the first version. Motion sickness comes very first. They managed to fix the issue in the updated version. 

They have developed the physics of the game and it seemed realistic. You will not encounter issues with force feedback. It works actually well. 

Now come to the graphics section. The visual graphics are fantastic. It was really enjoyable. When you update this game, you see better graphics with every update. 

For VR headset users this game would be a great one. Virtual reality is pretty effective and performs better than console devices. 

Another terrific thing about this game is the mode feature. The developer did a good job here. This game offers you different weather support conditions which are pretty cool. 

The not-so-good side

The mods system will not be available to you. This game does not support it.  It will not be an issue for most gamers. But the most concerning part is the driver swap at some specific points. 

Another drawback of the game is it has a small community.



Mode: single and multiplayer

Since it was released, it has become one of the most prestigious titles in the racing industry. Motorsport Simulation, the developer of this game, has used the latest technology for designing the game. 

Remember that it is a subscription-based online sim racing game. All the training campaigns for the game will be hosted by iRacing. 

Happy to tell you that the iRacing game is probably the most replayable VR racing game on Steam.  

The positive side

Although it is an old esports game, the physics of the cars looks really impressive. So, you will not be disappointed by the physics of the cars.   

The engines are well made and thanks to iRacing for that.  One of the most appealing parts of this game is that iRacing has a robust progression system. This will help you level up your game.

Sim racing’s soundtrack and locomotion give you a more immersive experience.   

The not-so-good side 

During the play session, you may have graphics drops at some point. It should be improved. Some complain that this game is a little bit expensive.

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