The Glistco Magni is top-notch VR gun stock that pushes the VR fun to the next level by enhancing your target shooting and eliminating controller wobble in an intense battle.

Steam is a huge gaming library where Pavlov, RecRoom, Gun Club VR, and Lambda1VR are top FPS games, but you are missing the perfect fun of these VR games because you don’t have any VR gun stock.  

I know you are here to find the best VR gun stock that is compatible with your Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, PSVR, and Valve index. We recommend Glistco magnetic gun and Esimen controller pistol case for your Oculus Quest 2.

8 Best Gun Stock For Quest 2, HTC Vive & Others

Best VR Gun Stock for Meta Quest 2


Glistco Magni Stock – VR Carbon Fiber Stock

The Glistco is made to align your controllers perfectly inside of VR, so when you’re using two-handed weapons like assault rifles, LMGs, or snipers, you will have a precise alignment and you’re no longer liable to have that controller wobble.

One of the main features of this product is how lightweight it is. When you’re playing VR for a long time, you’re not going to want to hold something heavy because it will become a huge strain on you.

The Glistco Stock is made out of ultra-light carbon fiber, which is extremely light, yet extremely strong.

In general, when you’re playing, at some point, you will want to remove your hands from the stock. To be able to do that, the stock has magnets installed, which will allow you to lock in whenever you need.

Another great feature of this product is the cheek rest. This will let you rest your face on it and allow you to look down the sights when you’re firing a weapon.

With this gun stock, you can change the angle of the controller. You can adjust the position of the controller by loosening the thumb knob. Again, you do have the ability to adjust these hand positions depending on your size and how comfortable you feel with the stock. You can move these forward and back with just a slight turn of the knob.


Esimen VR for Oculus Quest 2

Esimen VR Gun Stock is a replica gun cover that gives you the sense of using pistols in games. You can get the black or white, and they cost about 20 dollars, which is very cost-effective compared to other gun stocks on the market.

With the friction lock, you can simply install and remove it as you want, which not only makes it easier to use but also easier to clean.

The gun casing has small ridges that create friction with the palm and prevent it from slipping off during the VR game.

This product helps to lend a little of a gun feel to it, but it still doesn’t fully do it because you can’t wrap your non-dominant hand around the pistol. After all, the halo ring gets in the way.

This pistol attachment’s design is about as good as it gets for these style controllers. They do not, however, fit over my Aftermarket protective coverings.

The only thing I would change is to maybe insert some weights in the top to add some drop weight. This would make them seem more like weapons. However, otherwise, they’re a neat novelty. If you’ve got someone who plays pistol whips a lot and you want to give them a thoughtful gift, this is the way to go.


Glistco Magni Stock – VR Stock Rifle Adapter

When you’re playing with the Magnet Stock, the controllers are connected by magnets. This allows you to remove your controllers off of the stock, throw a grenade, reload your weapon, and also index right back in.

When you hold any weapon, your hands swing. This doesn’t allow that weapon to stay straight, however, when you’re locked into the magnet stock, it will give you accurate and precise shots.

Depending on how tall you are or what weapon you’re using, you could adjust the position of these controllers.

The Glistco+ is almost the same product as the previously reviewed Stock, with one or two upgraded features.

One of the biggest problems previous Glistco models had was 3D printing, which isn’t strong enough, so the Glistco team injection-molded some of the fittings on this product. They made a new piece entirely for the connection in the articulating clamp, which allows you to rotate and move the position of the carbon rods.

Another thing that they changed was the stock piece. The stock piece and the cheek rest were cumbersome. Previously, when you wanted to adjust this cheek rest, you had to undo a screw here. However, now they integrated a switch that allows you to adjust it up and down much easier and much quicker.


CROSSMETA Pistol and Rifle

While CROSSMETA might be the cheaper version of other gun stocks on the market, it is not as impressive as other ones.  

In general, it should cradle the controller at the right angles to minimize abnormal wrist bending when aiming. However, most of the time, the tracking is all over the place, which makes it difficult to aim.

Because of its design, typically your hands are way too close together, so this thing flexes and bends way too much. You do not have an easy way to get your hands out. You can try to train yourself to lock and unlock them. However, it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth to try to play the game.

Not only that, but the second you touch the gun stock, you can feel how unsteady it is. The magnet’s weak even when you don’t have it hooked on, and it doesn’t snap easily.


Meta Quest 2 Controllers Gun Stock Pistol

When you’re playing pistol whip, if you’ve ever shot a real gun, it doesn’t feel exactly right. This controller feels and looks nothing like a real gun, but Gun Stock is meant to make it look more authentic.

Because of its small body, it feels like you’re holding an actual rifle but it’s not overly heavy. This stock is constructed using 3D printing and has a lot of different adjustment points. When it comes to comfort, this thing has quite a few advantages. You can easily adjust the offhand magnetic controller base by just sliding a lock over and positioning it where it is comfortable for you. There’s also a cheek height adjustment that uses springs to allow you to get the right height as well as the ability to move.

Not only that but you do not have to spend time assembling it; simply set it in the correct location and push it once it is complete.

The battery pack acts as a counterweight to shift the headset’s center of balance to the middle. This allows it to rest on the top of your head rather than your face, cheeks, or nose, making the headset more pleasant to use.


