Meta Quest 2 has many enjoyable golf games to play like Golf Plus, Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf5 eClub, etc. The Meta Quest 2 Controller (while playing golf games) does not feel like a real club when you hold it. Quest 2’s controller is so small that you can’t even get your hands around it.

On the other hand, it is pretty hard to get a comfortable and immersive golfing experience using a single controller. Because it is not bulky, heavy, or long enough for two hands. All these factors lead to inaccurate ball striking and a dull VR golfing experience.

You can always improve your driving, putting, and chipping experience in golf by using a golf attachment. But not all VR golf club handles can’t provide stability, safety, adjustability, optimal comfort, and a realistic golfing experience. Besides, you can expect long golf sessions and accurate aiming at the balls.

Best Golf Handle For Meta Quest 2

10 oculus quest 2 golf handle Accessories

In our test, we ran some well-known golf games like; Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf Plus, Golf5 eClub, and Golf Club. The following VR Golf Club accessories are listed based on our gameplay test.

We found one common issue during our golf gameplay test with full-length handles. Occasionally, the golf handles or attachments lose track. Especially while swinging forward and backward.

So, our suggestion is that “Do not use the full-length handle during VR golf gameplay”. Try to use a short handle or keep your Quest 2 controller close to the headset. If you want a smooth and uninterrupted golfing experience on Meta Quest 2, it would be better to try this suggestion.

DeadEyeVR- VR Golf Club

DeadEyeVR is one of the finest VR accessories production companies. VR Golf Club is one of their innovative accessories for Meta Quest 2.2. It is a solid, sturdy, and quality feel Oculus Quest 2 putter attachment available on the market today. Easy to hook on the VR headset. The grips feel comfortable in the hands.

Its solid construction immediately improves your Quest 2 performance. This golf handle has a reasonable weight (13.1 ounces) which is enough to provide a realistic golf club experience. The grip feels smooth, very comfortable, and holds the controller in place.

As it does not have the possibility of flying off, you can expect an immersive gameplay experience. It never occurred to me that this VR golf handle could satisfy me in performance. However, the performance exceeded my expectations. It is worth our sweat.

You can take more than 20 strokes in one single strap. Try to use a double strap to get more strokes. The best part of this golf club attachment is it can be used as a left and right controller. Another cool feature of these golf accessories is their adjustability. You can increase the length as much as you want by spinning the club clockwise.

The main con we found with the DeadEyeVR golf club is that it is a bit pricey.

DeadEyeVR VR Golf Handle ( With Putter)

This is another great VR golf handle from DeadEyeVR for Oculus Quest 2 with a putter attachment. There is no substantial difference from the previous DeadEyeVR handle except for the putter attachment.

You will get high durability and performance from this golf handle. I noticed the game improvement in Oculus Quest 2 while playing VR Golf Plus and other golf games. I felt much more confident in the game and controllers. You can swing the Quest 2 controllers confidently by using the two velcro straps.

DeadEyeVR golf accessories are comfortable to hold with two hands. It is easy to hook and remove.

There was a tracking issue with most VR golf handles in the gameplay of Walkabout Mini Golf. Putter attachment versions of the DeadEyeVR golf club handle are suitable for the issue and Mini Golf as well.

This is a truly immersive VR golf experience for professional golfers on Quest 2.      

Defanti VR Golf Handle

The Defanti VR golf club is the best VR golf attachment for Quest 2. You can easily adjust between 21-32 inches. It is very lightweight (7 ounces) compared to the DeadEyeVR golf handle and easy to install.

You should be able to continue playing many holes of any VR golf game. The first time I played Walkabout Mini Golf, I encountered some problems. For example, lose track and the putter may vanish. I don’t know why it happens. It could be the reason why there is no option to add an extension.

You can easily adjust the putting drivers and Quest 2 controllers. The sturdy snap lock prevents you from worrying about flying off your Quest 2 controller. I could swing the handle in my preferred direction and it worked great after taking 12 strokes in Golf Plus.

