A battery-powered Meta Quest 2 head strap is a convenient way to immerse yourself in VR reality. Playing for as long as you want is easy with the device’s battery, which allows you to stay focused throughout the game.

However, you might ask why I should buy something that already comes with my Meta Quest. However, the Elite strap has some disadvantages, such as absorbing sweat and providing no cushioning or counterbalancing for the front-heavy design. The most effective head straps provide plenty of support around the back of your head as well as firm fittings on the front.

In reality, because you cannot test every head strap, here are the 6 most popular Meta Quest 2 head straps with batteries.

The Best Meta Quest 2 Head Straps With Or Without Batteries

Head Strap With batteryHead Strap Without Battery
BOBOVR M2 Pro – 5200mah battery Compatible with Quest 2
KKCOBVR Q2 – Elite Head Strap with 6800mah battery
KIWI design Head Strap – Best Head strap without Battery
Orzero Head Strap – Top Selling No Battery Head strap Compatible for Meta Quest 2

1. BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery: Best Compatible with Quest 2

BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery for quest 2
BOBOVR Head Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

With the BOBOVR M2 head strap for Oculus Quest 2, you will get three hours of extra time. The package includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, two batteries (usually you would only get one battery), and of course, the head strap.

In terms of design, the batteries are somewhat similar to the M2, but they are much larger and thicker than the usual M2 batteries.

They used gravity balancing and dispersed design so that the product’s gravity is evenly distributed in various positions of the head, decreasing face pressure.

Approximately 5200 milliamp hours of battery power are contained in the strap. The entire package costs 60 US dollars with any additional batteries costing you about 30 US dollars. This makes this combo, which includes two batteries at ten thousand milliamp hours, much cheaper than the official Oculus battery, which often has braking issues.  

2. KKCOBVR Q2 with 6800 Mh: Best Comfortable Head Strap

KKCOBVR Q2 for oculus quest 2
KKCOBVR Head Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

With KKCOBVR, you will find some similarities between the elite strap with battery and the previously reviewed Bobo M2 halo strap. This is due to the two black arms that support the top of the head. The Bobo M2 support arms, however, cannot be rotated backward or forward to ensure maximum comfort on top of your head.

On the back, there is a large piece of plastic. Inside the house are two separate rechargeable batteries, each with a capacity of 2600 milliamp hours, which sit separately.

It has a combined capacity of 200 milliamp hours in the back piece of the head strap, over 500 milliamp hours more than the elite strap with battery.

Using this head strap, you should be able to play for at least twice as long on Quest 2 as you would without it. This is probably more than enough playtime in VR for one session.

With a weight of 477g and a weight of 316g for the battery Elite strap, the top left and right comfort contacts can distribute Quest 2’s weight over your head and reduce facial pressure. In the back of the head, there is a large & soft sponge that enhances head support, and the three-stage sponge design is better for anti-skid.

3. Smatree Elite Strap: Best Investment For Your Head Strap

Smatree Elite Strap for oculus quest 2
Smatree Elite Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

The Smatree Elite Strap comes with a built-in battery designed to fit perfectly with the Oculus Quest 2.

Although it has a decent amount of weight, it improves the balance when wearing it, so it is less likely to cause stress.

You will love the Smatree strap if you are concerned about comfort, as it includes a removable cushion in the part that hits the back of your head.

In addition to its similar design to the official elite strap, this strap gives you a feeling of unity throughout.

Smatree has no parts on the top of the head (belt only), which many people believe is not significant.

You can reuse the Elite strap cushion by wiping it with a tissue or a towel to keep it clean and hygienic. In order to minimize viscosity loss on the sticky side, do not soak the whole head cushion in water for long periods of time.

4. KIWI design Head Strap: most comfortable Head strap for big heads

KIWI design Head Strap for oculus quest 2
KIWI design Head Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

The KIWI Oculus Quest 2 head strap itself comes mostly assembled with sidebar attachments already attached. Additionally, there is a plastic and foam-padded rear pad that attaches to the inside of the main strap, and a foam-padded top strap which is prefixed to the back of this soft foam pad.

KIWI design has enhanced the official elite strap with some stylish premium features, rather than blatantly copying it.

First of all, the overall build quality is much better, which feels more solid than the official elite strap.

The rear adjustment dial turns smoothly, and it doesn’t make any squeaking sound. The rear pad clips in really securely, and the surface area is a lot wider than the official elite strap.

There is also an additional pivot point on the headset that allows it to be easily flipped up. Since the headset is quite heavy, it tends to stay flipped up without holding it. However, it does make it so easy to take the headset off or put it on without rubbing hair product all over the lenses.

