If you have ever used Oculus Quest 2 with Facial Pads, you know exactly what it feels like. It makes your VR gaming experience more immersive and comfortable. 

So, as you wear it on your face, it is really helpful to keep it clean. Make sure that the way you are using the pads is hygienic. Because the facial part is very sensitive to other parts of our body.  

If you are the kind of person who sweats a lot, then it is more critical to take extensive care of the facial pads. Because condensation of sweat on the Oculus Quest 2 facial interface is very annoying when you play long sessions. It makes you sick mentally and physically.  

Here, we will show you how to clean your Oculus Quest facial interface and keep them germ-free.   

What will you need to clean the Oculus Quest 2 face pads?

The things you will need to clean up your Oculus Quest face pad or facial interface are-

  1. A non-abrasive disinfecting wipes. ( must not contain alcohol like baby wipes clean)
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Some q-tips
  4. Two or three clean dishcloths
  5. Some non-abrasive liquid soap or dish soap
  6. A bowl of warm water(not hot water). 

Oculus Quest 2 facial pads can be divided into three parts – the foam, silicon cover, and VR cover. We will discuss here the right process of cleaning in detail all three parts of the facial interface.   

How to clean facial interface or face pads?

The following process is the most effective and safest way to clean the Oculus Quest 2 face pads. 

CAUTION: You need to make it apart from the Oculus Quest 2 headset. To get fresh smells, do not use any fragrant spray. Because fragrant spray contains chemicals.  

  • At first, take a bowl of warm water and add a little bit of non-abrasive liquid soap. Mix the water so that it is soapy. 
  • Do not soak the pad completely as the facial interface is attached to the plastic base. Some people do it. It impacts badly later. 

The glue used to attach the plastic to the foam may come off.     

  • Dip the end of the dishcloth in the soapy water and start wiping down the pad. Don’t be afraid to use soapy water on your cloth. 

Because you want to get out all the sweat from the foam. For this, your foam needs to be almost soaking wet in soapy water.

  • When you think you have covered it all, you can wipe it down again with cold non-soapy water. You can also use some dry dishcloth to remove the excess water before leaving it dry.

How To Clean Oculus Quest 2 Silicon Cover?

If you use a silicon cover to protect your foam from sweat, you need to wash it as well. Cleaning the silicon cover is easier than cleaning regular foam. 

Method 1: Wiping    

This method is effective for those who sweat less during VR gaming.

  • Take a non-abrasive disinfecting wipe.
  •  Simply wipe the cover both from the outside and from the inside of the sponge with the disinfecting wipe. Continue doing it until all the sweat stains are removed.

Method 2: Washing  

The Oculus Quest 2 silicon cover is washable too. I have washed it several times. 

If you sweat a lot, you just need to wash your silicon cover. 

To wash your silicon cover, follow the instruction below.

Take a bowl of warm water and mix it up with dish liquid soap. Then soak the cover in the water. Wash it with your hand till the sweat is removed, and keep doing this over and over again.        

Make sure that you get all the soap inside and outside of the sponge. You do not let the soap stay in there. You can squeeze it to make them disappear. 

When you think the soaps are all dried up, put them somewhere to dry.              

How To Clean the VR Cover?

VR cover is also easier to use than stock foam. Because it does not absorb your sweat. 

I would recommend you remove the foam from the cover before cleaning. Because only then you can get inside the parts where the foam folds. 

Be gentle when you are removing the foam. Put your finger as close to the plastic parts as you can to avoid damaging the foam.

Then use wipes to disinfect both the plastic part and the foam. I have noticed that the part by the nose accumulates most dust. 

When you clean the foam, be very thorough, especially around the areas where the foam bends. 

When you are done, put it back together by folding it in half and aligning the foam with the center of the plastic part. Press it on the sides. 

That’s the most effective way I’ve found to distribute it evenly.  

Need To Know!

What kind of soap should I use? Does it matter?

Yes, it does. Face pads can be damaged by color when you use abrasive soap or detergent powder.

So, make sure that you are using a non-abrasive and gentle soap.

Can I use alcohol wipes for Oculus Quest 2 facial pads?

Using an alcohol-based or chemical base cleaner for your facial pads or headset is very damaging. The meta itself inhibited the use of such kinds of cleaners. 

So, try to use clean wipes for your headset. 

Is Clorox for Meta Quest 2 facial recognition?

CLOROX wipes contain high levels of alcohol and chemicals. It is specially produced for finished wood, sealed granite, and stainless steel in the home. 

So it would be better to keep it away from Oculus Quest 2.