Attending the gym is not the only way to keep your body fit and healthy. Again this is not the first choice for most people. In this case, VR has become a blessing for personal fitness nowadays. 

Studies also prove that playing video games can burn calories, lose weight, and keep you cardioactive.

VR games can be played on many platforms, including Oculus, VIVE, etc. PSVR is one of the most popular platforms to experience immersive VR games. 

We have selected some of the most enjoyable rhythm-based workout games available on PSVR today. These games are more exhilarating, physically demanding, and have cutting-edge technology. 

It is for sure that these fitness games can make an impact on your body too. Don’t take any pills, say goodbye to diet, and get social and psychological benefits. 

Best PSVR Fitness Games

Top PSVR Fitness Games


Beat Saber

If you have the intention of losing weight or getting muscle tone, Beat Saber is the most effective PSVR game for workouts. You don’t need to work out with gym equipment anymore. 

Through this game, you will have more creative movements and burn your calories quickly. When it comes to calories, I could burn 325 calories in an hour with 169 bpm heartbeats. Even if it is in addition to a gym workout. 

When you work out at the gym, you can burn up to 320 calories with a heartbeat of 139 bpm. But Beat Saber showed me that it is an intense workout game.  

You can feel muscle pain during the workout session but it makes you very sweaty and hot. If you want to relieve your muscle pain, you can use a resistance band. 

The extra advantage of this game is you can download custom songs. During the workout, you can choose more songs from the library. Besides, there is another advantage of creating your own workout level.  


Creed: Rise Of Glory

Boxing games are always a reliable source of daily workouts. Such games give 360 degrees of movement. According to fitness experts, you can burn up to 8 calories per minute when you punch with a punching bag. 

So, if you do love gameplay on PlayStation VR, The Creed: Rise of Glory is the most suitable workout game for you. It helps reduce high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Not only that, Creed helps you to improve your muscles and interpersonal confidence too. 

This game is absolutely fantastic in everything, including graphics, content, Rocky soundtrack, and presentation. So, working out with this boxing game on PSVR would be a different experience. 

Cons: This game is not suitable for all women except professionals.  


Box VR

Play the most popular PSVR game for women’s workouts with Box VR. This game is created by fitness instructors. Actually, it is not a real boxing game but has every style of boxing.   

In this game, you must pair music with punching the ball that comes forward to you. If you have shoulder pain, this game will be very effective. 

Box VR helps you to burn your calories very fast. During my gaming session, I burned 272 calories in 33 minutes. You will feel more stretched and exerted after playing the game. 

The music in the gameplay is great. It was pretty cool. The design of this game is fantastic, very clear, and attractive.

The special feature of this game is it has a calorie tracker. So, you don’t have to wear an extra watch as a calorie tracker.     


Rocket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Rocket Fury is the most accurate PSVR workout sports game. It would be a wise choice for daily workouts. Especially for those who love to play tennis in the morning or evening as a workout but have no partner. Now you can enjoy tennis on PSVR or whenever you want.

It has amazing AI which helps you increase aerobic capacities, metabolic functions, and bone density. You will also get improved muscle tone and flexibility in your body. Most importantly, it will reduce your body fat and arms. 

The best part of this game is its physics system and haptic feedback. It is just phenomenal. You can play with the robots by replicating real-life individuals. I love the control feature too. It works perfectly.   

Cons: I didn’t like the background environment of this game. It should have improved.   


Oh Shape 

There are a few PSVR games, but only OH Shape offers many workouts in a game. This rhythm-based game has 31 maps and 4 different difficulty levels.

This game will make you move your arms, legs, head, and body around all the time. As a result, you get a proper workout. 

OhShape allows your body to fit through walls that have varying shapes. It is very fun to play the game with different modes of music. However, sometimes it can be challenging, especially in difficult mode. 

I love the environment in this game that was created by the Odders Lab. It was very clear and crisp. The music was awesome to me. The coolest thing about this game is you can customize music and form. 

The developer does, however, offer freebies every month. If you follow their Instagram, you can participate in that. They give you challenges and you have to get a certain score to get the gifts. 

You only need to take a screenshot of the scores you got during gameplay. After that send the screenshot to their email.  

Cons: This game is not for very tall and very short people.  


Pistol Whip

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Cameron Oltmann for the stunning design of Pistol Whip. It is the most rhythm-based action and immersive fitness game to date on PSVR. 

This game mostly focuses on the movement of the legs. When you play this game, you must always run and shoot your opponents. Those things will make you sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories. 

Sometimes you have to move left and right, and bend down your head to be saved from pistol shots. Because there are flying bullets everywhere. That’s why the run-and-shoot game is always my favorite for my daily workouts.

You will get three stages to play the game, full, coverage, and dead. 

The music has a very unique feel. I love it and have never enjoyed such kind of music in any other games. 

Overall, you will get different workout sessions and experience playing the Pistol Whip on PSVR.