If you want to play Star Wars VR games on a platform, no platform can be better than Oculus Quest 2. There are many Star Wars VR games available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the top 4 best Meta Quest 2 Star Wars VR games that are going to blow your mind. You can also play these star wars VR games on other platforms such as PS4 or PCVR.

Star Wars VR Games On Oculus Quest 2

the most popular Star Wars Meta 2 / Pro Games


Vader Immortal:

A Star War VR Series [Episodes 1,2,3]

Vader Immortal is the most compelling VR Star Wars game available on Oculus Quest 2 so far. ILMxLab has developed this game. They have done a wonderful job releasing this game as a series. As a result, anyone who is crazy at games like me can get rid of the dizziness (which happens after a long period of gaming). This story is quite interesting. 

In the first chapter, you must play with the lightsaber without force or power. Those who have already enjoyed episode 1 know how much fun it is to hit a stormtrooper with it. The use of a lightsaber would be difficult for the first time. But it will become very easy after several attempts. Because of the practice session, episode 1 runs for about an hour.  

In the second chapter, you will get force along with the lightsaber. Now, this episode will be more interesting and fun for newcomers. Sith Lord guides you to uncover the truth of the ancient mystery of Mustafar. So, fighting against the enemies beneath the fiery Mustafar planet will be a new experience as you have lightsaber skills and powerful force.

and the third chapter is absolute entertainment as you will have an ancient lightsaber and gain a vast army. It is time to declare an all-out assault on the Vader fortress. The face-off scene with the legion of Darth Vader and the dark lord himself makes you crazy to continue the game.    

Overall, the storytelling and character presentation are brilliant. Seeing the character’s voice acting makes you feel like you’re part of the action and a part of on and a part of the Star Wars universe. Controlling the lightsaber as imagined. You can hone the lightsaber in the dojo mode which will reward you with unlockable items. With the Mustafar, you get the feeling that it is a dangerous place when you look at it, and you can unlock different colors for your lightsabers. 

In this game, if you are new to VR, you will have a lot of options for controlling the game. Teleportation, smooth locomotion, and vignettes all add up to a great experience to immerse yourself in Vader Immortal. 


The thing that I did not like about the game is the running time of the game. It seemed a little short to me. I don’t know why they didn’t add more running time. It could be better if the developer did that. Again, you will not find enough free roaming. 


Star Wars

Tales From The Galaxy Edge

Star Wars: Tales from the galaxy edge is one of the best-looking games in Oculus Quest 2. This game has shown that anyone can be a hero in the battleground and become a part of legendary tales. And you can play a variety of characters in that battleground like Jedi, and IG-88 from the Mandalorian. Apart from that, fighting alongside R2-D2 or C-3PO against an unexpected alliance or deadly enemy is an unforgettable experience. 

The good

This Star Wars series has every ingredient to be the best-looking VR game. You can expect high-level audio and sound effects and an amazing soundtrack from iMxLab. Also, the developer has offered a couple of gameplay options for new or experienced gamers. You can even change belt body positions. For this reason, you can enjoy this game both standing and seated. So the comfort question should not be raised. 

ILMxLab animated the voice acting and the characters brilliantly. Lightsaber gameplay was more fun to play using the blaster. I was seriously impressed with the graphics. There has also been a claim that Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy Edge has a more engaging story than Vader Immortal. 

One of the most enjoyable experiences is playing the role of a Jedi. When you play Jedi, that moment gives you a different experience on Oculus Quest 2. The rest is the same as the original. As you know, the original one was action-oriented where IG-88 saw you aggressively attack a tower block on a bounty hunting mission. 

You will have different missions or levels in this game. A true Star Wars experience can be had with the stormtrooper mission. This level will remind you of the dark forces in Star Wars. You will want to replay this session. You can upgrade to different new weapons here. 


Some claim that the game has a compelling story, but from my point of view, it should have been better. 


A variety of Star Wars arcade games are available on Oculus Quest 2. The most enjoyable flight game is Star Wars Squadrons. You will have 18 missions to complete and the game will last about eight hours. Two modes (dogfight and flight pattern) make you feel as though you are an active member of Star Wars. While it has a few gameplay modes, it can still provide a solid space combat experience. 

The good side

The mechanic of the game must be familiar to you if you have played other Star Wars series. You can pitch up or down your flight, move right and left, and twirl the flight whenever you want. It is not finished yet. Also, you can fire missiles or lasers at enemies. As all the squadron missions are in space, these mechanics give you an extra advantage during fights. One of the coolest parts of the game is that each spaceship in the squadron has the ability of rebalancing to prioritize different laser weapons. You can configure all the control options easily. Particularly subtle throttle control lets you pull off exciting moves. 

The production design of this game is executed very well. You must not want to stop to hear the sound of Droids and Protons Torpedoes. Aside from that, the cockpits of each ship look so nice that you can easily read the gauges. 


It has a limited number of maps. The player base is not so good at that level.               


This VR Star Wars game offers eight Star Wars Pinball tables so you can immerse yourself in the VR experience. The Star Wars pinball table VR game is developed based on the six movies and TV shows and includes two new tables. Star Wars new hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Returns of the Jedi, Rogue One, Star Wars Rebels, Mandalorian, and classic collectibles. 

The game starts in a customizable star wars fan cave where you can deck out with posters, figures helmets, and other collectibles.    

You can play this game in 3 different modes: campaign, career, and arcade. 

Career mode is basically a set number of different tables where you can play short stories. The goal of this mode is to reach a higher level within a short period of time. Here each table has unique challenges and it takes 5 minutes to get a high score. If you hit those challenges, which are three separate bars, you can unlock three shards per short table. You can use them to buy unlockables known as force. 

Arcade mode gives you a straight-up classic pinball experience where you can fight with Vader face to face. 

Classic mode gives you the toughest challenge and twists with force power along with other mechanics. In this mode, the force always attempts to manipulate the table in different ways. However, you must improve enforceability to get rid of it.