5. Orzero Head Strap: comfortable compared to original

Orzero Head Strap Compatible for Meta Quest 2
Orzero Head Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

There is no doubt that the Orzero Head Strap is much more convenient than the basic elastics that come with the Quest 2. It allows very fast adjustment, so the headset will remain more rigid and steady when placed down.

However, the plastic of this strap is significantly cheaper than the headset itself. Poorly finished clips are used to install it. The Velcro strap on top is even cheaper and stiffer than the Elite. However, the foam behind the head is fine, and the Velcro is stronger than the glue holding the Velcro.

This alternative to the Elite strap does not replace what makes the Elite strap so popular. It has some problems, for example, if you have a big head, the strap will go around your neck, which is uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, even though it has a reasonable price, you can still get something better in that price range.

6. Esimen Adjustable Head Strap: Best worth the cost

Esimen Adjustable Head Strap Compatible for MetaOculus Quest 2
Esimen Adjustable Head Strap (Affiliate links / Images from Amazon PA API)

The Esimen headset itself is quite comfortable, and the cog at the back makes it easy to put on.

The premium foam pad decreases head pressure, provides enhanced head support, and may significantly improve comfort and pressure relief when using the headset.

Even though the steps are simple, getting the brackets to snap onto the side of the quest is difficult. However, since it only needs to be done once, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Esmien headsets make some noise, and when you loosen them from being tight, they make a crunching noise as well. One problem is that they seem to not last long.

With all that said, realistically, there are not many major complaints and once you’re all set up it’s easy and convenient to use.

How to Set up the Head Strap With Your Quest 2 Headset?

There are several components of a strap with battery; the right side, left side, top strap battery, cable charging port, cable clip, and the adjustable rear fit wheel and rear brace to attach the strap with battery to your Quest 2.

  • Start by gently pulling out the facial interface foam that came with the headset.
  • Next, carefully detach the soft strap from the headset arms by placing your finger on the back of the strap’s plastic casing, pulling out away from the headset.
  • With a slight twist downward to unsnap from the headset, unstop both sides and unfasten the top strap to pull it through the bracket.
  • In the front of the headset extend the side straps by turning the rear fit wheel to the left, this will lengthen the straps and make it easier to attach them.
  • Attach the strap with battery side straps to your Oculus Quest too; starting from the front of the headset, hook the strap sides to the arms of the headset and snap on by gently applying pressure down the length of the strap.
  • After the side straps are attached thread the top strap through the front top bracket to fasten it.
  • Finally, reinsert the facial interface foam and snap it into place, plug the cable from the strap with the battery into the headset’s USB-C port.
  • Connect one end of the Meta Quest 2 power cable into the USB-C charging port at the back of the strap and the other end into the Quest 2 power adapter, this will charge both the strap with battery and Quest 2. (As long as the strap is plugged into the headset, there’s no need to charge them individually). It is important to adjust the strut with the battery for every new user that wears it. A proper fit will ensure that the headset is resting comfortably on your face and the picture is clear for the best fit.
  • Follow these steps place the headset with the strap on your head and ensure the rear brace is cradling the back of your head.
  • Tighten the overhead strap, so it’s supporting the weight of the device.
  • After the top strap is supporting the weight of the device and the rear brace is cupped around the base of your head, twist the rear fit wheel to loosen or tighten the side strap until the headset fits snugly and comfortably.


How long does the Oculus Quest 2 Elite battery strap last?

The Elite Strap’s extra 4,676mAh battery essentially doubles the Oculus Quest 2’s battery life, meaning you can play for significantly longer periods and charge the headset less frequently.

Is the Oculus Quest 2 elite strap worth it?

Both Quest 1 and Quest 2 straps perform better in terms of comfort, but the Elite Strap with Battery outperforms both. The carrying bag is good and durable, but the zipper closure seems fragile, so I doubt it will last long. In addition, the additional battery capacity is advantageous.

Is it worthwhile to get the Oculus strap with a battery?

Elite Strap with Battery offers more comfort than the Quest 1 strap and the basic Quest 2 strap. The additional battery capacity is also advantageous. The carrying bag is sturdy and durable, but the zipper closing is fragile.

How can I increase the life of my Quest 2 battery?

Oculus Quest settings can be changed. When Auto Wake is turned off, your headset will not turn on by accident (and so consume its battery) if it is jostled and believes it is in use, but Auto Sleep will immediately put it on standby if it senses it is not being used.

Final Verdict

Changing your strap may not seem like a problem from afar, but when you don’t know what to look for, it can be difficult.

It is hard to say which head strap is best for you, but we recommend the KIWI design Head Strap. The 52° adjustable connection eliminates the need to adjust the knobs to loosen the side straps when putting on or taking off the head strap; simply pull the connector up and you can easily put the head strap on or take it off.

This review should have helped you discover answers to all of your questions.

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