It is true that Meta Quest 2 has a battery life that can last between two and three hours, however, when you get into the spirit of the game, you don’t want to stop – that is why it is vital that you get the most reliable battery for Oculus Quest 2.  

How can you find the right solution for yourself? Well, first of all, try to find battery packs fitted onto a customized strap. The difficulty with using a typical power bank is that it is difficult to attach it safely to the normal head strap or to the Oculus Quest 2. This can be challenging when performing dynamic work in VR.

Furthermore, you need a power bank with a larger battery capacity to charge your headset faster, meaning you need something up to 25000mAh.

Best meta quest 2 strap with battery

Best Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 2


Rebuff Reality: 10,000mAh, 8 Hrs of Playtime

Best battery period for VR

This 10,000mAh battery pack for the Oculus Quest 2 significantly extends the battery life with digitally optimized power.

Streaming video for up to ten hours with a fully charged Quest 2, you can watch most classic trilogy films, including Star Wars, in one sitting with fully charged Quest 2.

It detects the headset’s battery level and ceases charging when fully charged, preventing overcharging of the headset.

Specifically designed to mirror the Oculus Quest 2 headset, this counterbalance sits on top of the headset, making it physically and visually balanced, which enhances its aesthetics.

Rebuff Reality VR Power 2 has ten thousand milliamps, giving you roughly six to ten hours of extra playtime.

This means that if you have Velcro on your headset for your deluxe audio strap, it will go right on there.

However, the deluxe audio strap does have a spring design in it, so once you dial it in, it won’t need to be adjusted constantly.

One push will display the rings and how much charge you have. There are four segments, so when it’s fully charged, all the rings will light up. Double-tap to turn it off.

Charge your headset and battery bank at the same time with pass-through charging. You can plug your cable directly into the battery bank and leave it plugged into your headset.

If you’re using the Oculus link to play PC VR games with your Quest, you can’t plug the link cable into a battery pack. You must unplug the battery pack and plug the headset directly into the headset.


BoboVR M2 Pro: 5200mah

Best Battery Pack Head Strap Compatible with Quest 2

In order to reduce facial pressure on the head, gravity is evenly distributed throughout the head, reducing pressure. Using five different nodes that can be adjusted freely, the design can be adjusted for different head shapes and sizes.

It’s more convenient to use: the battery pack has a magnetic quick-release design, so it can easily be detached and charged without damaging the VR host.

This battery pack only weighs 140 grams and can balance the front and rear weights. As a result, the burden on the head is significantly reduced.

The Battery is 5200 milliamp hours, that’s enough to give you approximately an extra three hours per battery pack.

Before we talk about batteries, let’s talk about the strap. This is a decently similar design to the previous models, but the forehead pad is much wider and much thicker than the old ones.

It includes a light that shows us how much battery power we have, and another component that magnetically attaches.

The adjustable parts are also made of polymer material to improve toughness and reduce wear.

The only thing is, we wish it came with a split cable for their fan, so you could keep the fan charged too. There are a lot of extra cables, so you could take this off and you could charge up the fan at the same time.

When you put that battery pack on the strap, the weight feels comfortable, it feels like it’s balancing the whole headset. One interesting thing about this is that there are only strong magnets. They can hold on to you, and if you were crazy, it would be difficult to let go.


NIVRANA VR: High Speed 10,000mAh VR Power Bank

Compatible with Oculus Quest 2

The NIVRANA extra battery pack for the Oculus Quest comes in a handy travel-size case, although you probably will not be storing it once you have it attached to your Quest.

The actual battery pack itself comes with a short USB-c to USB-a cable. On the top, you’ll find a 5-volt, 2.4 amp USB-A port, a mini-USB in 5 watts, 2 amps, and USB-C, which is the one you’ll use to charge the device.

You will have eight hours of playtime with this combination; two hours from the fully charged VR headset and six hours from the fully charged 10,000 milliamp-hour battery pack of NIRVANA.

The cord that comes with it is the proper length to handle head movements, and because the pouch attaches directly to the back of the headset, it acts as a counterweight to keep the headset balanced and not moving around on your head, which is a common issue that causes constant readjustment mid-game.


Adicop Oculus Quest 2: 5300mAh Extend 4hrs

Elite Strap with Battery for Oculus Quest 2

With its USB-C port, Oculus Quest 2 power can be connected to headphones as well as any other USB-C device. It does come with a small adapter so you can get into those tricky spots on some devices that don’t connect perfectly. Keep in mind that you have to charge the capsule with a micro-USB cable instead of a USB-C.

