Throughout the years, we have observed every VR game that has been released on different platforms. Recently, a lot of high-quality VR games have been released. A successful game does not necessarily mean having high-quality graphics and action. To be able to meet the maximum demand of its subscribers, a video game must always inspire a generation with its replayability and sublime experience. It will also help to increase the use of virtual reality technology. There are many VR games on Oculus Quest, PS4, and Steam. 

This is a list of the most popular VR games of all time based on the best-selling and most popular ratings.

Best VR Games Of All Time

Best VR Games Of All Time


Astro Bot Rescue Mission:

Platform: PS4, Mode: Single Player

Astro Bot is one of the most memorable VR games we’ve seen so far. It has been the most enjoyable and replayable game in the last five years. The interesting fact is that you will get the vibe of Zelda ocarina and Super Mario 64 in this game.

Teaming up with Captain Astro to rescue the crew members is the main objective in this game. Of course, rescuing the adorable crew robots and discovering the chameleon scene makes for a satisfying VR experience.e. Moreover, The Watershed scene in this game makes you want to immerse yourself in the game for sure.

You will find a number of bosses like the giant Gorilla robot, corseted spider, etc to fight with. These fighting sequences can give you the most immersive experience ever. 

While this is not an FPS action game, it is still the most impressive title on the PSVR. It is one of the finest games of all time. 

The storytelling method, gameplay mechanics, and graphics all are perfectly balanced and technically polished. Above all, you will have an emotional journey with Aatro.


Half-Life Alyx:

Platform: PCVR And VALVE  

In terms of ranking the most memorable VR games of all time, Half-life Alyx has to be at the top. This triple-AAA title will meet all of your VR monumental expectations. 

The cryptic storytelling, the sense of scale, calculated game-level design, and distinctive sound design make you more immersive. The visuals of this VR title are exceptional. 

This game showed that anything can be done differently. When you enter the game, you will notice that starting with city 17, underground through an industrial area, the alien nests are truly eye-catching. 

Solving the 3D hacking puzzles using Alex’s multi-tool will give you much more challenge but is very fun. You are bound to be amazed by the massive floating structure in the sky on VR. 

The trusty apocalyptic Vordigan character is unforgettable to those who played this game.   


Beat Saber:

Platforms: Meta Quest, PSVR, PCVR

The Beat Saber is considered the most popular VR game for workouts and entertainment. This is a rhythm-based VR game in which you slice blocks or tubes with swords coming at you.

You will have better gameplay with a simple fundamental concept. Because of the basic gaming concept, this title has become the most popular and acceptable game for all ages.

We haven’t seen such an amazing music-based dance and fight game before. This game always requires you to move your arms, legs, and body. So it is quite possible to get muscle pain along with getting fit and losing weight.   



Platforms: Meta Quest, PSVR, PCVR

Among the best Meta Quest games, Moss offers a magical VR experience. This game is developed based on the puzzles and action adventure of Quill. 

The method of storytelling in this game will surprise you. Additionally, the developer uses incredible visual effects in the game. Unlike most VR games, Moss creates a uniqueness all its own.

According to the National Academy of Video game, Moss has the most impressive control design and direction in VR.


Vader Immortal:

Platforms: Meta Rift and Rift S, Quest 2, PSVR

The Vader Immortal is the most impressive creation from the Star Wars Franchise. Ben Snow, who made the original Star Wars film, has done a great job developing its VR version. They peppered this game in such a way that any level of users can play very comfortably and get a chill experience. 

If you are a Star Wars series fan and have a dream to fight enemies with a lightsaber, you will love it. During the game, you can enjoy a cinematic and linear experience. 

In this game, climbing and Lightsaber fighting definitely make you feel present in the world. Besides, Darth Vader’s presence on the screen helps you more immersive in the game. When it comes to the Vader part, it is for sure that you will love the sound of Vader’s breath too. The way he breathes is just phenomenal and makes you feel energetic. 

You will double your expectations for Virtual Reality once you get this game, especially once you see the planet Mustafar. Not only that, fighting with the Titular villain on that planet leads to an awesome experience.   

