The world’s most timeless weapon games have been featured time and time again in the virtual world. Playing them on a unique platform like Oculus Quest 2 would be an unforgettable experience.    

There are plenty of methods to fight in video games from fist to guns or a mix of the two. Forget about them, swords have proven to be incredibly thrilling since time immemorial.

To be honest, melee combat games with swords are the most adventurous and fun games to play. Their prehistoric theme and combat style are delightful to experience.

You are probably looking for some sword fighting games that are more engaging, realistic, and exciting. Don’t worry about it.   

Because we have listed down some of the most popular sword-fighting games for your Oculus Quest 2. All the games are listed based on their physics, graphics, content, and fun.

Best Sword Fighting Games on Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2’s Until You Fall is one of the most intense sword fighting games. It is a really fun and satisfying sword fighting game on the market today as well. 

The gameplay is a bit confusing at first. But it is very easy to understand once you have died a few times. 

The purpose of this game is to die. Because every time you die, you are resurrected and you can come back stronger and more powerful. That’s why the game is named “Until You Fall”.

When you die, you can buy new weapons and each weapon feels completely different. You can even upgrade your current ones. That feature makes you permanently more powerful.

The synth-wave soundtrack and graphics of this game are so amazing. It will keep you moving in and out of your game.    

Features of the game

  • To stay alive you need to stay active
  • To defeat corrupted monstrosities with cadres, different strategies are needed.
  • It has a wide selection of one and two-handed weapons that let you choose how you fight.
  • You can move and fight with ease since accessibility and customization options are available.    

Story of the game

Once a civilization was flambé by a magical power called Aether. Roker has fallen. The Rokari have been destroyed by a calamity of an unknown origin. 

As a result, the monsters and twisted spirits roam around civilization until it is ruined. You have to stand alone against these horrors as the last remaining Rune knight. 

Then with the help of the mysterious Runesmith, you will forge weapons to complete your campaign. Be the champion at the end.

The Swordsman VR will be a fantastic choice if you are looking for a medieval sword fighting game on Oculus Quest 2. 

Over the past few years, Sinn Studio has brought some popular games like Wraith, the perfect sniper, warzone, and many more. They were some kind of disappointment for one reason or another. 

Swordsman VR will certainly surprise you. It has more learning curves compared to Gorn.    

The content of this game is pretty decent. The epic soundtrack and the realistic sword fighting combat keep you engrossed in the game. 

First of all, it has RPG state leveling. So when you start as a brand-new character, you will not be able to wield the default shortsword. Because your strength is less than its requirements.

You will find an absurd amount of customization that makes the game so challenging. Besides, there is also some magic as well.  

Story of the game

The premise of this game is fairly straightforward. You must customize your warriors and battle against different factions in epic arenas. There are a lot of powerful enemies you need to defeat. As you unlock their special boss weapons, you save the world from evil.

If you ask me to make a list of sword fighting games that are replayable, Blade and Sorcery would be one of them.  

It has been a blast playing the Blade and Sorcery Nomad on Oculus Quest 2. The game feels nearly identical to its PCVR counterparts. 

You will experience some kind of black magic involved in making it run on Quest 2. 

The physics and mechanics of the game are fairly realistic. In addition, most actions and interactions seem natural.

Weapons and resistances are very well balanced when hitting an enemy. You can experience a very generous roster of weapons from swords and daggers to axes and spears.

The wrist blade, the exotic weapon, is my favorite weapon in the game so far. It makes you an absolute badass and gives you Assassins Creed vibes.  

You will have three spells of lighting, fireball, and gravity slash on each hand. You can also enchant your weapon by using spells.        

Nomad currently has five maps including the dungeon mode.

The “Battle Tallent” is a must-have if you like sword fighting games. You will have infinite possibilities with the advanced physics simulations. 

This is a VR rogue-lite action game with advanced physics that satisfies your combat fantasy. “Saimon”, the developer of this game, has done a great job publishing it.

Playing this game is awesome. It feels so nice with every stab and swing of swords. The dungeon crawler-type levels are amazing with multiple options. 

So you will never get bored or tired while playing. Because it generates a distinct level each time you play. 

I am very impressed by the graphics. It was really amazing especially when you are at max resolution. The music was not that stellar, but it was OK for me.

In sandbox mode, you may face some difficulties in attacking the enemies. The rest was absolutely fantastic.

If you are a fan of role-playing games and adventure games, Swords of Gargantua is the perfect one. 

First of all, this game is really enjoyable and you can experience a thrilling battle along your journey. It is awesome watching the crazy sword fights. Besides, trying to parry, dodge, and counterattack multiple enemies is incredibly challenging.   

After every fight, your blade and abilities will be sharpened. The one and two-handed swords, and the melee weapons like katanas, axes, and maces are engaging and fun to play.    

Another good feature of this game is that you can gain superpowers by enchanting your weapons.

I like the soundtrack of this game. Besides, the content and graphics were attractive and immersive.

I found some cons during the gameplay session. The enemy attacks will ignore your block at some points. You will not be able to customize your in-game avatar. However, the sword’s physics are very effective. 

Some Honorable Mention Swords Fighting Games

We have found several intense sword fighting games that are enjoyable on Oculus Quest 1&2. You can also try IronlightsSwords of Gurrah, and the Star Wars series. These games are also excellent in graphics, music, and content compared to other games.

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