Taking your Meta Quest 2 anywhere without a travel case can be a hassle. If you want to make your life simpler, you’ll need the best Meta Quest 2 storage case.

However, not all cases offer the same level of quality and performance. In some cases struggle to keep the console in place, while others let moisture through when it rains.

As mentioned, the most suitable Meta Quest 2 carrying case will allow you to transport your VR headset in the car, on an aircraft, or to a friend’s house. It can hold your Quest 2 or 1 headset, controllers, charging cords, headphones, and other accessories.

best storage case for oculus quest 2

1. JSVER Case for Quest 2: Best Hard Case for Quest 2

JSVER features a stylish sturdy shell on the outside, giving it a clean look.

When you open up, you will see many different compartments. For example, if you have a third-party head strap adjustment with a battery pack, it will sit nicely and perfectly.

You also get a handy elastic pocket to store anything else besides your main accessories.

The interior mesh pocket is used to store tiny accessories like power cords. The pre-cut hole and fastening band keep your Oculus Quest 2 and touch controllers secure, even when you’re on the go.

The double zipper design allows you to easily access your headset and accessories. It comes with a dustproof lens cover and a silicone VR face mask.

Overall, it’s a convenient way to travel. Therefore, if you’re looking for an awesome case for your Oculus Quest 2 that’s large enough to fit all your accessories, consider checking this one out. It’s difficult to beat this price for this quality.

2. SARLAR Quest 2 Bag: For Quest 2 VR Headset, Controllers, Battery and Elite Strap

The most attractive part about SARLAR is how comfortable it is. For example, the mesh pocket has a zipper to keep everything loose in one area. The mesh seems to keep everything snug when the case is closed. However, the case itself is made of fiber, although not listed as waterproof it most likely will retain water and could damage the oculus on the inside.

The headset and controllers fit well and accommodate the elite head strap perfectly.  

Overall, this is a solid sturdy product and is decent for the price, especially seeing that it kind of serves as a “starter pack”, you should opt for it if you are looking for something to easily store your Quest into it.

The only thing that might keep you from buying it immediately is the location of the zipper, relative to the charging port. The double zipper does allow you to close the case and still allow it to charge.

However, because the charging port does not align with the zipper, it has to bend over time. It could cause damage to the engineers could have slightly offset the zipper to create two asymmetrical halves or they could have incorporated a small opening for the cord to pass through.

3. Typecase Oculus Quest 2 Case: Best Custom Quest 2 Case

Typecase is a high-quality case, although overpriced it will fit your Oculus Quest 2 with an elite battery strap, silicon controller covers, and memory foam face masks.

Storage sizes are larger than advertised, it is about 34 centimeters x 24 centimeters x 14 cm. It seems like they could have made it a bit shorter in height to accommodate the strap. This case is flawless. It’s every bit as good as the original Oculus case but this one fits the wider headset. In addition, it also has several small pockets to fit all of your straps, booklets, etc.

A strong EVA plastic shell will protect your Oculus Quest VR headset and accessories from falling damage, while an Oxford fabric layer will keep the elements away, and a plush velvet interior with flocking lining that snuggly fits your Oculus headset.

You will be impressed with how well this third-party product is made, especially if you are considering buying the Oculus Quest case, however with this case you will save a few bucks.

4. Kootek Carrying Travel Case: All Quest 2 accessories Case

To be honest, the Kootek case is not spacious enough to store all the different pieces. Only the main unit and the elite head strap could be stored. You will need to adjust the strap in with the dial so it sits in the molded piece of the case.

As the hand controllers sit inside one another, the round part fits into the slot molded into the plastic. The part you grip sits inside the plastic circular piece. It is not sure if the actual controller which they say will fit behind the headset, would actually work. With the added elite head strap, there is very small space.

The top of the lid has a mesh pouch. However, whatever you put in that would have to be thin so it didn’t press on the head strap when you close the lid and zip it up. This would mean you could only store the power cord.

In general, they could have thought this design out a bit better. It should be a bit longer to accommodate the extra face shields and eyeglass extender. For what it’s worth it will keep it safe and secure and dust-free if it is your main goal.

5. HIJIAO Hard Travel Case: Quest 2 Headset and Controller Accessories Bag

HIJIAO is one of the cheapest cases on our list and it seems to do the trick. It holds everything very well and is snug. To be honest, there isn’t much room for much more than a case. Therefore, if you prefer compactness, we would recommend only putting the case in it, without a battery. However, the case comes with straps to hold all parts in place.

It makes the Oculus seem much more portable, it’s sturdy and to be honest it is a great case for the price. The dual zip closure is on the main compartment. Each part of the system has a specific space carved out for it in the padding of the bag.

Compared to the box, it is much more compact and keeps everything safe while traveling back and forth. It also has a detachable shoulder strap and hand strap for ease of travel.

VR Quest 2 Accessories Travel Bag Buying guide

The real question is what should you look for in the travel case, so let us talk about that for a little bit.

Size – That depends on what kind of accessories you have, for example, you can get away with a small travel case and the regular head strap if you do not have any extra accessories.

However, if you have the elite head strap or other third-party attachments, we recommend opting for a backpack style.

Shell – When purchasing a travel case, you have two options: a hardshell or soft shell.

Keeping Oculus Quest in a soft case won’t protect it from anything other than dust, however, a soft case is easier to transport.

The most suitable Oculus Quest 2 case will have compartments for sure. Keep in mind, if not, the Oculus Quest 2 could hit controllers and accessories within the enclosure.


Is the carrying case for Quest 2 necessary?

The Oculus Quest 2 carrying case is an excellent and strong case that will protect your Quest 2. It is simple to clean with a wet wipe and is also simple to store and transport.

How do you use the Oculus Quest to travel?

According to TSA regulations, both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Go are permitted in carry-on luggage. Just don’t expect the TSA agent to know what gadget you’re taking with you.

Is it possible to use Oculus Quest 2 outside?

The Oculus Quest 2 headgear may technically be used outside. You may notice some irregularities with the inside-out tracking depending on the lighting and weather, but you should have no trouble running around your virtual world.

Is the Quest 2 carrying case compatible with the elite strap?

The Quest 2 traveling case not only accommodates the headset but also the elite strap and other VR accessories such as cables, power adapters, and controllers.


Carrying your Oculus Quest may not appear to be a problem from a distance, but it is when you do not have the proper travel case.

It is difficult to determine which travel case is ideal for you, however, we would recommend SARLAR Design Fashion Hard Carrying Case.

The most attractive part about SARLAR is how comfortable it is, for example, the mesh pocket has a zipper to keep everything loose in one area. The mesh seems to keep everything snug when the case is closed.

Hopefully, this review helped you discover answers to all of your questions.

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