Meta Quest 2 is an amazing technology that we can use to play a whole bunch of VR games. But we shouldn’t limit it to just playing Quest 2 or Pro games. 

By adding more games from Steam, we can get to the next level of fun. Steam is a PC-based games station where you will find a large selection of favorite games. But how can we play the Steam VR games on Meta Quest 2?

Don’t worry about it. Because modern technology never deprives us of it. There are two ways to play Steam games on Quest 2. Weird connection and is wireless.        

Play Steam games on Meta Quest 2 with a wired connection

Basically, three things are necessary to play Steam games on Quest 2. 

1. A Powerful PC

When you play PC VR or steam VR games on Oculus Quest 2, your headset acts as a display. At that time, your headset will not be able to play VR games. 

Because of that reason, you must need a VR-ready laptop or PC. Steam VR games can only be run on VR-ready laptops.  

Meta has provided some minimum specs for a VR-ready laptop. So what is a VR-ready laptop? Let me clear you up. 

A laptop or PC that has a minimum of 8GB of RAM, Intel i5 or Ryzen 5 processor, and windows 10 is considered a VR-ready laptop. 

So what about the graphics card? The graphics card should not be less than NVIDIA 1660. You must not forget that your laptop or PC has a USB-C port. 

Is the minimum specification of a VR-ready laptop sufficient for Steam VR games?

You can choose between a lower-spec laptop or a higher-spec laptop. But the problem is if you stick with the lower specs, you cannot get more intense gameplay. 

As time passes and the taste of gameplay changes, you should upgrade your PC to overcome that limitation. 

If you want to upgrade your laptop, I strongly recommend you to get a laptop or PC that has an NVIDIA 30 series graphics card.    

2. USB-C Cable

USB-C cable works as the connector between your Quest 2 and PC. For this reason, having a USB-C port on your PC is very much necessary. 

Assume that you have both a USB-C port on your PC and a cable. But you need to be clear: how long is your USB-C cable and what are its specs? 

Basically, the USB-C cable that comes with Meta Quest 2 is not that long. So in this case, you can use a 3m or higher long third-party link cable. Still, a 3m USB-C cable seems not enough for me. Because I cannot move freely with a cable shorter than 5m. 

Which USB-C cable specs are sufficient for Quest 2 to play Steam VR games? 

I have found that the Meta official link cable is sufficient for me at the right length (15m). Though it is a bit expensive, it will provide reliable performance since it matches the specs (2.0).

There are many third-party USB-C cables on the market. You can use any of these if they match the specs requirements. 

Usually, any cables that meet 2.0 specs are acceptable. But I would like to recommend you use a 3.0 or higher specs link cable for smooth performance.

Which 3.0 or higher USB-C cable is the most suitable for Oculus Quest 2?

Higher specs USB-C link cable can transmit high-end graphics data and power to your Meta headset. This is the only reason for using a higher-specs link cable for the Quest 2. 

What if there is no USB-C port on your PC? 

If there is no USB-C port, you can use the USB-A port by connecting a USB-C to USB-A adapter. Those who do not have a USB-C port on their PC can use the female adapter. 

3. Set up the Oculus Link Software

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the PC and USB-C cable, now it is time to finish the Meta software installation. The Oculus Link software must be installed on your PC or laptop in order to run Steam VR games.

Remember that you need to turn on your headset before launching the Oculus Link software. And make sure that the USB-C cable is connected to your PC and Oculus Quest 2 headset. 

To download or install the Oculus software-

  1. Click to 
  2. Download the Meta link software and click on the downloaded file to install the app. 
  3. Once the app is installed, open the app
  4. Select “Device” and navigate to “ Add headset” and choose your headset from the list.
  5. Once again, click on “Device” and when you click on that you will see all the lights are green. That means your setup process is completed successfully.    

When you tape on the Quest 2, you can see a message come up to enable the Meta Link cable. Grant the permission. If the permission message does not pop up, you can do it manually too. 

To enable the Meta Link cable, navigate to SettingsDevice and scroll down until you see the option

After finishing the setup process, you will be able to download and play any PC VR games inside the Quest 2 you wish to enjoy.  

Set up the SteamVR and Play VR games On Quest 2

It’s time to install Steam VR on your PC. Without installing the SteamVR software, you won’t be able to enjoy VR games on Quest 2. 

To do that, you need to follow some easy steps.

  1. First, navigate to steam’s official site and install the Steam app
  2. Run the Steam app on your PC 
  3. Navigateick to “Store” search for “SteamVR” and download the software. Make sure you don’t forget the SteamVR shortcut key.. 
  4. Get back into the Meta Quest and look for “Filter”. Then turn on “Unknown Sources”. 

It is not finished yet. Because your SteamVR software is still not on your PC. To make it run on your PC, go to the bottom menu and click on Virtual Desktop. 

After that, you have to launch the SteamVR software that created a shortcut for it. You can see the SteamVR menu just a few seconds later and play your SteamVR games on Meta Quest 2. 

Troubleshooting the issues with wired connection

Playing PCVR or SteamVR games can cause issues like frame drops or no audio. 

If you experience frame drops, you can lower the visuals that you are playing. Another way to solve the problem is to change the graphics preference

For the audio issue solution, go to the Control Panel on your PC> Hardware and Sound> on the Audio tab, select Manage audio devices> enable Meta headphones 

Can you play SteamVR games on Oculus Quest 2 wirelessly? 

Yes, you can definitely play PCVR or SteamVR games on your Quest 2 without using the USB link cable.  

All you need is a reliable router with an ethernet cable along with a faster and more powerful PC. Make sure your router is connected to your PC. Do not forget to check if you already have Oculus Link installed on your PC or laptop. 


  1. Open up your Meta link app  
  2. Find the “Settings
  3. Navigate to “Beta” and turn on the Airlink 
  4. Bring up the home menu by pressing your Meta button
  5. Find the “Oculus Air link” in the wifi menu
  6. Launch the program by selecting your PC from the Airlink.     

That’s it. After completing the setup, you can now immerse yourself in SteamVR gaming via Oculus Quest 2.    

Troubleshooting the wireless issues 

If you are experiencing serious issues with wireless gaming, I have a few tricks.

  • Keep your router as close as possible. 
  • Try to close all unnecessary apps on your PC.
  • Change the bitrate on your PC.
  • Sometimes you may have problems with the sound system. To get rid of it, check the audio settings on your PC and select Meta Quest 2.