You will get the best HTC Vive VR full body tracking experience if you use a good tracking system. The HTC Vive VR tracker offers to pinpoint accuracy and can tell where the parts of your body are at all times.

You may not be sure which tracker is the most accurate, flexible, and comfortable for full-body tracking. No worries! The Up VR Fun team, has brought you some of the most fashionable Vive tracker straps. We also tell you which VIVE tracker (2.0 or 3.0) will be best suited to your lambs, waist, and hands. 

Best HTC Vive Tracker With Straps

Best HTC Vive Tracker With Straps


HTC Vive Tracker 3.0: Pretty expensive, but worth It

HTC Vive Tracker 3.0

When it comes to the HTC Vive headset, if you’re looking for something more than a VR controller, the HTC Vive tracker is the best option for you. This tracker 3.0 is unique in its quality and setup. It is smaller, lighter, has a long-lasting battery backup, and provides more accurate tracking for each full body section. On the contrary, I feel that I am not feeling them at all.

In terms of quality, what I can tell you is that the motion capture, production, and simulations are of very high quality. It is compatible with all lighthouse systems, such as Valve Index, Pymax, Vive Pro I, and Vive Pro, as well as the 2nd generation base station. You can even use it with the 2nd generation base station.

In contrast to the Tundra tracker, this Vive tracker works perfectly. I have tried it out, and it works great. I have played VR chat, VR steam games, and VR PC games. There was no lag while dancing, shooting, or turning around my body. I have never had as much fun with the tracking device as I did with it.

In order to set up the device, it is very easy. Simply mount the sticker and connect it via Bluetooth to the dongle, then set the desired position and then you are ready to go.

One of the negative aspects of the HTC Vive tracker is it is very expensive. You have to spend over $130 for each piece of the tracker. I think it would be better if it came with straps as well.


Skywin VR tracker With strap: Best for vRchat starters

Skywin VR tracker With strap

The Skywin VR tracker belt and strap are manufactured by Skywin, one of the most popular gaming accessories companies. Both products are made to absorb low and high-intensity vibrations and to ensure the tracker accurately tracks your entire body.

The belt comes with three straps: one strap goes around the hips, and the other two straps are responsible for the feet. The straps are soft enough and easy to fit over the hands and feet. The belt system is adjustable. Therefore, the belt can be adjusted according to your waist size.

As a result, there is no rubbery grip inside the straps and the belt. As a result, the HTC Vive tracker straps may work sometimes against your socks. The waist strap may be prone to slipping after a long period of time of use.

For this money, still I have to say it works great. I am super happy with them.


Rebuff reality track belt straps: Adjustable Track Strap and Belt

Rebuff reality track belt straps

This Rebulf reality track belt and strap are very well made and adjustable to fit all parts of your body. The foam grips on the tracker strap are made of over 100 silicone gel dots. This ensures the best protection for the HTC Vive tracker from disengaging from you.

The track belt and strap from Rebuff Reality claim to be able to securely attach a tracker 3.0 to the belt and strap. Yes, it works great as they claimed. However, when I put them in my hand, I felt like they were very lightweight and durable. While playing VR games, I noticed no discomfort.

The straps were adjustable to fit my waist, hands, and even snugly fit to my shoe size and foot size, so I was able to spend countless hours in my Steam VR experience without feeling uncomfortable.

During the motion capturing and simulation process in VR, you won’t be able to feel any movement of the tracker.

The downside of these track belts and straps is that they may not fit perfectly for thin body types. Besides, you may feel uncomfortable when you play soccer or football games with socks.


Rebuff reality track belt plus: Popular in VRChat

Rebuff reality track belt plus

The Rebulf reality track strap plus can be a suitable option for people with more than 5 trackers on their feet. It is stable enough to be stable on your feet while playing games. The strap can be adjusted depending on how much you want it. The belt is big enough for any plus-size player. Overall, it seems very promising to me.

In terms of stability and comfort, the tracker does not need to worry about falling off your hands and feet. While playing, I barely felt them beneath my feet. If you align the tracker perfectly with your body, this will ensure long-term use.

The best part about this HTC Vive tracker strap is that it almost fits most of the feet, so you’ll be able to move freely here and there without any problems.

If you have larger feet, you may need to reinforce them. The only thing you must know about this product is that it did not come with a tracker. Therefore, in order to track your entire body, you will need to purchase the tracker separately.


Kiwi design tracker straps and belt: Compatible with PC VR Platform and SteamVR

Kiwi design tracker straps and belt

Kiwi Design tracker belts and straps have evolved into something much more advanced and textured now. This one has been designed specifically for HTC Vive trackers and is compatible with HTC Vive trackers 2.0/3.0. This strap is made of breathable diving fabric texture with a high-density sewing. A lot of KiWi’s brand energy, customer wisdom, and experience has been put into this strap and belt. That is why KiWi’s accessories for VR technology have a distinct advantage over others.

Compared to version 1, the kiwi straps have been improved to make them easier to use and more adjustable. With this version, you can wear your tracker firmly on any part of your body since you have upgraded the material, reinforced the screw base, and made the belt wider. This belt is suitable for men and women who measure 28.3 to 47.2 inches, and the straps fit those who measure 7.1 to 12.6 inches. Therefore, this belt is perfect for men, women, and even teenagers.

It is the unique built quality of these straps and belts that make them more user-friendly than other brands. It has been added to the Vive that a wide and thick cloth strap is added under the buckle. Consequently, any Vive users can feel more comfortable while playing. You won’t be bored while wearing it and fastening it to your body.