ProTube Rifle RiftS/Quest

The ProTube gun stock is a high-quality, solid 3D printing gun stock with a solid strap, but the main joints don’t seem to be 3D printed. They seem to be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, while the joints are made of aluminum or some other stiffer material.

It’s minimal, but if you put your shoulder like you would a real weapon, you notice it flexing. Therefore, you have to be easier on it than you would a real weapon. Of course, it’s not a real weapon so make some compromises but this is a hundred times better than just having your hands floating around in midair.

If you take the straps off, you can see it has a little bit of a curve to it. This makes reloads kind of harder because you want to put the mag in the place where your controller top gets.


BeswinVR Rifle Vive Gun

BeswinVR Gun Stock has a removable lithium-ion battery, it has haptics that works in single fire or full auto which is selectable by a button on the front of the gun. It doesn’t affect your gameplay itself; it only affects how it responds to your shoulder.

The stock acts like the grip on the VIVE controller. If you squeeze the controller, it has the same feature, so you could bind it to maybe a reload or whatever you need it to be in your game.

There’s a grenade launcher on the front, a fire selector, and the option to turn off the haptics when the haptics is affecting your aim.

In general, the stock is built well, it’s much sturdier and it’s not nearly as plasticky as it looks either on the website or probably on the videos.

One of the things I like is that you can pull the battery out to recharge it. This means you don’t have to move the whole gun if you’re doing a recharge.

However, what you might not like is that the tracker is mounted on small rubber pads. This is because you don’t want it off. This is because off if you hit something you have to take off your headset and try to fight to get those rubbers back.


PSVR Aim Controller

If it feels like there’s a crucial element missing when you play virtual reality shooters with a traditional gamepad, the PSVR VR aim controller could quickly become your new favorite accessory.

The controller itself is sleek and futuristic and has everything you need, it is giving the whole thing, besides the weirdly placed R1, everything is in a comfortably accessible spot especially the cross-square circle and triangle buttons arrayed smartly around the rear analog stick.

The main trigger has a comfortable amount of pull, while the share and options buttons are raised a bit high so they line up with the analog stick.

The gun stock is also surprisingly light, but your arms will still get tired of swinging it for a long period. However, the plan strikes a healthy balance. Any lighter might have felt cheap, while any heavier would have been cumbersome.

The aim also has its built-in rumble, creating satisfying vibrations when you fire your weapon. Charged via a standard micro-USB cable, the controller’s battery life is surprisingly long, lasting for hours on end.

Meta Quest 2 Compatible VR Gun Stock – Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing a gun stock for VR shooters depends on what type of experience you’re looking for. Whether you want a more realistic simulation or if you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage for online multiplayer is most likely to heavily influence which stock is best for you.

Until recently there have been 2 types of stocks to choose from; top rail designs like Kobra Elite and bottom rail designs like this Kobra CQB.

However, there is a third design type that only recently made its debut.

  1. Top Rail designs simulate the feel of a real rifle effectively. However, one of the biggest problems with the Top Rail design is that the stock itself can block the infrared tracking lights on your controller. This makes it difficult or impossible to aim in certain situations.
  2. A solution to this problem was developed by designers who developed the Bottom Rail designs. These designs make the tracking rings on your controllers visible, eliminating the tracking problem found in many vertical rails mounted stocks. Bottom Rail designs do not have the top-weighted center of mass of a real gun, so they mess with your immersion a little bit.
  3. You will find that many gun stocks, both top and bottom rail designs, attach the controllers to the stock using either a friction fit cup or magnetic dock. However, while these methods work, there are inherent problems you run into whenever you pick up or let go of your rifle. When you’re in a multiplayer match, you don’t have time to fumble around, so this isn’t a big deal.


Can you purchase replacement Oculus Quest controllers?

Yes, you can get replacement Touch Controllers directly from Oculus for your Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Quest. If you’ve only lost or broken one Touch Controller, you may buy them individually.

Why are no Oculus controllers available?

Why can’t I find any Meta Quest 2 controllers? Meta has completed a redesign of its headgear, erasing all former Oculus branding. However, some branding was left behind, which might be the source of the supply difficulties. The Oculus logo remains on the right controller’s home button.

Are the controllers for Quest and Quest 2 the same?

Both controllers are powered by a single AA battery, however, the Quest 2 controllers have been reconfigured to include fewer internal tracking LEDs to enhance battery life. According to Oculus, this means the Quest 2 controllers may function four times longer than the original Quest controllers without sacrificing tracking capabilities.

Is there a hand controller for Oculus Quest 2?

The packaging contains the headset, a charger, two controllers, and a “glasses spacer” to aid in the use of the headset while wearing glasses. You will need extra software or gear to play computer-based VR games with the Quest 2.

What does the VR Fun Team think?

If you’ve ever played a shooter in VR, I’m sure you are aware that shooting guns that require the use of two hands can be a bit awkward. When you don’t have an actual physical object to grasp with both hands it’s easy to get your hands out of alignment. This makes aiming your gun more difficult, which is why we decided to review the most reliable Gun Stocks compatible with Meta Quest 2 and Other Major VR Headsets.

While it is difficult to tell you which gun stock is right for you, we can only recommend it, right? For example, The Glistco is made to align your controllers perfectly inside of VR and is made out of ultra-light carbon fiber, which is extremely light, yet extremely strong.