I have been receiving help requests from people unable to log out of their Oculus headset for the last few months. There are many reasons to remove or log out of their Oculus account.

It might be you want to add another account to your headset, sell your headset or have difficulty with regional settings. Moreover, some have also expressed interest in developing VR gaming on Quest 2.  

I don’t know whether you know or not, but once you log out or factory reset, all of your information will be deleted. But the good news is- you can save your gaming progress and settings if you have cloud backup turned on. 

When do you Log Out and Factory Reset?

You have to remember that the words “Log Out” and “Reset” are two different words. A reset clears any pending errors or events and restores the system to normal condition. Whereas the word ‘Log Out” refers to terminating a connection with a system temporarily.

Logging or Signing Out 

So, if you want to stop VR gaming on Oculus Quest 2, then you can log out. 

To get logged out – open the Oculus app> tap on the menu button at the bottom right> scroll down and you will find the “sign out” option. 

But the issue is that you may face some minor issues after logging out of your account. For instance, I am unable to re-download apps and games from the Oculus library. 

But you can get back if you are lucky. 

Factory Reset 

Many people try the factory reset due to some minor issues with logging out and other reasons. A factory reset can be the straightforward solution to logging out of Oculus Quest 2.     

There are two methods to factory reset your Oculus Quest 2. 

  1. Using your phone
  2. Using your headset

How do I reset my Oculus Quest 2 via phone?

To perform your factory reset using your phone, just follow the instructions-

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone connected to your Oculus Quest headset.
  2. Tap settings in the bottom menu
  3. Tap the headset connected to your phone.
  4. Tap more settings 
  5. Tap factory reset and then start to reset

Then log into the Oculus app with the account you would like to connect to your headset, and then set your device up from scratch.

How to factory reset via Oculus headset?

To perform your factory reset using your Oculus Quest 2, you need to follow the instructions-

  1. Turn off your Oculus Quest 2 headset by holding the power and volume button on your headset down simultaneously. Keep doing this until the boot screen on your headset.
  2. Use your volume button on your headset to highlight “yes” and press the power button.
  3. Log in to the Oculus app with the account you would like to connect to your Oculus Quest headset. 
  4. Set up your device from scratch.  

Please Notes: If you have trouble turning back on your headset, hold on to the after-factory reset button and hold on to the power button for 30 seconds. 

A factory reset of the Oculus headset is irreversible. 

This method will remove all information and data from your account. It will even remove your downloaded games. 

But the good thing is it won’t remove your purchased contents from your Oculus account.

Can I Factory Reset Without Losing Data?

Yes, you can be able to factory reset without losing your data such as gaming progress and scores. The Oculus Rift never had a data saving feature like Steam or Xbox. 

Happy to tell you that Oculus recently created a feature to save eligible game data to a cloud. You can re-download your games with your progress and scores saved in the “Cloud Backup”. It can even show you where you let your guard down during games.

To save your Oculus Quest 2 data, you need to turn on the “Cloud Backup” settings before factory reset. To do so…

  1. Put on your Oculus headset. Then hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. 
  2. When the “Quick setting” appears, click on it. 
  3. Navigate to “system” and click on it.
  4. Select “Backup
  5. Select “Cloud Backup” and turn it on.   

Notice: you have to keep in mind that while the Cloud Backup is available to all Oculus developers, it’s up to developers to decide whether to enable this feature to their app and what data is backed up.  

Can you save your Oculus Quest 2 data without Cloud Backup?

The straight answer is yes. You can save your Oculus Quest 2 games using the Sidequest feature. To do this-

  1. First, download and install Sidequest on your PC.
  2. Connect your headset to your PC and turn it on. 
  3. When your headset accesses the data file completely, a green dot will pop up on the left side of the upper corner. 
  4. Click on that green dot and you will find a list of all apps installed in your headset. 
  5. Then click on the gear icon to back up each data file. Follow the instructions on the screen.       

Can you log into a different account on Oculus Quest 2? 

According to Oculus Community, you can have 3 to 4 accounts in your Oculus Quest 2 headset. So it is clear that you can log in to multiple accounts.    

How do you sign in Oculus Quest headset?

Turn on your Oculus Quest 2 first to sign in. Then – 

  • Download and install the Oculus app on your phone
  • Once you have installed the Oculus app, you can continue with your Facebook account (if you have a FB account already. But if you don’t, you just need to create an account)  
  • Then follow the screen instructions. 

Do you want to add another account to your Oculus Quest 2 headset?

To add an additional account to your meta Quest 2-

  1. Press on your left touch controller to pull up your universal menu
  2. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu
  3. Select settings in the top right corner. 
  4. Select account
  5. Select add account in the top right corner.

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