VR is here to change our lives, but before we let that happen, we need to experience all variations of it. Active shooter games are fun, but you don’t know what you are doing till you have played an Oculus flight simulator game. The best flight simulator for VR is transcending. It takes you up despite all the screaming odds of falling in the back of your mind. 

Here we have got them enlisted, but the best VR simulator flight simulator is undoubtedly Warplanes: WW1 Fighters. Warplanes have an endless assortment of missions with several planes to choose from. Apart from that, this game is the most realistic with a multiplayer mode. So bring your pals for a game.

5 Best VR Flight Games For Quest 2 & Others

1. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown 

Ace Combat 7 is a few steps away from being one of the most popular VR flight simulators out there. As a game still in development, Ace Combat has stunned and unnerved players with its rendering. If you aren’t used to the sound of machine-gun bullets firing in the air, this may leave you a little shaken. 

The controls included a flight stick that is very different from the land-based games that require a pair of controllers. What’s fantastic about using a flight stick instead of controller rings is that it can add to the immersion and give you the sense of a realistic atmosphere. Mind it, you will still feel the motion sickness, but we found it worth the try. Per our review, the game is perfectly compatible with Oculus Quest 2. 

As for the content of the game, we found that the interior design of the plane, especially the cockpit, is eerily similar to that of real airplanes. While the horizon is in front of you, and fear stares at you alongside beauty, it’s difficult to difficult on the interior of your mind.sappointment in the game was that it couldn’t live up to our expectations due to its lack of content.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn’t the most popular VR simulator initially. However, the latest update caused players to crash for this game. When you use it as a virtual reality flight simulator, you can feel the height of the soring clouds. You can also see the endless horizon with vivid colors in the sky. Amongst other Oculus Quest flight simulator games, Microsoft takes the cake. 

The spikes within the frame time, along with the glitches, decreased to a significant extent. Frame rates have fallen to the point where they can focus on at least 80 frames per second. It is at this point that the view below descends into a busier and more bustling area. The vectors are still not quite aligned in VR, which is an issue for picky eyes. While the rain falls and the textures fade, and even the immersive VR experience halts, there are flaws in the graphics. The controls didn’t fail us, though, and that bit is quite essential in VR gaming. 

This game is still under development, so we can only judge so much. The bugs still get to a point where the software won’t run and windows flood the screen. At that point, you have to reboot, but the VR mode can prevent smooth processing. But it is an excellent Oculus Quest 2 flying game, and you should check it out.

3. Ultrawings 2

The second series of Ultrawings has made it the supreme flight simulator VR has ever had. So Ultrawing came back with lots of content and more aircraft for more adventures with more style and personalization. What’s more astonishing is that you get a lot of different missions with shooter missions, aerial flights, and flying challenges. 

The joystick is indeed a little tricky to get used to. Nevertheless, it’s far from impossible. This version of the game is also cartoony, but it is the most impressive version on the Oculus Quest 2. Some gamers who like more expressionistic visuals might enjoy the interesting and straightforward array of colors. It’s almost like a throwback to the older games. And we know you love a throwback. 

Ultrawings 2 is all about diversifying the content to its limits. The control system is also simple, but includes some physics-related options for advancements and realistic Selections. The cockpit, for instance, had a wide array of dials similar to those of a real plane. The lack of resolution prevented a full-fledged reality service. 

4. Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars is an iconic movie engraved in our hearts. We have lived the characters’ lives and saw legends in their development. But VR is taking our love to another level by making us a part of their lives as well. How? Through VR. All your most fantastic imaginations will come to life as you zoom through space with your spaceship.

The game tries its hardest to make you feel included by having crew members chat with you in the hangar or seeing people work around. Combat sometimes felt like real hits. The X-wing and A-wing’s canopy in the full ranges narrows down to the vision of a tunnel. The visuals are no doubt priceless. 

This game is also only first-person, and that’s why artificial motion is impossible to rid yourself of. The ship you usually fly will be making violent movements in a fight, such as twisting and turning, docking and ducking, and of course, rotating. The whole ordeal can be discomfiting, but experts suggest the flight stick can have a grounding effect that will prevent you from feeling motion sickness.

When you’re out of the cockpit, you can turn on snap turning instead of smooth turning if you’d like for hangar exploration. Alternatively, you can just turn your head around. Compared to other space combat games I’ve played, it seems pretty smooth and comfortable, but I don’t typically get sick, so it’s difficult to say. As long as performance is acceptable, the framerate is consistent, and you do not see any significant issues, it should be okay for most people. No one on staff has been affected by playing it.

5. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Warplanes have proved to be among the most diverse Quest 2 flight simulators. Gamers just can’t believe how many missions there are. With a mountain of aircraft, it’s an endless flight. The game offers a number of different ways to fly the planes, that too with other guys. So we brought our friends around for a fight during the test, and it was worth it. 

The controls have a wide range, so you can adjust them as you like. The quality of this game is very high. The simulator option works best with the game since it gives you the most challenge with experience that way. This mode helps you fight better, and you feel more successful in the end. 

Looking back at the history of the world as per the game, the game has British and German aircraft zooming into each other. Then we had bombers and enemy planes tailing us and attacking us. It was too honest to fathom. 

The war didn’t just happen in the sky, so Warplanes added that info by taking some fighting to ground level. And as for the planes, there are a couple to choose from, then there are zeppelins to abolish, which were more complicated. It’s the classiest Oculus flight simulator and might be the only one worth trying out in VR. 


Which Meta Quest 2 game has the most realistic visuals?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on what you are looking for in a game. If you are looking for a game with stunning graphics, then you might want to check out Star Wars: Squadrons. This game features some of the most realistic graphics we have seen in a VR game. It is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

What is the most suitable Oculus Quest 2 flight simulator for beginners?

If you are a beginner to flight simulators, then we would recommend starting with Microsoft Flight Simulator. This game is easy to pick up and play, and it has a wide variety of aircraft and locations to choose from. Also, if you get stuck, there is a comprehensive tutorial mode to help you get to grips with the game.

What is the most effective Oculus Quest 2 flight simulator for experts?

If you are looking for a more challenging flight simulation, we would recommend War Thunder. This game features a variety of different aircraft and locations. It also has a realistic damage model, meaning that you need to be careful when flying if you want to keep your aircraft in one piece.