Most virtual reality players today are engaged in multiplayer gaming. They know that online multiplayer gaming is a worthwhile source of entertainment, passing time, and self-presentation.   

As a result of the availability of multiplayer games, it is difficult to choose the most exciting. Some games are just a waste of money and time. And some games feel more immersive and realistic. 

Don’t worry about it. We have brought you some of the most popular PCVR  games that require multiplayer to play. Not only on PC, but you can also enjoy the games on all platforms like Oculus Quest, VIVE, etc  

Best Replayable Multiplayer PCVR Games

Best Replayable Meta Quest Games

1. Pavlov VR: A Top-Notch PCVR Shooting Game

Virtual reality has many options, including Alex, Boneworks, and others. Are great obviously. Pavlov VR is exactly the kind of game that you want to play again and again with 2 or more players. 

In this game, you will get four game modes: Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Gunman, and Deathmatch. Each and every mode gives you a different experience that’s for sure.

You can find the linear arrangement of the gun in the Gunman mode. The fun fact in this level is that every time you kill one, you will get a new gun.

The Search and destroy mode is very challenging. 

At this level, you and your team have to do some challenging tasks to destroy the enemy. For example, planting explosives at a specific location where enemies are located. 

Of course, the tasks must be done before the other team does. 

Now let’s talk about why this multiplayer game is better than others. There are two reasons for this: its control features are excellent and its content is excellent.

You can easily store a large type of gun on your back and a smaller gun on your hips. The firing performance has improved. 

The best part of this game is you can browse custom maps while playing. You can even browse many gun shops and choose at the same time. 

2. Medal Of Honor: Best Action Thriller War Game 

Who doesn’t love war games? It is always thrilling to play a war game. So if you are passionate about action, the Medal of Honor is highly recommended. 

This game is inspired by the Nazi killings of World War 2. You will see a high school teacher begin with the vitality of what has already happened.

The good

The graphics and background music of this game are amazing. In addition, the experience of shooting fireworks is unforgettable. 

You will never get disappointed with the motion control. These are, in a word, dynamic. 

It is unfair if there is no emotional impact in a war game. Therefore, the characters’ emotions are very touching. 

The most interesting part of this game is its scoring method. You can exchange or add the score for any level by sacrificing any gameplay level.     

Remember that the Survival mode will be pretty challenging for you. You have to fight with the nazis for 5 minutes without dying. 

The bad  

The only downside of the game is that the avatar’s physics-based interaction is not well maintained. 

3. No Man’s Sky: Best Survival Game

Have you ever played survival games? If you haven’t, No Man’s Sky is the most fun way to play with your friends.

The game starts with you getting lost in an unknown place where you can see many damaged ships. It must be repaired and you can travel wherever you like.  

The good

When you open the game, you will truly feel how impressive the game design is. The graphics, controls, and mechanics of the games are absolutely flawless. But it seems unsuitable for intense gamers.

You will be astonished by getting lost in the stars and exploring the space experience.  

Finding new outlaw aliens and fighting with them will make you more interested in the game.    

The bad

Some people may not like the soundtrack of this game. But it does fit anyway. It needs to be improved.  

4. Dirt Rally 2: Best Racing Simulator Game

The Dirt Rally is said to be the most immersive modern racing simulator game because of the most immersive racing experience. 

Codemaster, the developer of this game, has created a very challenging environment. But they did everything perfectly for the multiplayer gameplay on PC and other platforms.

The good

The developer did not make the same mistake they made in Dirt Rally part one. They have managed beautifully the handling capability of cars in snow and tarmac environments.  

The sound of the engine seemed very realistic. In addition, the graphics and sound of this game are really impressive. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of this game is the car selections. If you wish to change cars during play, you can do it easily. You can easily use different brands of cars as well.

5. Rec Room: Best Social Interaction Game  

The Rec Room is one of the most popular social games among young guys. The most obvious advantage of this game is gamers can meet up with friends and make friends in different parts of the world. 

In addition, they can play games together. If necessary they can chat with their friends as well. That’s why it can be considered the most popular co-op VR game. 

In this game, you can create a room using a maker pen and invite your friends to play in the room. 

It is better not to expect intense graphics. There is a touch of the cartoon in it. That means you will actually get a 2D animation avatar in this game.

Mechanics or weapons are another significant part of any game. The mechanics of the game are pretty enjoyable, but will not remain the same. It changes from game to game. 

Children under 8 should not use the Rec Room.    

6. Star Wars Squadrons: Best Action Adventure Game

There are very few people who haven’t enjoyed Star Wars movies. Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer PCVR game is inspired by those movies. 

So if you are a lover of space combat games, the Squadron would be the right one. It will be developed by Motive Studios in 2020.  

The good 

The developer developed the features of this game’s modes, maps, and content progression very carefully.   

When you enter the game, you will find two gameplay modes. The Dogfight and Fleet modes. Both modes will give you an immersive experience of space exploration. 

The most immersive experience you will get in this game is with the weapons that are used in the game. Those are really incredible. You will get a unique experience using them.  

Flying against the wall of a space station will make you feel like you are in another world. Besides, you will not want to stop adventuring when you see the design of the space environment, 

The bad 

From my experience, the progression system is a bit thin. For beginners to virtual reality, the game will be a bit difficult to understand.   

Some Other Popular PCVR Multiplayer Games

Games should not be restricted. Because there is a saying that goes – many men, many minds. That’s why we have listed some more multiplayer VR games for PC here.  

These games are as popular as the games mentioned above. 
The Population: ONEPayday 2Arizona Sunshine, and VRChat are among these. You will not be disappointed with these games’ visuals, presentation aspects, and controls.