Overall, Vader Immortal is such a space war VR game that you will want to replay it, especially the lightsaber dojo mode. 


Super Hot VR

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR

Honestly, Super hot VR is a thrilling action VR game with a clever concept. This game is one of the most innovative VR games for innovative shooter lovers. On VR, punching, stabbing, and shooting at the red polygonal figures are amazingly fun.

The theory of this game is – the faster you run, the quicker you can complete the game. Some levels are tough enough to get through because of the fastest enemy fire. Their bullets can come from anywhere and any one of them can kill you. That’s why this game is not as easy as you think.   

The best part of this game is the crafting and design. This feature makes the game stand out from other games. The slow-motion ninja fighting style in this game is unforgettable. You will love it for sure and it continues generation after generation. 


If you love complex puzzle games and yelling at your friends, Keep Talking Nobody Explodes is the most fun. This game has been developed based on a solid concept. We haven’t seen such a game before in the gaming industry. The main purpose of the game is to defuse bombs by matching complex puzzles. In this game, one player has to play as a bomb defuser and another consultant.  

Keep talking nobody explodes is a brain teaser puzzle game with a time limit that will make you sweat. You have to move as much as you can to dispose of the bomb.   

You think it will be easy to solve the devious puzzle, but it is not like that. There is more tension and thrill as each second passes.    


Bone works

Platforms: PC VR

Bone work is the best VR action horror genre game for those who love physics. Its growth has been unstoppable since it was released. You will find almost everything in this game is dictated by physics. For this reason, Bone Work is a different title from other VR games.

Unlike other first-person shooters, this one differs in the way its body, arms, legs, and environment are designed. Each weapon in this game is designed based on the human mind. As a result, you get a different gameplay experience in VR, and the sound design is great, especially the enemies’ sounds. Unity has done an excellent job with graphics, and it is rare to see Unity’s graphics used. Each character’s model is more detailed iEach character’s model is more detailed in this game which is rare in most games.

It could be a matter of sadness that most of the parts of this game have to be played in the dark. “Stress level zero” pushes you to play hard. 


The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners

Platforms: Oculus Quest/Quest2, PS VR, PC VR

If you are asked to name a horror action game, what would you say? We believe that the Walking Dead will come to your mind first. The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners is one of the most remarkable horror games you can play on VR.  

Due to the Walking Dead being a Zombie title, it is always full of hand-to-hand combat, shooting action, and high-quality graphics. You won’t want to forget about the tragic mission in New Orlean city. As the environment is dark and desolate, you must always maintain a frightening intensity.    


Lone Echo 2

Platforms: Meta Rift S, PC VR

There is nobody who does not want to experience space adventure in zero gravity. In The Lone Echo 2, you can experience the best space adventure in VR. In addition, this game will give you an innovative VR experience of zero gravity.  

The developer of Lone Echo captured the relationship between a robot (Jack) and a human (Olivia) beautifully. When you see the scenes in VR, you will feel a sense of satisfaction..  

The interesting fact is that you will find no real antagonist in this game. Biomass offspring are the only enemies in space. This dreaded biomass infects most of the explorable spaces. So if you get caught up in it, you will be dead. 

The extra advantage of this game is that it is very comfortable to play both standing and seated. 


Pistol Whip

Platforms: Meta Quest, PS VR, PC VR

Have you ever experienced a rhythm-based shooter game before? Don’t worry about it. We will help you out. As far as we can tell, Pistol Whip is the first rhythm FPS game in virtual reality. A game like this would be ideal for anyone who likes variety in the entertainment world.  

This is the only game where you will get John Wick mode and fight with a bunch of bad guys. It is rare to see such creative game design. Although it is a first-person shooter action game, most people consider it a workout game. Because this game allows you to move constantly.  


Besides our top-picked VR games, you will find some of the best VR games like Resident Evil 7 & 4, Skyrim, etc. We do not have the intention to keep these games out of the top 11. But when it comes to comparing right and better, we had to do it.     

There are millions of VR games coming for us. As time marches on, the hottest VR games of all time list evolve.