The Visa Gift Card is the world’s most recognizable and ideal source of paying money for anything, including Meta Quest games. Not only that, you can use any visa gift card for purchasing Quest/ Quest 2 or even Rift games. But the problem is it does not work sometimes after putting the pin or zip codes on the Meta Quest app. 

For those who are having this issue, there are some requirements for using the Visa Gift Card payment Oculus store.   

According to Oculus Community – The card must be associated with a billing address, and able to reload funds, there can not be restrictions on purchasing or on networks.  

These requirements are responsible for showing up an error message while using your Visa Gift Card. if your gift card is met with these requirements,  you can easily use it and even buy games for Oculus Quest and Rift.  

How to pay for Oculus / Meta Quest games through a visa gift card?

To do that, follow the instructions if you have already an Oculus account and paired your Oculus headset. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Payment
  3. Then tap on Add Payment
  4. Select your gift card 
  5. Give your visa gift card number along with CVV, the validation date of your gift card, and your country. 
  6. After taping on Save your payment method will turn into default settings.   

How to fix not being able to pay or add a Visa Giftcard to the Oculus app?

If your card meets all the requirements for a gift card, but still you are not able to pay for purchasing games through your gift card, the best solution is to contact Oculus Community. 

To get Oculus support, you need to send them a private message so that they can troubleshoot your issue. Remember you must have an Oculus Community account.

To send a private message-

  • Sign in to Oculus Community
  • Click on “Send a Message”   

Or you can use this link Copy and paste the link into your browser. 

Now the question is what will you include in the private message? All you need to include in the message are-

Describe the issue that you are facing with the visa gift card. Then mention what devices you have tried to pay for to purchase games. They will definitely help you as soon as possible.      

Can I purchase Oculus games with a visa gift card?

Yes, you can purchase any Oculus games using a visa gift card if your card has refundability. Because most gift cards do not have such convenience. Besides, it is also essential to check whether your e-card or MasterCard validation is still ok.  

How do you buy games for Oculus?

People buy games for Oculus Quest or Quest 2 from the Oculus store using their easiest payment method. Any prepaid card will do for example- a credit or debit card, Paypal, MasterCard, visa gift card, or vanilla gift card. Oculus accepts these payment methods most. These gift cards work practically on Oculus.  

How to buy games on Oculus Quest 2 without a credit card?

Oculus games can be bought without a credit/debit card. If you are not comfortable buying games with a credit card, you can sync an active Paypal account. 

How to change the payment method? 

Changing payment methods is so easy. It is the same as you added the payment method for the first time. To change it, follow the instructions in the following. 

  1. Open the “Oculus app” 
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. Go to “Payment Methods”  
  4. Select your credit, debit, or PayPal account and provide the necessary information. 
  5. Then save it and set it as default.