In this richly informative content, you will get to learn: how to track a Logitech K830 keyboard on Meta Quest 2 and maximize its functions.

A revolutionary step in VR technology is the development of a keyboard like the Logitech K830 that you can intuitively track in VR. Without a doubt, the Oculus Quest 2 and Logitech K830 keyboard together will significantly influence virtual reality. Their combination will make a powerful tool for boosting productivity and I will teach you how to maximize this incredible combo.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

Logitech K830 VR Keyboard on Meta Quest 2

Oculus’s Revolutionary Rebranding Meta is working with Logitech K830

Facebook recently changed the name of the renowned Oculus brand to Meta Quest, which offers much-improved Metaverse and immersive VR experiences.

The Horizon Workroom is one of the key elements of this development.

Regardless of their physical distance from one another, people may digitally interact with one another using this industry-leading collaboration platform.

The tool improves your team’s ability for remote collaboration, communication, and connection by harnessing the power of virtual reality and the internet.

By integrating a physical keyboard into the virtual environment, Meta aimed to break down the barriers between staying in contact with faraway peers and boosting individual productivity.

In 2021, Meta Quest supported Bluetooth-enabled mice and trackpads to improve the user experience and boost engagement.

Introducing the ILLUMINATED Logitech K830 Keyboard!

One of the most popular pieces of allowed accessories for Quest 2 and ultimately Horizon Workrooms is the Logitech K830 keyboard.

The K830 keyboard is a smart accessory with a distinct style, flat construction, and an integrated trackpad. In dimly lit areas, the keyboard buttons glow as you press them, providing additional feedback and improving convenience. It is a trendy, transportable object that looks great lounging around in your living area.

This plug-and-play ergonomic wireless keyboard has raised keys that give users a mechanical, typewriter-like experience.

The Logitech K830, which is only accessible on Quest 2, was the first physical keyboard for VR that Meta and Logitech offered in 2021.

They include features like hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, video conferencing integration, spatial audio, and the new Oculus Avatars in the presentation. In addition, they use the Logitech K830 as a text entry device.

You may do all of your work in virtual reality while using this keyboard to write emails and tweets and engage in other social media activities.

How to Track the Logitech K830 Keyboard with Meta Quest 2

The Logitech K830 Keyboard is available through Amazon, the official website of the company, and all other recognized retailers.

I have listed the straightforward steps to help you set up your Logitech K830 keyboard when it arrives:

  • Wearing the Quest 2 headset, launch the Horizon Workrooms app. Ensure that the keyboard is available and prepared.
  • Once the indicator sign displays, release your thumb and index finger to see the pairing menu.
  • Choose the Experimental Features tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you get to the bottom, the Bluetooth Pairing option will be on the left.
  • Connect the two devices by pressing the Pair button.
  • To accomplish this, choose “Pair a new device” from the menu.
  • Start by pressing Fn + Del on your keyboard to activate pairing mode (Fn + Del on the Logitech K830, for instance).
  • Wait for the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to appear on the screen before selecting it.
  • When attempting to link the device, enter the pairing code that is visible on the keypad.
  • Press Enter.
  • After you have attached the Logitech keyboard, a full-scale virtual image of the keyboard and a picture of your hands above it will be overlayed. This will appear to match the position and orientation of the keyboard in real life.

Thanks to these simple steps, you may now use the standard keyboard while wearing VR.

How flawless is the Logitech K830?

Like any other device, the Logitech K830 has its flaws. For starters, this small keyboard is not for serious touch typists who spend hours a day hammering the keys. It’s not the most pleasurable activity to type.

You can enter certain characters incorrectly because the keys are small and extremely shallow, especially if you type quickly.

Although the trackpad is useful, moving across lengthy pages is challenging because of its size.

Also, while setup is simple, it is not as quick as some other Bluetooth devices.


At $79.99, the K830 is not the cheapest Bluetooth keyboard on the market. There are a few other options with various price ranges.

Check out the Magic Keyboard, Apple’s basic wireless keyboard, Logitech MX Keys, and Apple MacBook Pro computers as other options.