Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone console gameplay platform. Almost every people know that playing VR games on Quest 2 needs WiFi or an internet connection. Is that true that Meta Quest actually needs an internet connection to play?

The wonderful fact is that now Meta also offers you to play VR games offline without wifi from its store. For example, BeatSaber and Super Hot are one of the best VR games that can play offline on Quest 2.  

Unfortunately, this fact remains unknown to many Meta game enthusiasts. This is an absolutely good thing for many game enthusiasts who do not have reliable wifi connections. Besides, many people also want to save data and play anywhere without losing progress data. 

Even you don’t have to have a Facebook account to play VR games offline on Meta Quest 2. So how do you play Quest 2 without a Facebook account? Don’t worry about that. Meta has recently created an opportunity for this. You need only a meta account to play Oculus Quest. 

In this vlog, we are going to break these things out in detail. 

What things need to do before going offline? 

If you own an Oculus Quest 2, you can set it yourself as offline. But before doing that, you need to go through some initial setup (if you are very new) for your headset. 

The firmware update ( if you have experience) also plays an important role in going offline. It is not mandatory but it does help you to improve your gaming experience. 

Remember, you must have an internet connection to do all these things.    

How can you play Oculus Quest 2 offline without any internet connection? 

After completing your initial setup and necessary updates, you need to download games that you want to enjoy. When the download is completed, the game will become able to play offline on Meta Quest 2. 

To play the game on Quest 2, just off the wifi or internet connection and launch the game from your device. You can also launch the game from the Oculus app. 

Although you can find several games in your Oculus headset, those games are just for demonstration.       

Play Meta Quest 2 offline setting up manually 

Oculus Quest itself has an offline mode. By setting up Oculus Quest 2 offline, you can enjoy a bunch of games without an internet connection. To set it up offline manually, follow the steps properly.  You can do it from your phone app or PC app. The following instructions are done from the PC app. 

Step 1: Open “The Oculus app from the PC 

Step 2: Sign into your current account 

Step 3: Go to the “Home” tab

Step 4: Head across to the “Friends” which is in the bottom left and you will see your profile

Step 5: Click on your profile avatar 

Step 6: Then click on the three dots in the upper right 

Step 7: Choose to appear offline

You can see the green dot in your profile avatar has vanished upon doing so. That means your Oculus Quest 2 is now offline or your Meta Quest is disconnected from a wifi connection.   

How to find offline games from the Meta store?

Whether you are concerned or not, there are a bunch of offline games on the Oculus store. If you know about it already, that is very good for you. But for those who don’t know about the games that don’t need an internet connection to play on Quest 2, let me help you. 

It is very easy to find offline games from the Meta store. From the Oculus store, you can easily know which games can play and which are not. Read the instructions attentively. 

To find offline games-

Go to your Oculus store. Then click on any game. After that in the bottom right, there is clear writing like “Internet Connection Not Required”.   Just like that, you can find many games available as offline in the Oculus store.

But If there is writing “Internet connection required”, that means that game is not be able to play offline. 


Can you Oculus Quest in the car? 

Yes, as Oculus Quest is able to play without wifi, you can definitely play in the car, airplane, and anywhere.  

Does Oculus come with games?

The truth is Oculus does not come up with games. Although you will get some demonstrations, those games are not in detail, just for how you will play.  

Can you play Oculus Quest while charging?  

According to meta, it is not an ideal idea. They clearly mentioned avoiding using the Quest headset while charging. As you know Oculus Quest 2 battery can back up 2-3 hours on a single charge. 

Sometimes you want to spend more time on Oculus Quest 2. If so, you want to enjoy games by charging. But then your device can get hot faster than without charge. Besides, there is a safety issue during the charge.