Whatever genre of games is played on PS VR, playing horror games has another level of appeal. But the problem for you is with choosing the scariest, creepiest, and most terrifying games. 

If so, don’t worry about it. We will terrify you with some of the most terrifying horror games that you can play on PS4 VR today. We have not ranked any of these games, only their play scores.

These PS4 VR horror games have all types of gameplay including shooting, puzzler, parkour, melee combat, and sword fighting. Moreover, you will experience intense pain and shivering fear while playing these VR games. 

Note: All PS4 games are playable on Play Station VR in Cinematic Mode. 

Best Horror PS4 VR Games
Image courtesy Skydance Interactive

5 Best Scariest VR Horror Games: Compatible With PSVR / Oculus Quest 2


The Last Of Us: Remastered

Play Score 9.41

You have heard the word “simply gorgeous”. The “Last Of Us: Remastered” game is just like that. It is an apocalyptic action-adventure horror game and is one of the top games of all time on PS4 VR. 

Thanks to “Naughty Dog” for creating the dog-eat-dog world. In that terrifying world, who does not know about the power of surviving Elite and Joel?  

It would be unfair if you call it a game. It’s more than just a game. The story of this survival and action-based horror game will touch your heart.       

Although the content is the same as the original, the addition of whistles and bells notably refines the difference. Playing this game on PS4 VR gives you smooth action with 60 frames per second.  

The objects in the game look clearer than before in the Remastered version. It has rich lighting and stunning graphics. Furthermore, aiming at the monsters is very accurate. 

I love the maps and modes in the Remastered version. These features are very exciting and you can easily move on to any mode as you wish. Of course, the maps and modes are available as DLC. 


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 

Play Score 8.86

Resident Evil is one of the most successful horror gaming franchises. It is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. As there are several Resident Evil series, it is difficult to choose the most enjoyable one.   

Biohazard has taken the series to the next level and feels more viral than any other resident evil game. The extra advantage of this game is it is also compatible with Oculus Quest.  

I really love the creepy locations and atmosphere of the game. Graphically it is absolutely fantastic. You sweat more in the petrifying cyclone of paranoia.  

One of my favorite parts of this game is the puzzles. So if you love puzzle-based games, it could not be any better than Biohazard. 

Capcon did a good job of using the VHS tapes in this game. In addition, the controls of the game are truly impressive. It performed seamlessly throughout the game. 

Overall Biohazard is a masterclass of suspense and a scary PS4 VR game. In this series, you will be able to have the scariest experience on PSVR.


Until Dawn

Play Score 8.60

If you are a lover of butterfly effect-based horror games Until Down would be the right option for you. In other words, it can be said that Until Dawn is an interactive horror drama game developed by Supermassive.

PSVR’s Until down is one of the most effective psychopathic horror games available. 

Though the story of Until Dawn is pretty small, it is very entertaining and hostile. Eight teenagers are on vacation in Blackwood Mountain. 

There was an abandoned morgue full of angry wildlife, where they could get killed or live. One decision determines whether they live or die. 

My favorite part about Until Dawn is the characters and what they do in different stupid ways.    

Until Down has a few drawbacks. The camera angles seem fixed to me. So it can frustrate you during navigation. The script could be better. But still enough. 



Play score 8.54

Have you ever jumped off your chair while playing a horror game? If you haven’t, the Outlast is definitely for you. I have never played a game with such an intense scary story.   

It is the best-looking and sounding horror VR game you can play on PS4. In the game, you will always be in a state of anxiety and awe as you play. 

You will begin the game in a hall of a psychiatric hospital. You will have nothing but a camera and stealth skills. 

By creating believable circumstances, this game tries to envelop your psychological level. You are here as a protagonist. Your mission is to investigate the crimes committed in the abandoned asylum.

It terrifies you when a maniac suddenly attacks. The game also scares you with conservative resources such as lighting out in the dark. If you wish to survive, you must run and hide somewhere and hope you can escape with your life.  

The mechanics of this game are excellent. The graphics are quite praiseworthy. The Outlast will leave you with a strong feeling of horror.


Alien Isolation 

Play Score 8.51

There are very few who did not enjoy the Alien movies. The suspense, the thrill, the fear, and what was not in there. Creative Assembly has done a great job bringing the content into a video game format. 

They captured the helpless atmosphere through a video game very perfectly. I really like the idea of what the Creative Assembly did. 

The alien Isolation video game revolves around a daughter and a mother. As you know Ellen Ripley was one of the most unforgettable characters in the cinema and what happened to her.   

This horror survival game puts you in that kind of challenging environment and sees how you react. 

Here, the use of AI is excellent. You will feel like another player is controlling the aliens though it is a single-player game. So alien isolation will not be as simple as you think. 

The game requires you to run and hide from the aliens rather than counterattack. You are presented with challenging situations at every turn.

Sometimes you will find inconsistency with the mechanics during running the game. It could frustrate you. So keep this in mind before you buy this game.  


There are a huge number of horror games you will find in the gaming world. We tried to select the most exciting and scariest VR games for you from among these. 
In addition to these top picks, you can also try other VR horror games. These include The Exorcist Legion VR part-1, The Evil Within 2, Soma, and Afterlife.