Your lenses will eventually pick up greasy stains from your eyelashes or when you drag the headset over your hair. The lenses are most likely covered and will respond negatively to ethanol-based glasses cleaners, so what should you do?

The most important part of cleaning the Oculus Quest is cleaning the lenses, but before you can clean the lenses, you have to clean the Oculus Quest itself.

If you clean the lenses first, you might end up re-dirting them again, so go around the lenses first. The most effective way is to use an Air Can.  

Keep the air can straight and don’t tilt it, because if you tilt the can, it could cause an aerosol to fall out. This would not be what you want to happen around the lens, so keep your can upright and don’t hold the trigger down for too long.

Alternatively, in case you are concerned about the aerosol damaging the lenses, you can use something like a measuring cup and place it over the lens while you clean the area around the lens. This will protect the lens while you clean the area around it.

If it is particularly dirty, you can grab a dry cloth or another wipe and you can then wipe those dirty bits. 

Once you have cleaned around the lenses, you can get to the delicate part; the lenses themselves. However, if you are using the right equipment, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

How to clean lenses on Oculus Quest 2 

Step 1: When cleaning the lens, you should always use a microfiber cloth. Start using circular motion; starting from the inside and working your way to the outside of the lens.

Step 2: The lenses are so protruding that they touch the skin of your cheekbones during usage, and these get the lenses dirt by the fat produced by your skin. In this case, removing those persistent hollows that make your site foggy with a dry microfiber cloth is useless, because you spread fat all over the lens. Since you should never use water to clean lenses for glasses, you may need a lens pen or specialized liquid to clean them.  

Step 3: To clean your lenses with liquids, don’t apply the product directly to the lenses; put some drops or a spray on the cloth and spread it gently on the lens. These kinds of products do not require a rinse.

Step 4: VR headset lenses can also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, a specific and safe product that can also be used to clean electronic components and circuits. If you are looking for it, you can usually find it at the supermarket but be careful not to confuse it with conventional alcohol.

Step 5: However, after reviewing all of these different ways, the most effective method is with the help of a lens pen. The lens pen is this specialized brush that allows you to brush away any particles or grit. You have to do the same thing you did with the microfiber cloth, starting from the center with circular motions until you reach the outside.

The reason the lens pen is better than the cloth is that firstly, using lens pens is a lot easier to control. It also provides some distance between your hand and the lens with the cloth. To clean it, you have to get your hand right in there. Sometimes your hand might brush against the lens and can cause smudges, but with the pen, this does not happen.

Step 6: If you have an emergency and do not have either a microfiber cloth or lens pen, you can use the internal part of the makeup remover disc. Just split it in half and start cleaning slowly.

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