Playing games in VR is more physically taxing on your body, especially while standing. It can lead to motion sickness for newcomers to VR.

The fact is that the Oculus Quest is capable of room scale. It is awesome to walk around in VR using your actual legs. We know that.

But sometimes you just want to enjoy VR in a more relaxed position. Whether you are just tired or have a backache. If you have a disability, a small room will not stop you from enjoying VR on Oculus Quest.

VR should be the type of experience that makes you feel free regardless of what you can or cannot do in real life. 

That’s why we have listed some excellent choices of games that can be enjoyed on Oculus Quest.

Best Sitting Oculus Quest Games

Best VR Sitting Games For Meta Quest 2 or Pro

The Phantom: Covert Ops is one of the most thrilling non-stop action and thriller games that you can play on Quest. I personally like the running and shooting type of gameplay.  

This game features excellent locomotion. Besides, it seems pretty reasonable to me. 

In the first phase, you will be infiltrated as Kayek into the Russian base. When you enter that challenging environment, your fun level begins. 

By creating an environment, you are able to ambush stealthy individuals in the shadows. When you get it to work, slip them by your existing weapons.

You will not have to be bored with the graphics, avatars, and music. Dream customized them in a unique manner. Besides, the padding and control systems work well. No complaints in that field. 

But my only complaint is about ammo. I did not like the placement of ammo here. They were close to the paddle. Because of that, I get into some kind of trouble sometimes.

The Dash Dash World is the definitive Mario Kart VR game. I don’t think many people can argue with this statement. If you are a Mario Kart fan, this is a really fun game to play on Quest.

This game has you racing around really cool colorful courses. While picking up those, powers ups to mess the other drivers. 

On top of that, they just came out with a huge update that release a bunch of tracks, a brand-new weapon, and much more.

They play a crucial role in customizing your drivers.

3. Moss

The Moss is a must-recommendation game for Oculus Quest users, especially while sitting. Because this is an absolutely beautiful game with a great balance of lights and puzzle combat. 

Besides, the storytelling aspect is just fantastic. You can enjoy this game very well when playing it seated on Oculus Quest.  

When it comes to the visualization part, I must say that this is just simply incredible. Again, the soundtrack or music was pretty cool. 

In one word, you will have a magical experience when you experience this game on Oculus Quest.   

In the game Quill, the heroine of the game tries to find her uncle. Your duty is to help her to find out about his uncle. 

You will find many obstacles in the diorama. Quill must be saved from the powerful forces.

This is the most suitable option if you enjoy meeting new people in VR. If you’re tired, bored, or bored, Pokerstars VR would be an excellent choice for Oculus Quest.      

Honestly, I am a huge fan of online poker and PokerStars. Because every player plays as a virtual character. You can actually get real-life information and hints from people 

It is also a great social game to meet people all over VR. On top of that, it is a completely free-seated VR game on Oculus.

If you have decided to spend hours after hours playing a game, you can not avoid Elite Dangerous. This is actually a fascinating game for those who are crazy about the universe. 

In this game, you will be the captain of a spaceship. One of the most interesting things about this game is that you can play in any space like Galaxy, Milkyway, etc. 

You can be any of them: hauler, passenger, pilot, fighter, or traitor.

The animations and avatar are pretty awesome and look real. You will never get bored in this field. You can fly from planet to planet and enjoy the amazing stars around space. 

If you wish to travel to the universe and fight with aliens, this game is a wise choice. But do not expect non-stop action. 

It does not mean that you cannot enjoy actions. Yes, you can enjoy actions depending on your representation of the game. 

Taking a breath of fresh air after a long working day is very helpful for mental health. For this, you need a couple of ways. 

A turn-based game like Demeo is a great way to make it possible. There’s no better way to unwind and reconnect with friends than Demeo if you’re feeling fatigued. 

Role-playing and adventure types of games are always enjoyable in sitting and standing positions. This is one of my favorite games to experience on Oculus Quest to date. 

I love the social aspects and features of this game. For me, the Four Heroes session is the most enjoyable part. Because they play in different ways. 

My personal favorite is the archer with its huge combat range. The assassin who can sneak around and get the drop on enemies from behind.   

I consider this game one of the best-crafted VR games to be played on Oculus Quest. 

The plot is very simple. You just have to fight against the dark forces and other obstacles. It is impossible for you to survive under such an unholy power attack. 

For this reason, you need to team up. Destroy all the elven necropolis floors and defeat the final boss. Release the trapped spirits of the undead elves. Save the world.

The only con I found during play was the graphical fidelity.

How to set the settings on Oculus Quest?

To play Elite Dangerous on Oculus Quest smoothly in a sitting position, you need to adjust graphics settings. To do that- 

  1. Open your Oculus Quest app on your desktop or phone
  2. Navigate to settings and select Devices
  3. Click your Oculus headset
  4. Navigate to Graphics preference and switch on Automatic recommendations for rendering graphics.

Overall, I love every fact that Frontier Developments has mentioned. The music did not seem to be that enjoyable. This should be improved.

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