Meta Quest 2 boxing games may serve a significant purpose for you. 

People play such games for mental health, cardio purposes, weight loss, better sleep, or only for exercise. Again we see that he just plays for enjoyment. 

Virtual reality boxing games are effective for improving your heart, confidence, and self-esteem. Furthermore, these games teach you how to be a more patient individual.

You are here looking for the most popular boxing games, no matter what your purpose is. 

Here is a list of some realistic and high-quality boxing games made by a professional boxing champion.     

Best Oculus Quest 2 Boxing Games

Best VR boxing game Meta quest 2 Or Pro


Creed: Rise To Glory

To date, I think Adonis Creed is the most impressive heavy-weight boxing VR character. There are many reasons why Creed is the most popular VR boxing game. It has phantom melee technology. That means you will feel everything as it is.

If you are a huge fan of the Rocky movies survivor boxing, you should buy it. This never drags you down. You must train yourself, fight against the opponent, and be the champion. 

The interesting thing is you can access every single character of the Rocky franchise.  You can experience the Rocky movie’s background music too.  

The cinematic experience of avatars’ uppercut punches, the stance, the jab, the cross, and the hook are awesome. 

On the other hand, the soundtrack and the presentation aspects are really fantastic.                 

The locomotion of this game is okay, but it should have been better. In general, I really enjoy this boxing game on Meta Quest 2. Hope you are too.  


The Thrill Of The Fight

One of the most popular boxing games in the virtual world is “Thrill of the Fight”. If you want an intense boxing game to play on Oculus Quest, there is no better way than this game.

The basic theme of this game is-The more skills you have in boxing, the more intense you will get in the boxing ring. In one word, the intensity of action depends on your skill. 

I love the locomotion of Avatars in this game. There are some pretty cool punches, cross-fights, and body movements here. You will have the ultimate boxing experience here. 

When it comes to background music, I can say that it will not disappoint you. The animation of this game is not as effective as that of Creed. This part can be improved and should be kept in mind.     


Box VR

If you are looking for the most fun fitness game to play on Meta, Box VR would be the right choice for you. This rhythm-based game helps you to keep your body fit in every way. 

This is not actually like a real boxing game. But you can punch, jab, cross, and hook the coming blocks. 

The feature I like most in this game is its background music. It is pretty cool to exercise with. 

Graphically, this game is different from intense games. That’s why I would not recommend this one to those who like challenging and intense fighting games. 


Knockout League

The Knockout League is another popular boxing game that you can try on Oculus Quest. This game is simple to play but has intriguing storylines.  

In this game, the mechanics are well organized and function correctly. Not bad at all. Tracking should not be an issue here. I found the art and animation decent.

It’s pretty fun to watch the avatars in this game. Additionally, the fighting style was also very unique.    

The training method of this game will appeal to you. Each training level has multiple steps. The levels range from easy to difficult.

In this game, there are some cons. This game does not take advantage of the full room scale. You just stay in one place most of the time. 

For this reason, you cannot protect against the counterattacks of your opponents.   

There is another downside. This game does not support multiplayer.  


Path Of The Warriors

“Pathe of the Warriors” has a very unique plot. Because of that, this virtual reality game has been a favorite of all Oculus Quest owners. 

Although this is a 2D game developed by Meta, you will have a lot of fun playing on Quest. Why? Because the motion of this game is really enjoyable. No complaints at all.  

You can walk freely wherever you want and pick up any fighting object easily. I thought the punching style on the bad guy’s face was awesome. 

One of the most significant parts of any VR game is music and graphics. It enhances the fun of a game. The music and graphics in this game are fantastic. 

The part that most of you will like about the game is finding out the ways to defeat the boss. It is challenging, but also lots of fun. 

There will be some weaknesses in this game. To play the game you need a larger space. Sometimes you can’t kick your opponent perfectly. Legs move slowly. 

In addition, you can only punch the gangs in the face in this game.   


Drunken Bar Fight

The “Drunken Bar Fight” is a virtual reality brawl game. If you are looking for a brutal boxing game, this game is for you.    

Actually, there is no specific story in this game. You will be put in a bar and told to be brutal to everyone in the bar. 

The interesting part is that you will have four different environments in the game. They are- a country theme bar, a generic downtown bar, a fancy rooftop bar, and a back alley. You remember that each location has its own weapon and different environment. 

These environments give you different modes while playing on Meta Quest. The best part of this game is you can walk around freely wherever you want without any issues.

Some cons can make you disappointed. Punching others seems a little unnatural. The character models are not so smooth. It looks a bit crazy, but it’s fine but it’s fine for me. 

Even so, I enjoy the freedom of the game and the locomotion of the avatars. Overall this game is enjoyable.