Although Meta/Oculus Quest touch controllers have their original wrist straps, it slides away. Therefore, you may feel insecure about the Oculus controllers. In addition, some annoying issues happen like constantly switching to batteries, failing to throw grenades, slashing the blocks, and many more.  

For all possible issues, extra movement, and swinging the controller around you in confidence, you still need third-party controller cover grips. They add a nice texture to your Quest 2 controllers and enhance your VR gaming without worrying about the dropping of controllers.

In this article, I have listed several of the best controller grips for Oculus Quest 2 considering the mentioned issues. These VR controller cover grips work great and have excellent adjustability and comfort.   

Best Controller Grip For Oculus Quest 2

Top 5 Best VR Controller Cover Grips 

Best Controller Grip For Oculus Quest 2

1. Kiwi Design: Best Comfortable Grip For Quest 2

Silicone Grip Cover Protector with Knuckle Straps

KIWI’s controller grips are the most comfortable grip cover I have ever used since I got the Oculus Quest 2. This is the latest controller grip cover from KiWi design. It is very well integrated with the controllers, much better than the previous one. Blocking or impeding is not possible with the controller. 

Kiwi has brought some amazing features that were not in the previous version. 

  • The grip cover is made of an eco-friendly silicon cover rather than a plastic strap. This wraps easily around the ring at the top of the controllers and works as a hook and protector. 
  • You do not need to keep taking off the controller grip to replace the battery as there is already a battery cover in the compartment.

User experience 

It is super soft and feels comfortable for hands and suits any size of hands. Even when you are playing fast-paced games, you will have so much more control and comfort wearing this. Also, installing the grips is a piece of cake. 

The knuckle strap is made of pure leather. Rotatable Rivets allow it to stick to velcro and fits your palm perfectly. So anyone can enjoy and enhance gaming sessions without sweating.  There is no possibility of sliding down the Quest 2 controller. 

2. AMVR Touch Controller Grips

Best fit With Meta Quest, Quest 2, Rift S

The AMVR grip is one of the most solid and elastic controller grips I have ever used. It is well made and it appears the AMVR put a lot of sweat to engineer these straps. Personally, I think that it is a bit better than the KiWi controller.

New features 

By shortening the previous grip, AMVR finally listened to the customer’s demands. 

  • The length of the knuckle straps is longer than the old version.
  • In the previous model, the handle cover was too small. But in this updated version, you don’t have to complain about that issue.
  • Installing process was a little bit complicated with the old grips for some users. Now you can easily set up the whole thing in a short time. 

User experience 

The updated and optimized touch controller grips are now more compatible with meta Quest and Oculus rift. They are pretty much like hair bands. My hand grips these very well. It feels so secure during gameplay. When you play fast-paced games, this won’t leave you. You will not face the restriction of thumb movement.

There are plenty of Velcros there, and the knuckle straps are made of silicon. Therefore, you can comfortably adjust the straps according to your hand size. It is easy to put on and off. 

Remember that the touch controller handle cover is made of TPU plastic.  

The only downside of these VR controller grips is- there is a bit of a chance of sliding off the battery cover.              

3. VR Cover Controller Grips

Adjustable straps, Improve grip, reduce slippage

This is the first controller grip from the VR cover. They have designed it specifically for Oculus Quest 2. The quality seemed very solid and it comes with a replacement. 

From my 5 months of use, I can say that the VR cover has done a very great job producing this grip. I did not have to adjust my grip repeatedly because the grip held my hand firmly. 

It is comfortable and can fit around my hand very tight. I feel my Oculus Quest 2 is safe in this grip.   

Whether you have a big or small hand, you can adjust it according to your hand size. It is easy to install.

The problems with this grip are it won’t fit the charge. So you have to take off the handle cover while charging. In addition, the handle cover seemed a bit thicker than AMVR touch controller grips. The hand cover also does not fit Meta Quest 1.

4. NexiGo Touch Controller Grips

Anti-Sweat Waterproof Grip Cover & Knuckle Strap Set

The NexiGo touch controller grip cover is a stylish way to keep your Oculus Quest 2 safe and protected. It is made of durable silicone materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

The touch controller grip cover is comfortable to grip and provides a reasonable amount of grip. It looks like a honeycomb-pattern surface and has the ability to absorb the impact of minor drops and bumps. 

You don’t need to worry about the knuckle straps or grip quality. It is great. There is little chance of them sliding away since they fit mostly on the point and knuckle. Although the straps are a significantficant improvement over the standard lanyard, they could be better. 

The NexiGo touch controller grip has some drawbacks like the installation process may be complicated for beginners. Leather quality is not as pure as KiWi design and AMVR. besides, this may not be compatible with Oculus Quest 1.

5. X Super Home Soft Skin Controller Grips

Grip Cover Protector for Oculus Quest 2

I like the X-Super home soft skin controller grips. It is easy to put on the Oculus Quest headsets. The plastic silicon handle cover makes me feel so comfortable and does not slip out from my hand. 

Playing the Beat Saber, I experienced no pain, skin coming off my hands, intense sweating, etc. I could play games like Pistol Whip, Tetris Effect, and many more with confidence. 

No matter what your hand size is, the controller straps or grips fit you.  Even if you have a young child, you can use them perfectly. Another feature of this skin controller cover grip is- it is compatible with Oculus Rift too. 

The X-Super skin control cover grip has drawbacks. It is not durable and does not last long. So you have to think about it. Besides, the secondary knuckle grips were struggling to fit on my hand. I don’t know why.  Maybe it has something to do with the size of my hand. 

How to get a better grip on Oculus Quest 2: The buyer guide

While playing VR games, there is no alternative to the VR controller cover grips for holding the VR motion controller. For a comfortable and adjustable experience, silicone grips are better than rigid plastic. 

Adjustability is another key thing that needs to be ensured. But the question is how do you specify an adjustable grip? Remember that the more velcro in the grip, the better the grips will fit your hands. 

Seeing the reviews of all the selected accessories helps you find a better grip cover.   

How do you grip the Oculus Quest 2?

As you know the knuckle straps feature buckle and velcro systems for adjusting around the back of the hands. You will find there is a small hole to feed the original wrist straps. Make sure that the original wrist strap has been inserted through the small hole and tightened up.         


Do the controller grips work with the Halo controller protector?

Yes, they work with the Halo Controller protector. Recent VR controller grips are long enough. 

Do the Meta Quest 2 controller grips cover the buttons, triggers, or thumbsticks? 

No, they do not cover all. Most of the grips go around the handle portion of the controllers.

Do I need to remove the grips to open the battery compartments on the controllers?

Most of the controller grips have to open for the battery compartment. But you will find it easy to remove and reattach. 

How do I clean the VR controller grips?

The grips are easy to clean. Some grips are washable. The most effective way to clean the grips is to use a microfibre cloth. You can ask your mom for better ways of cleaning.

Is the claw grip suitable for Beat Saber?

According to the top 1 to 10 players, the claw grips are the most popular for Beat Saber and Oculus Quest 2. 

Final Verdict

There are no things in the world that are without drawbacks. Likewise, the VR controller grips are. Still, there is talk of less and more. Keeping all the factors in mind, I have reached a final thought on the most appropriate grips for VR controllers. As far as the best controller grip for Oculus Quest 2, the KiWi design controller grip is outstanding. It grips very well on your hands and gives you the freedom to move around you. Quest 2 grips are not incompatible with other meta Quest 2 grips. They are also fantastic. Comparatively, the KiWi design is a little bit better. 

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