We all know that Meta Quest 2 is the most advanced VR in the market today and it is worth our value. But it is not 100% accurate in every aspect. Therefore, beginners or regular users may run into some minor or exceptional issues. Meta Quest 2 not turning on, charging, or black screen death is one of the most common issues while using it.

Reasons for Meta Quest 2 not turning on 

The first step in any issue is to try to find out the reasons behind the issue. So, there might be several reasons why Quest 2 won’t turn on. The most common reason is your device battery is dead, not having a significant battery level, or getting hot. 

Some other possible reasons are:

  • Not plugging the USB link properly or getting a damaged cable
  • Blocking the proximity sensor
  • Sticking update 
  • Getting off firmware
  • Being hit or falling down the device can lead to hardware issues
  • Damaging Charging port         

How do you fix your Oculus Quest 2 that won’t turn on or charge? 

To be honest, there is no one who can guarantee Quest 2 will turn on. You may be able to solve your headset issue by following some helpful tricks and tips. We have seen that these methods actually work. However, it depends on the reasons for the occurrence.     

Tricks 1: Rebooting

Rebooting the Quest 2 can be the most effective solution while your headset is not turning on. It is a very simple step. Check if the Oculus link cable works before you start. Take a closer look at the transformer in Quest 2. 

After that unplug the cable completely and plug it in again properly. Hold and press the power button on the side of Quest 2 until the power comes on. If you fail your first attempt, try several times. The success rate is higher after a reboot. 

When you see that the indicator LED light has turned on as white, you can remove your hand. That means the rebooting is done and that may end up fixing Quest 2 not turning on or the black screen of death.   

Tricks 2: Cleaning proximity sensor

When you see the indicator LED light is on but you are still experiencing a black screen, then try to clean the proximity sensor. Sometimes it happens that using third-party accessories can block your Quest 2 proximity sensor. As a result, you experience a black screen of death in your headset.  

If this happens, try to remove the third-party accessories or use a proper one so that the proximity sensor is not covered. After that try to clean your Quest 2 proximity sensor safely.

Tricks 3: Factory Reset 

If these two tricks do not work, it is better to do a factory reset of Oculus Quest 2. This method is the last and final hope of fixing Quest 2. Remember, after doing a factory reset, you will lose all of the data that existed in your headset. 

To reset your phone, follow the instructions given below. 

Using a headset

  1. Hold the power button and volume down button together. Keep holding both buttons until the “Factory Reset” menu pops up.
  2. Use the volume down button to highlight the “Reset” option and then Reset.
  3. And finally, find the power button and press it. 
  4. After pressing the power button, the headset will ask you to highlight YES with the YES or volume buttons, and the factory reset will end automatically. 

Using the Oculus app.

  • Open your Oculus app on your existing phone
  • Navigate to settings
  • Choose your headset that is connected to your phone
  • Select More Settings 
  • Then select Factory Reset   

Contact Meta Quest support

If none of these tricks or solutions work, the most effective solution for not turning on or charging Quest 2 is to contact meta quest support. 

Because when you are still facing this issue following a factory reset, that means you are no longer able to turn on your headset. They are friendly enough to serve you well. 

The thing you need to know before asking for support is to check the warranty card. If you are eligible, then you have a chance to be replaced.

After that, you need to submit a support ticket using the given link. 

To get a support ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Use the given link.
  2. Select Meta Quest 
  3. Then click on the Meta Quest 2 or existing headset
  4. Choose the headset option 
  5. From there, select the Power and Charging option
  6. Then choose “Headset Does Not Power On” 
  7. Click on “This Does Solve My Issue” 
  8. Afterward, Oculus Community asks for your contact information, email address, chat, or WhatsApp number. 
  9. In the end, please try to describe the details of your issue.     

Things you need to know to avoid stuck Quest 2 black screen in the near future

Avoid getting damaged battery

You need to make sure that you have left the link cable from Oculus Quest 2 after getting your battery fully charged. If you keep plugging your cable, your battery capacity may go down quickly. 

Another common theory of getting damaged or dead is keeping the Quest 2 headset on overnight after playing. When you keep your headset on sleep mode, it is still possible to track things.  

If this constantly happens, your Quest 2 battery gets drained quickly and you experience a black screen on startup. Using an app that consumes more power also damages the battery.    

Clean the Quest 2 charging port regularly

It is very likely that in cases where the port is clogged with dirt or any other foreign particles, the Oculus Quest 2 will not work. Because the dirt obstructs electric charges between the headset and cables. Therefore your Oculus Quest 2 experiences less power to turn on. If you want to improve your Quest 2 performance, try to clean the charging port regularly.

Using a compatible charging cable

It is common to get damaged cable for some reason or another. Maybe your younger brother or sister has cut the cable or got blasted during play in the yard. There are a bunch of reasons behind it. Whatever the reason, try to use a very compatible USB link cable

It is of course advisable to connect your link cable firmly but softly to the port. Because if the charging port becomes loose once, you can experience Quest 2 not charging or turning on.