I have noticed that all HTC Vive VR headsets cannot track all physical positions. Not only HTC Vive but also some other VR headsets featuring an “Outside-in” tracking system can’t track positions properly. Sometimes, it happens that the headset gets wonky on the external sensor and it completely loses track of the controllers. For instance, it can be frustrating when you are trying to pick up an object and your hand is missing. What will you do at that time? 

The most effective solution for that kind of uninterrupted tracking of physical or other object positions is to use the right HTC Base Station. The base stations paint a 3D grid of light across the room and each sensor on HMD and controllers detects those grids. 

Using the most suitable Base Station for HTC Vive will be helpful for those who are brand new to virtual reality. It is also a worthwhile investment for those who want to get the most out of their virtual reality experience.

Best HTC Vive Tracker Straps

List of 5 Best HTC VIVE Base Station

1. HTC Vive Base Station

Compatible with VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro Eye and VIVE Cosmos Elite

The “HTC Vive base station” is the most advanced device available in the market for the Vive VR headset. With its powerful tracking technology, it will provide your VIVE headset and controllers with accurate tracking.

I have experience using this base station. They actually work great and have helped me to increase my immersion in room-scale virtual reality. Just do not misuse this and read the instructions carefully that are attached to this article.

HTC has done a great job adding the wireless syncing feature. The key features of this base station are- it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC (Near Field Communication).    

This station comes up with only one base station. I will say this is a downside of the HTC base station. You have to spend some extra money on another base station. It would be more interesting if VIVE could offer 2 or 3 base stations. Another negative side is that the power cable is a bit too short. But I do not know whether this base station has a long enough power cable.

2. Skywin VR Base Station

Compatible Sensor Stand and Base Station for Vive Sensors or Oculus Rift

Skywin for HTC Base Station (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

The Skywin VR base station stand is one of the most popular accessories for VIVE headsets on the market. It is known for its high-quality and durable VR accessories. It will help you to find your exact position and other objects accurately.  

This VR Tripod Stand is the perfect way to display or store your HTC VIVE sensor. It is made of aluminum and has a built-in sensor mount that is compatible with HTC VIVE. The stand also has a built-in base station and it is compatible with HTC VIVE base stations.

Be careful they did not include the base station here. So you need to buy the base station separately.  

3. HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0

Compatible with Vive Pro

If you are looking for a way to improve your VIVE experience, the HTC SteamVR base station 2.0 is the way to go. It is an upgrade version to the Original Base Station that was released with the HTC VIVE. 

Now the base station 2.0 feature is more compact and designed to deliver more power for more precise tracking. This version is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and supports NFC.   

If you set this up properly for your room experience, it works without question. 

The laser inside the spin is much faster and more powerful than 1.0. So make sure you use it in your room and do not leave it on all the time. When using this base station, I had no issues with my HTC Vive. It was very easy to set up. But manually was a little bit tough.

Now let’s move on to its negative sides. I did not like this base station because it is very expensive, not wireless, and may be a bit complicated for first-time VIVE users.

installing more than two Steam VR base stations 2.0

There are some factors to be considered for the smooth tracking of any object. When installing more than two Steam VR base stations always keep in mind the following things. 

Each base station needs to be set in the same play area and to a different channel. Remember the distance between the base stations is 7m. And make sure that there are no physical barriers where you place the base stations. As you know the Stean VR software handles these channels automatically.

For single-user setup

For multi-user setup

Then, You have to rotate the angle of the base stations to right and left to fully cover the play area. 

What are the minimum and maximum play areas when using more than two base stations 2.0?

The minimum play area for single users should be 2m by 1.5m (6 ft 6 in 5 ft). Ensure that you can support a sitting or standing set up with four base stations in a row. 

The maximum play area with four base stations is up to 10 m by 10 m (  32 ft 10 in by 32 ft 10 in).

Where should I put my base station? Or How to set up a base station?

There are no definite and specific rules for the placement of a base station. But for better results, you may follow the recommendations. 

Step 1: Mount the base station diagonally and above head height, ideally 2 meters. 

Step 2: Secure the base station in a place where they can not be jostled or moved.

Step 3: It is ideal to adjust its angle between 30-45 degrees to cover your play area fully. 

Step 4: Make sure that the maximum distance between the two base stations is 5 meters. 

How to install the base station?

Mount the base station diagonally at opposite corners of your space. Adjust the base station so that the front panels are facing toward the center of your play area.  

How can I check which base stations are currently in use?

To check which of the base stations are used in your VIVE VR system, follow the following suggestions…

  1. Open the Steam VR app from your computer.
  2. Click on the MENU bar. 
  3. Select > developer > developer settings > view room overview

That will open In the windows and the base stations that are tracked by the headset are displayed.    

  1. Click on the MENU bar and select “Create System Report”

What is the procedure for setting up additional base stations?

If you want to add more base stations 2.0 to the standard setup, follow the procedures. 

To complete the process, you need to install the Steam VR base station 2.0 first. After that, you have to configure the base channel.

To configure the channel, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your PC and base station. Then… 

Step 1: Open the Steam VR app from your computer.

Step 2: Click on the MENU bar and choose Devices > Base Station Settings. 

On the screen, you can see the following.

Step 3: Under the base station 2.0, click on the “Configure Base Station Channel”. Then the STEAM VR will scan for the base station in the play area. You will see a list of the base stations after completing the scanning. 

If your base station is not detected, click on “Scan” for more”.  

Step 4: Click on the base station link that you got through scanning to change its channel. 

Step 5: Select the unused channel and then click on Apply.

Which Vive hardware is compatible with my base station?

According to VIVE, the following hardware is compatible with the base station.

Use only the same version of the base station. Because different versions are not interchangeable.

Base Station Version Compatible VIVE Hardware
Version 1
VIVE headset
VIVE Pro headset
VIVE Pro eye headset
VIVE controllers
VIVE controllers (2018)
VIVE trackers (2018)
VIVE Cosmos Elite headset
VIVE Cosmos with VIVE external tracking faceplate
Version 2VIVE Pro headset
VIVE Pro eye headset
VIVE controllers (2018)
VIVE trackers (2018)
VIVE Cosmos Elite headset
VIVE Cosmos with external tracking faceplate

The features you need to know before buying a base station for HTC VIVE

As you know there are two versions of HTC base stations. On the other hand, I don’t know what VIVE headset series you are using right now. Whatever you have. When you have decided to purchase a base station for your VIVE headset, the first thing that comes is “Compatibility”. Before buying a base station, check the compatibility carefully. Otherwise, it may cause you problems. I have already attached the list to this article. 


How many base stations do I need for HTC Vive?

For a 360-degree VR experience, you will need a minimum of two base stations. 

Can I use 3 base stations for Vive? 

You can use up to 4 base stations 2.0 in a single setup for covering a 10m by 10m room. 

Can I use the older version of the base station together with SteamVR base station 2.0?

SteamVR base station 2.0 has a different method of syncing. So the older versions are not compatible and you cannot use them together. You have to use the same version of the base station in the play area.    

UpVRFun Verdict

In this article, we have tried to describe everything about a base station for the HTC Vive VR headset. Still, if you have doubts about making a decision, we can be more specific. 

In the field of modern technology, we always recommend getting the latest accessories. So, in this sense, I would like to recommend chasing after the HTC SteamVR base station. This is the most reliable HTC Vive Base Station we tested so far. It works perfectly with version 2  HTC Vive hardware. If your headset is not compatible with version 2, you can choose the original Vive base station.

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