Overall, the battery works as advertised – You plug it into your Quest 2 right at the beginning of a play session, and it will extend the playtime by roughly an hour and a half. If you found your headset was dying a little too fast during gaming sessions, this is exactly what you need to play longer.

One of the biggest selling points of this battery pack is how lightweight it is, however many customers have complained that the battery is a bit bulkier and heavier than expected.


DeadEyeVR Universal Battery Kit

Power Pack Bank Accessory for The Oculus Quest

The Universal Battery Kit attaches to your headset through cotton strips that are comfortable against the back of your neck. In addition, universal Battery Clips can accommodate a variety of USB Power banks thanks to reusable hook and loop strips.

Velcro comes in different sizes and none are specifically labeled other than “medium size, larger size”, so chances are you might not get a suitable size.

If you have a large charger (40,000mAh), it may not fit into the Velcro slot. The only reason it has a charging cord is that it came with it. It’s short and fits precisely between the pack and the headset, leaving no slack. Overall, it gets a 6/10 for convenience and ease of use, but it seems cheap. There is simply nothing stopping someone from attaching a charging cord to their battery pack and placing it in your pocket as you play. Excess cable slack can be wrapped up and tucked in your pocket. Alternatively, you can invest in a modest number of Velcro straps to build one of these yourself.

How to attach the power bank to Oculus Quest 2?

First of all, make sure you buy a rubber band (there are all different types of sizes, so make sure to find one that will be suitable for your power bank)

The process is straightforward; you want to keep the battery on the outside (you do not want it inside because that’s where your head is).

After that, wrap a rubber band around the battery, and for a snug fit, loop it a few times.

If you’ve previously tried rubber bands, but they’re slipping off, get a car seat strap cover and put it around the battery and back strap. This prevents the rear strap from slipping up from the forward weight.

PopSocket stick-on holders are also popular among buyers. The holder is attached to the rear of your Quest, and the PopSocket is attached to the power bank.

How to stay in sync while wearing a headset?

Oculus Quest 2 Cable

The cable included with the Quest is rather long, indicating that it was designed to be used for both playing and charging. Therefore, continue playing by plugging the provided cable into the Quest and a power socket as normal.

While in use, the Quest should charge.

However, instead of utilizing a wall outlet, if your computer or another device has a USB-C connector, you may plug your Quest into it to charge while you play.

Oculus Link

In addition to the charging cord that comes with the headset, you may use the Oculus Link cable. The Oculus Link connection is a large 5m wire that you can plug into your PC to allow you mobility. The wire provides electricity to your device as well as a fiber-optic connection for high-speed data transfer.

Battery Pack

If you wish to play wirelessly, you have another option to do so while charging. This may be accomplished by obtaining the most suitable power bank for Quest 2. As the name implies, this is an attachment that will allow you to play for longer periods. You’re effectively adding a battery pack to your headset, perhaps doubling the duration between charges.


Is the Oculus Quest 2 Elite strap with battery worth it?

In terms of comfort, the Elite Strap with Battery outperforms both the Quest 1 strap and the basic Quest 2 strap. The additional battery capacity is also advantageous…

What’s the problem with my Oculus Quest 2 dying so quickly?

Lithium-Ion batteries, such as those used in Quest 2, deteriorate with time, causing them to run out quicker. It is harmful to have the battery fully charged. A Quest 2 charged to 100 percent will have less battery life (after a year or so) than one topped up to 80 percent.

What is the battery life of the Oculus Quest 2?

To put it roughly, two hours for gaming, three hours for viewing movies, and so on. Battery life estimations, as always, are dependent on what you’re doing with your Oculus Quest 2. You’ll get close to three hours of use if you use it for movie watching or other media, or light gaming at lower refresh rates.

How can I extend the life of my Quest 2 battery?

Well, there are a couple of hacks, like you can completely shut down your Oculus Quest 2 after each play session, or you can make sure to use power-saving Oculus Quest 2 options.

However, the better way will be to get the Elite Strap with Battery or use the Oculus Link cable to play games.

Our Verdict

While charging the headset may not appear to be an issue from afar, it is when you are in the thick of the game that you will require the finest Quest 2 battery pack.

While it is difficult to say which power bank is best for you, we recommend the Rebuff Reality VR Power. It 2 has 10,000 milliamps, which gives you an extra six to ten hours of gameplay depending on whether you’re playing games or watching movies.

This review should have helped you discover answers to all of your questions.

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