As VR is getting picked up at an alarming rate, people are considering it for themselves more often. And private usage leads to long hours of gaming, which requires a sound support system. To play VR smoothly, any ordinary chair won’t do. An ergonomic chair is mandatory, so we have got you the most popular VR gaming chairs trending at the moment in this article. 

But before you dig in, let me tell you beforehand that we personally perceived the Roto VR Motorized Interactive Gaming Chair as the most comfortable of them all. It’s comfortable enough to keep you from getting a neck ache for the rest of your marathon. It’s also alive enough to be a robotized chair with its motor. 

That’s right. The chair is interactive. It’s got a motion sensor that moves the way your head moves. How? You have to read the rest to be enlightened.

Best VR Chair For Meta Quest 2

4 Best VR Gaming Chair For Quest 2 / Pro, HTC Vive, And More


Roto VR Motorized Chair: Best Ergonomic Virtual Reality Games Chair

Motorized, 360 swings, Maximum Comfort


  • Auto-turns wherever you point, the rechargeable head tracker is compatible with nearly all VR headsets, and hands-free exploration.
  • Feel every engine acceleration, gear shift, and crash like you’re riding a roller coaster, plane, or racing car with powerful motors on the back and underside of the chair.
  • A great ergonomic gaming chair that is sure to keep you comfortable through long gaming sessions. Play in comfort with height-adjustable arms and a removable headrest.

VR gaming is much more flexible than the Roto VR Motorized Interactive Gaming Chair, which is explicitly built for VR gaming. It serves no other purpose but to make VR gaming all the more swift and actionable. 

Roto VR contains a head tracker that attaches to your VR headset for smooth movements. By amazing swings, we mean coordinated swings. This is because once the Roto VR head tracker is against your Oculus headset, your chair will move in whichever direction you move your head. 

The head tracker is rechargeable, primarily a motion sensor, but much more. It has made our seated VR gaming much more alive and intuitive. Our journeys in the VR realm have become more facile thanks to the motorized gaming chair. 

The G-force delivery of the inner motor had this hypnotic effect on us. Despite lying limp on the seat, we felt our bodies were active during the game. While gaming, the Oculus gaming chair booms low and loud like real-life vehicles do when revving up. 

All this is fine as fine gets. In reality, however, you are sitting on the comfortable Roto VR when you hold the touch pedals, allowing you to walk in style in VR. As one of the most impressive VR motion chairs, this one leaves a lasting impression on our reviewers.


Boss Office Stool: Ergonomic, Easy maintenance, Versatile

Easy to assemble | Put together | Easy to put back support | long periods of seat cushion | height adjustment


Boss Office has an ergonomic design that adapts to your size due to its adjustability. You can adjust the seat up to six inches in height. It can hold your spine so you will never feel out of place. As for us, we found the Caressoft vinyl easy to maintain and clean. With that said, Caressoft vinyl proves to be a reliable product that will last for years to come with hardly any maintenance or repairs. 

While there is no infinite lock, you can attach the provided back cushion. We also found dual casters, which make for freer locomotion with additional smoothness. We thought the style was futuristic yet subtle, with the gas lift and base sporting a chrome varnish. It can carry quite some weight, up to 250 pounds, so the average man shouldn’t have problems with that.

Boss Office might not be the VR chair you imagined for your gaming, but it makes an unlikely match for its productive nature. Speaking of productivity, you can see why this is so versatile. People of different professions will find this chair infallible.


X Rocker Gaming Chair: Ergonomic, Easy maintenance, Compact

Material Type Vinyl | Foldable |  Compatibility Options TVs, MP3 Players, Gaming Console, CD Players, Home Theater, DVD Players

Gaming, other desk work, and even relaxation were all perfectly served by the X Rocker gaming chair. The ergonomic design obliges the chair to suit the natural human body and not the other way around. 

The faux leather has carved a path of durability and comfortability for the chair. We perceived the entertainment to be enhanced by hiking with a low base. Long gaming intervals are no problem with this chair’s robust pedestal base and ergonomic design.

You can have a speaker on each side of you to the headrest. On one side, you can have the subwoofer revving up from your rear. The robust sound system is perfect for listening to your favorite songs or watching a thriller. On the other hand, X Rocker is the most reliable VR chair for providing non-stop, consistent stability throughout the most prolonged gaming sessions. 