Defanti engineered this golf accessory with high-quality fiber carbon. It seemed super durable, stable, and safe after a month of use.

This is a nice gift from Defanti for golf enthusiasts like me.


YEZRO has brought a brand-new VR golf club design for Oculus Quest 2. Unlike other golf accessories, this VR golf controller mount is made of aluminum.

For the first month of use, it seemed to hold the Quest 2 controller strongly. The build quality is high and it is heavy enough thanks to its aluminum controller (322g). You feel like you’re on a real golf course.

This VR golf club works well for both left and right controllers as it has a rotating lock system. You don’t have to worry about installing and removing the controllers. But it takes time to take it out rather than install it for the first time. After using it a couple of times, it will become very easy.

During gameplay, aiming, swinging the controllers, and taking shots of the golf balls seemed to be accurate without jiggling, as in Golf Plus. You can set your putter up to 48 degrees.

The only con would be the weight of the golf handle. For those who love using a heavy club, it is not for them.

Crossmeta VR Golf Club Grip attachment 

Those who are looking to buy a golf club for their kids and older people, pick Crosssmeta golf accessories. Don’t hesitate to purchase this golf club for both of you. It is the perfect addition to games such as Golf Plus and Walkabout Mini Golf. It will be fun to use.

First of all, it is much lighter than DeadEye, YEZRO, or Defanti. Weightless accessories are always preferable and excellent choices for kids and the elderly. You can also use this golf handle if the weight does not matter to you.

Second, Crossmeta has provided a strong controller attachment for this golf club. That’s why you can hook it around your Quest 2 controller to keep it secure. Swinging, putting, and chipping the golf ball with the controller work well. I believe this VR golf handle is absolutely worth it for the price.

My complaint about this golf handle is that it looks cheap. This is my personal opinion. Because of the variety of choices, this would be a wise choice for you. After a few months of use, it sometimes unscrews after swinging. This is another issue with this handle. But using Loctite on the thread, you can solve the issue.

Gimme VR Golf Club

One of the most effective Meta Quest 2 golf clubs currently available is the Gimme VR Golf club. It has all the features to create a more realistic and immersive golfing experience. This golf handle grip has been designed with an iron core, and soft, and non-slip materials.

The most impressive thing I like about this golf accessory is the use of reinforced straps. This feature allows you to hold your Quest 2 controller firmly. It has zero percent possibility of falling out from the controllers during the backswing. So you will get a more immersive golfing experience without wiggling, moving, and jiggling your controller.

In addition, Gimme VR has developed a new controller cup that provides better stability for virtual reality control. If you want better performance, you just remove the wrist strap. This will help you sit even more comfortably in the cup. Another positive point of this golf club is it supports right and left-handed golfers at the same time.

I found that the handle weight and balance were comfortable during my 18-hole gameplay test. Overall it is a must-have golf club accessory for VR golfers.


How much does Topgolf cost on Quest 2?

Topgolf VR or Golf Plus is available on Oculus Quest 2. It was released on May 28, 2020. This game is regarded as one of the most popular golf games ever and costs only $29.99.

Do you need accessories for Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, there are some games on Oculus Quest 2 that need extra accessories to play for a premium feel. For example, golf, cricket, and baseball.

Does VR Golf help your game?

VR Golf games have smooth physics and stunning visual graphics which are pretty entertaining for us. Any game that plays on VR can track our movement and position. However, not all games have reliable tracking systems. There can be some issues with some golf games that need to be resolved in order to improve them.    

How do you hit straight in VR golf?

It looks easy to take an accurate straight shot. But it is as easy as it looks. To hit straight in the center of VR golf games, just hold the handle with both hands. Then swing the controller normally with a little bit of push. Try not to hold your controller loose. Do not push the controller too hard.     


No question that the Oculus golf club handles are excellent. VR golf controllers are not appropriate for all players. Because golf is a sport anyone can enjoy anywhere. For example, young, c. 

So, for young guys, any golf attachment is okay if they can deal with the weight. However, if you are a kid or young adult, the GimmeVR and Crossmeta golf handles can be just right.