Can you use a Quest 2 headset as a monitor? Absolutely! It is possible to use your Meta Quest 2 headset as a monitor for work, fun, and gaming by connecting it to your PC.

You know Meta headset is undeniably becoming more and more popular. However, many are considering other uses for VR headgear that go beyond the usual immersive experiences and VR games. The usage of Oculus Quest 2 headsets to replace conventional monitors is one application.

Quest 2 headsets have made considerable advancements in terms of resolution and visual clarity, and are a competitive option to the standard display. By overlooking issues about comfort, it is easy to mirror a user’s PC desktop onto the headset, which you may then use to watch movies and play common flat-screen games. You can even do actual work in a VR environment by using multiple virtual desktops, collaboration, messaging, and other helpful tools.

So, without further ado, let us get down to the important task of the day.

Which VR headsets are suitable for replacing monitors?

For work or play, you must pick a monitor that works well with your PC or gaming console. VR headsets have high resolutions, making them a suitable alternative to a monitor.

However, the Meta Quest 2 and HP Reverb G2 are the best VR headsets for use as monitors amidst the multitude of VR headset options on the market.

Is there any downside?

You should know that using your VR headset as a display has some disadvantages that might reduce your enjoyment of the experience.

One disadvantage of using a VR headset as a monitor is poor visual quality. You are mirroring your desktop, therefore the visuals won’t be as clear as they would be on a regular monitor.

Second, if you use the VR headset nonstop for a prolonged amount of time, you may get eye problems or motion sickness.

Also, the headset could get uncomfortable if you use it for prolonged periods. You might work less effectively because of all the breaks that you need to take to feel comfortable.

How to use Oculus Quest 2 headset as a monitor

Oculus VR headsets are not plug-and-play devices you can connect to your PC and use in place of a display right away.

You must first download and install mirroring software before you can use your VR headset as a display. You need to choose mirroring software that works with your unique VR headset.

Once you link your VR headset to the computer and it displays on the desktop, you may use it as a monitor. However, you must always launch the software on your PC screen each time you connect your headset.

If you are able to turn your VR headgear into a display, you will benefit from an extra-large screen. Any documents or photos that you had problems seeing on your small display will be easy to see on the larger VR screen.

Multiple virtual screens are also helpful if you want to start many programs at once. You can be sure that there will be next to no disturbance while using a VR headset as a monitor.

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How to use HP Reverb G2 as a monitor

To use the Reverb G2 headset as a monitor, you will need to install the HP Reverb G2 software. Once the software is installed, you can follow these steps to get started:

  1. Connect the Reverb G2 to your computer using the included USB-C cable.
  2. Turn on the headset and put it on.
  3. Open the HP Reverb G2 software.
  4. Click the “Display” tab.
  5. Select the “Monitor” option.
  6. Adjust the resolution and refresh rate to your desired settings. But be careful, some people tend to experience motiong sickness with higher resolution and refresh rates.
  7. Click the “Apply” button.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re now ready to use your Reverb G2 as a monitor.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Most individuals use VR headsets to enjoy themselves by watching movies and playing video games. Since most VR headsets are standalone devices, connecting them to other devices is unnecessary. However, if you want to, you may install the required software to use your headset as a monitor.

Finally, before you switch your VR headgear to a display, it will benefit you to consider the advantages and disadvantages before doing so.