One of the best things about these accessories is that they are even compatible with steam VR, Oculus platforms, and Valve index.

Unlike the Vive tracker which is included in the KiWi strap, the Vive tracker is not included here. You have to buy the Vive tracker separately. One disadvantage of the strap is the fact that it might be too small for those who do not have large hands.

The best way to get a perfect HTC Vive tracker strap: Buyer’s Guide

To be able to fully experience and immerse yourself in Virtual Reality, tracker straps are a must-have accessory. Without them, you will not be able to achieve the level of fun that you deserve. The best HTC Vive tracker strap will be easy for you to find if you have a basic understanding of the tracker and straps before purchasing. Don’t worry. We will help you find the best tracker strap for your HTC Vive. So let’s take a look at the following.

If you are looking for a proper tracker strap, you should consider the following factors.

Size and adjustability of the straps

If you are aware of the fact that the HTC Vive tracker comes with a variety of strap sizes (such as S, M, and XL), then you are well aware that not all HTC Vive users have the same body size. So, which one will be best for your body parts? This question is determined by the size of each part of your body. Ensure that you purchase straps and belts that are adjustable to fit your HTC Vive correctly.

Compatibility with tracker 3.0

In case you are a Vive tracker user who has used Vive tracker 3.0 before, you are definitely aware that it is not the same as Vive 2.0 or 1.0. It looks exactly like the picture. But the Vive 3.0 is 15% lighter, 33% smaller, and 75% longer-lasting battery life. If you are planning to buy any brand straps, you should make sure that they are compatible with Vive 3.0. Because, if the straps and belts fit in your 3.0 tracker, then the straps and belts and belt will definitely fit on Vive 2.0 if they fit.

Comfort Question

There is a need to be more cautious when it comes to the matter of comfort because this is a very sensitive issue for everyone. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose fabric straps for your HTC Vive tracker. They should be durable, lightweight, breathable, as well as comfortable and most of all, comfortable.

Checking the grip dot (it helps increase stability)

There are several factors that affect the stability of your Vive trackers, including the design of the straps and belt. You should check to see if there is a grip dot inside the strap and belt. This is why I am telling you this. It is important that you keep in mind that a grip dot in the straps helps you to provide stability to the Vive trackers. If you think about it- when you feel your straps and belt slipping from your body, you can find it very annoying. So stability is very important to your VR experience.

Most Recent Queries –

Why I can’t see the VIVE tracker icon in the VR system?

Whenever you experience this issue, you need to make sure that your Steam VR app is up to date.

Why does my tracker turn off automatically?

The following are some possible reasons that may cause such issues. Battery drain, pairing time out, and no movement for more than 5 minutes are some examples of possible causes.

How to update VIVE tracker firmware?

Before the firmware update is complete, you can not unplug the USB-C cable. Doing so, a firmware error may occur. 

To update your firmware, follow the steps

  • Open the steam VR app on your computer
  • Click on the “update firmware”
  • Connect the Vive tracker to your computer’s USB port using the supplied USB cable.
  • The firmware update will start automatically when the steam VR app detects the tracker.
  • When the update is complete, hit the done option. 

Can I use more than one Vive tracker?

There is no limit to the number of HTC Vive trackers you can use depending on the content you are using with it. For a full-body tracking experience, you should have a minimum of three trackers connected to the HTC Vive.

How to troubleshoot the Vive tracker?

  1. Make sure that the Vive tracker is inside the play area. 
  2. Try to turn it on or off again
  3. Restart the Steam VR app. 
  4. If it still does not work, reboot the computer and restart the steam VR app again.

How can I make my Vive tracker track better? Or how can I improve my HTC Vive tracker? 

There are many reasons work for not getting better tracking. To improve your HTC Vive tracker tracking, you can try the following solutions. It works absolutely.   

  • Avoid using direct intense light or glare on both headsets and in your space. 
  • Make your space bright enough so that a book can be read comfortably. 
  • Minimize reflective objects in your room.
  • Try to keep your space blank except for the VR accessories.
  • Look in all directions before setting up your room so that you can track the whole room. 

If  you still experience problems, run the “room setup” again by selecting settings > boundary > reset boundary 

Do HTC Vive trackers come with straps?

Actually, they do not come with straps. So you have to purchase them.   

Does Vive tracker 3.0 have better tracking?

Vive tracker 3.0 is undoubtedly lighter, smaller, and 75% longer lasting than Vive tracker 2.0, which makes it the ideal tracker for VR. In contrast to VIVE 2.0, Vive tracker 3.0 provides incredible tracking quality. There is no signal loss observed in Vive tracker 3.0. Furthermore, it receives objects instantly. However, in the Vive tracker 2.0, you may experience tracking signal loss. Sometimes it also provides delayed motion capture. Therefore, the answer is definitely yes; it does have better tracking.

Final verdict

There is no doubt that all of the trackers and straps mentioned in this article are of good quality. Nevertheless, there is a slight difference between the best and the average. Everyone is looking for the best one. If you do not care about your budget, the HTC Vive tracker 3.0 is the one for you. Even though it is not equipped with straps or belts, the performance of this HTC Vive tracker is incredible and insane. It will cost you a little more money for straps for this HTC Vive tracker. When it comes to the straps and belt question, you can consider the Rebulf belt and straps. The KiWi straps and belts are also demanding in recent times.

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