Everyone knows how to sign in on Oculus Quest. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account, if you have one, that is. Or you can always make an Oculus account. The Facebook login is more convenient since they are owned by the same company, Meta. But how do I log out of Oculus Quest 2? This question has popped into the minds of our newbies so often. 

The repercussions of logging out have daunted us all. But there are times when it’s needed, and that’s why we will explore how it can be done. 

How To Remove Account from Oculus Quest

It can seem a bit tricky because the only way you can do that at face value is with a factory reset. That might sound a little strange, but since Facebook owns it, you can’t detach it from the narrative. We recommend not logging out for this reason. Your Oculus will be unusable afterward, but of course, if you log in again, that will change things to the previous state ( if you saved your data elsewhere.)

How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2

Factory resetting has two methods that we follow. You can use your Oculus App or the headset to perform the operation. If you have the mobile app, then you will need to log in and head to the devices section of the app. 

If you have authorized your Oculus Quest through Facebook, you will find it in the itinerary. After that, go to the advanced settings, because that’s where the Factory Reset option lies. And then you know what to do. 

Without the app, the process works in a different way. You have to manually reset your Oculus quest with the power button and the volume button. Click on the lower volume button to surface ‘Factory Reset.’ To select it, click on the volume button.

Therein comes a pop-up window asking you for reassurance, to which you answer Yes and then starts the erasure process with the clicking of the power button. And voila, you have logged out of your Oculus Quest.

Now you have to start the installation process again. 

Switching Accounts on the Oculus Quest 2

When you have more than one account you came from, it is likely that you will switch your accounts every now and then to play from both accounts. So how do we switch accounts on the Oculus Quest 2? When you tap the initial menu, you will find a clock above it that features the settings. Under the settings, you can create your account. In the top right corner, you will find the ‘Add Account’ feature. If you have a friend to share your headset with, you shouldd add another account for sharing.

Two Oculus Quests using one account

Settings (gear icon), Accounts, and Settings are where you’ll find the option to enable or disable App Sharing. Three user profiles may be stored in a single Oculus 2. The administrator may utilize these additional logins to control his or her own games.