To aid you in indulging in the intoxicating gaming vibe, the X Rocker chair comes with LED lights. You can enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience. The X Rocker, a minimal and low-maintenance chair, is one for ease. That being said, it is also selling at an affordable rate in the market.


VRGO Eclipse VR Chair: High compatibility, Compact, Has storage space

Always self-rights when tilted over for added stability | Internal storage space for your HMD | Bluetooth – Low latency | Use the VRGO anywhere |  5 hours of continuous play | Micro USB charging port to charge the battery | Connects as either joypad or keyboard/mouse | 4 kilograms | Height – 17.5 Inches

It is said, VRGO Eclipse is the first VR chair manufacturer, and this particular model looks like a stool. Its distinctiveness is its ability to be compact and robust all at once. You don’t need to maneuver with your hands with this one, either.

In your virtual world, you may imitate walking, running, or even flying or driving by tilting or rotating the chair.

PC HMDs such as Oculus Rift and Oculus Go are supported as well as HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro for PCs and Windows Mixed Reality headsets such as Samsung Gear VR.

Another attractive characteristic is that it can tilt to any degree, like a stool. Virtual reality travels in the same direction when this happens. The chair’s form is what appeals to us the most.

You can access your environment on a 360 degree, owing to the stool’s multiple sensors. To keep you from falling, the bottom of the chair has weights. Being more compact and lighter than a standard office chair, it’s easy to transport inside a home or even outside of it.

UpVRfun Exclusive Guide: Best Sitting VR Accessories


There are many features that make a VR chair the most effective VR gaming chair. However, comfort takes the cake. Customizable armrests, spinal bolster pillows, and headrests are just a few of the ergonomic components in most VR seats to help you sit comfortably for extended periods.

Gaming chairs share armrests that can be adjusted in many directions. The “D” stands for “Directional,” and this is typically referred to in manufacturer specifications as “2D” or “4D” armrests. 


Leather: Most of the leather chairs manufactured by air VR manufacturers are faux leather for the most part. The genuine article is rare and palpably strong, lasting a lifetime while aging like wine. Leather is breathable, which means it will keep sweat and moisture off the seat for a long time.

PU Leather: This replica of genuine leather is much more realistic than PVC, which has a more plastic-like feel.

In comparison to genuine leather, its key downsides include a lack of ventilation and a lack of long-term durability. PU is an excellent replacement for genuine leather if you don’t want to spend much money.

PVC Leather: PVC-coated leather is an imitation leather that is made to be gentler and more malleable by adding chemicals to a base material. There are several business applications where PVC leather may be used since it’s resistant to water and fire as well as staining.

Fabric: Fabric is breathable and soft, which is excellent for gaming marathons. But it is not a stellar performer on the longevity or fire and water resistance side. 

Mesh: Mesh is the most breathable material here. However, it’s not durable and difficult to clean because you can damage the texture in the process. You will need a special cleaning agent to remove stains. 


VR chairs come in many sizes and shape other than the average size. And typically, these sizes can be adjusted in the same chair. 

Small: Depending on your height and weight, there are gaming seats that are more appropriate for those under 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 130 pounds. Smaller chairs also have all the best seated VR accessories you’d expect in a full-size chair, like 2D armrests, reclining up to 165 degrees, and cushions for the neck and lower back.

Large: The XL variant arrives in all VR chair manufacturers, and they also come with 4D armrests and 85 to 160 degrees of prostration. Not to mention, you will receive the minimum in most chairs: cozy headrest and lumbar support cushions. 

Top Queries For Buying Decisions

What Are the Different Types of VR chairs?

The three main types of VR chairs are gaming chairs, office chairs, and home theater chairs. Gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable for long periods and often have features such as adjustable armrests and headrests. Office chairs are typically more versatile and can be used for both gaming and office work. Home theater chairs are designed to be comfortable and provide a clear view of the television or movie screen.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VR Chair?

VR chairs offer many benefits, including comfort, support, and improved gameplay. VR chairs can help improve your posture and prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain. VR chairs can also help you to focus on the game and avoid distractions. Also, VR chairs can increase your sense of immersion in the game and provide a more realistic experience.