Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer, your television may continuously accumulate dust, skin cells, and even some bacteria. That’s why you need to regularly clean, but you also need to be very careful in the process. 

There are many ways to clean the Oculus Quest 2 straps. However, not all methods of cleaning straps are beneficial. Because harsh chemicals and improper cleaning techniques can permanently damage your straps as well as the headset.

Don’t worry about that. The “Up VR Fun” team has discovered some of the best and safest ways to clean the Oculus Quest straps. We will show you how to effectively and safely clean your four different Quest 2 straps. 

To clean every inch of all straps, you need to detach the straps from Oculus Quest 2. It is not so difficult but there are definitely ways to save yourself from time, stress, and strain. Let’s take a look.

How to Remove The Straps from Oculus Quest 2?

You may get a laugh from this title, right? Who doesn’t know about partying the straps from Oculus Quest 2? 

But taking off the straps is scarier. Because the strap connects to the small arms that come off of the headset. These are not just the arms that hold the straps, they are also where the Oculus Quest 2 onboard speakers are. 

So if you push too hard trying to tear your straps off, you can damage some of the integral hardware.

To remove the straps from the headset, follow the following instructions.

  1. Remove the facial cover first (if exist)
  1. Place a thumb on the outside of the strap. (just over where the thick part of the straps overlap with the arms)
  1. With the thumb in place, use your other hand to push out the thinner section of the plastic part of the straps from the headset. You will see it pop out of place. 

After disconnecting the point, you can easily slide all of the straps, such as stock straps, elite straps, etc.  

Most Effective and Safest 4 Types of Oculus Strap Cleaning

1. Stock straps

This is the only very soft strap among all types of straps. Simply wiping it will not work, especially if the straps are white. Dirt is easily visible on this white color.

How to clean Stock straps?

Follow the following steps to clean the stock straps perfectly.

  1. Take a new bowl of warm water (not hot water) with some dissolved dish soap or hand soap. 
  1. Make sure the stock strap is fully submerged in water. You can leave it there soaking for a few minutes.
  1. After that, slowly rub the plastic parts with a dishcloth moving towards the end of the straps.
  1. When you are finished, run the straps under cold water to remove any soap residue. Then leave it dry.


Do not put the stock strap in the washing machine. Because it could warp the plastic and damage the item.

2. Elite straps

Elite straps are easier to clean. Because these are primarily constructed of sturdy material with the exception of a velcro strap on the top. The head cup is made of soft plastic, and it has no fabric on it. 

Tips for cleaning Elite Strap

All you need to do is wipe it thoroughly with a clean, disinfecting wipe. Clean very well the arms and the back of the head strap as you often use the gear on the back. 

Although you use the strap frequently, you should also wipe down the velcro strap. You can not remove it, unfortunately, but you can still wipe it. 


When cleaning the Elite buckle, be careful. Do not wipe the Elite Strap too hard. I have seen them breaking at some point.  

3. Delux Audio Strap

Some parts of the Delux audio strap can be removable. For example, the padding material on the back. We strongly recommend you clean it separately. Because it probably accumulated a lot of skin particles and oil from hair. 

What is the most effective way to clean the Delux Audio Strap?

To clean the Delux Audio Strap in the safest way, follow the instructions below.

  1. Start from the sides and move towards the center to remove the padding.
  1. Clean the plastic part of the straps. Then gently wipe the headset’s earpieces and arms with a disinfecting hankie in a circular motion. Then move to the back and clean the gear. You have to wipe the velcro strap on the top.
  1. After finishing the plastic part, you can move to the padding part. You can safely submerge the padding in warm soapy water since there is almost no plastic in it. Clean it the same way you did the stock strap.

If you want to dry it faster, you can also wipe it down with a clean dish cloth. Wait for it to dry completely before reattaching it to the head strap. 

4. Halo strap

The halo strap is fairly easy to clean. It has some plastic parts, fabric padding, and a removable velcro strap. So you can clean it separately the same way you would the Stork strap and Delux Audio Strap.

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