The best IR light for Oculus Quest 2 might be hard to come by due to the fact that so many options exist. To ensure you are able to see properly and win games as a gamer, you need to choose the best infrared IR lighting for your Oculus Quest 2. We have put together a list of the best IR illuminators for Oculus Quest 2 to make sure you can see well in the dark while using it.

Using Oculus Quest 2 in the dark can lead to lousy strategy and many losses because you are not able to see well in the dark. This is why it is extremely important to have the right infrared lighting while using the device.

The best on our list is KKCOBVR I2 Indoor Ir Illuminator Infrared Light which is the best in terms of seeing in the dark, quality, and as well as portability. 

Infrared illuminators are great products for improving your vision while playing games in the dark, so you should use them on top of Oculus Quest 2 to improve your vision. There are also some other great products on our list that are also great products. To see what other products made the cut, please take a look at our complete list below.

5 Best VR Compatible IR Light for Meta Quest 2 Body Tracking

1. Orzero Ir Illuminated Infrared Light: Affordable, simple and functional

  We have tested Orzero Ir completely in the dark, and it lives up to its reputation. It is easy to install. You just need to plug in, and turn it on when it’s dark.

Unless we wear the Oculus, infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye. It makes everything perfectly visible in the pitch dark, so you can play at night or out in the backyard without disturbing anyone.  

We were able to navigate the area successfully as well as see our objects with the night vision of the device. As a result, you can easily track your phones, snacks, and objects while watching movies or you can use it to turn off the lights at night to not disturb your family.

In addition, Our tracking activity and sensitivity were both increased in ability. You can also control the light to make it easier to play in the dark. As a result, you can make your gaming more versatile.

For the most immersive view and experience, install the Orzero Ir illuminated infrared light behind you. Its screen size is six inches, which is the typical size for most IR lights.

 At an affordable price, these beauties are available in both black and white.  

2. Esimen LED IR Illuminator Infrared Flood Light: Best Compatible for Quest 2


With the Esimen LED IR illuminator, handle drift is reduced by almost 99%. The Esimeren LED IR illuminator was also quite successful in allowing us to navigate around. It has a wavelength of 850nm, so that it is sufficient to light up a large area. By using an EPISTAR LED light source, VR can be used in a completely dark environment.

As the Esimeren IR illuminator works in real life as well as in games, it is not necessary to take off your Oculus Quest 2 when not in use. We have found it absolutely easy to see and move around rooms and other areas with it. However, it is possible that you may not be able to see clearly with one. In that case, it is advised to purchase another pair for better vision.

Aside from good packaging, the Esimeren LED IR Illuminator comes with an extra adapter so that you can use it if needed. The look of the Esimeren LED IR Illuminator is attractive, with a classy black design. The Illuminator is easy to use, but you do have to use an adapter if you live outside the U.S.

The only devices that are compatible with the Esimeren LED IR Illuminator are the Oculus and the Oculus Quest 2, which some people consider as a downside.

3. KKCOBVR I2 Indoor Ir Illuminator Infrared Light: Best for Low Light Play

KKCOBVR 12 is easy to use and the most reliable on our list. All you need to do is plug in your VR headset to play. The most attractive feature of this product is its optional brightness gears. With this feature, you will be able to see it efficiently.

You will be relieved to know that KKCOBVR does not overheat when you are using it. The lamp also consumes low power. Therefore your VR will not lose too much power.  

As it is the standard, the KKCOBVR is also rechargeable with a type-C port, which enables you to simultaneously charge your VR headset as well as the battery head strap that uses an IR chip.

Similarly to the other gears previously mentioned, the first gear can cover a considerable area. The first gear is suitable for a smaller area of 15-20 meters square. In comparison, we have seen that the second gear is best fitted for a room of 30-50 meters square.

Furthermore, it has a 120-degree field of view, so you might need more if you live in a larger area. It is also arguably lightweight, weighting only 6g. Additionally, you will be able to use external headphones perfectly and without any problems. The packaging also includes a type-C USB adapter and an extension cable.

4. MASiKEN IR Illuminator Infrared Light: Best infrared light for VR Play At night

The Masiken IR illuminator is compatible with HTC VIVE, PICO NEO 3, and PS5 headsets. This makes it more versatile than any other of the IR devices listed above. Its invisible light emits an infrared wavelength between 760nm and 1mm, which allows for adequate infrared lighting when playing or watching with your Oculus Quest 2. A total of 50 infrared LED beads are used by the headset company to ensure that even in complete darkness full vision is maintained.

According to our observations, it greatly enhances the sensitivity of the controller and hand tracking, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the VR universe.

With the help of infrared light, you are not only able to move around your room but also play VR games and watch movies.

It includes a one (1) 12 volt/ two (2) amp adapter, so you can utilize it more easily. Masiken IR Illuminator is best dressed up with a stunning black body that could work perfectly in any room, before or after use, in style.

5. SZKOSTON IR Illuminator: Best Night VR Light

The SZKOSTON IR illuminator with 12 Mil lamp wicks is designed to fit your exact needs. We have found it to be amazingly helpful for tracking sensitivity as well as hand control, due to the 48 pieces of LED lamp beads.

The SZKOSTON IR illuminator can be rotated 180 degrees left and right, as well as 150 degrees up and down in order to suit your needs. It is as easy as it gets to wander around with this device. When you turn off the disturbing light-leaking nose on this illuminator and only use the infrared light instead of the disturbing light-leaking nose on other illuminators mentioned above, the disturbing light-leaking nose will no longer bother you anymore.

As far as setup goes, we are most satisfied. SZKOSTON has made it very easy for users to set up this IR. It has provided a collection of screw accessories that will allow you to place it anywhere for your convenience. Our first step was to rotate and remove the light’s base, then we would secure it in place with three screws. The next step would be to attach the connector to the cable.

The UpVRfun Guide to IR lights on Quest 2, HTC Vive, PCVR, and Valve Index 


You must also consider two things when it comes to choosing the right style for your room- how it will look in your room and how easy it will be to set up. If you want something that won t take up too much space, then go for the ones that can be placed on a table or hung on the wall.

There are many types of illuminators available in the market today, but if you are looking for one without a lot of effort involved in setting it up, go for the ones with a stand. The options regarding style are endless as there are various designs available in the market today.


In order to purchase an IR illuminator that is compatible with your VR device, you would need to take this into consideration. The majority of illuminators that are compatible with Oculus can also be used with other devices. However, you should always make sure that you check the compatibility list before making a purchase. This way, you can save both time and money.


An IR illuminator’s performance is determined by two factors – the number of LED beads that make up the unit, and the wavelength of the light. When the number of LED beads is higher, the better the performance as it will provide more infrared light.

In addition to that, the wavelength of the light also plays an important role in terms of determining the performance of an IR illuminator. It is recommended that the wavelength of an IR illuminator should be between 760nm and 1mm in order to achieve optimal performance.


There is no set price for an IR illuminator, but it depends on different factors such as style, performance, and compatibility. If you want an illuminator with all the bells and whistles then be prepared to spend a little more.

Despite this, if you don’t have the budget to spend on an IR illuminator, you have plenty of alternatives. Generally, it’s better to compare the costs of various IR illuminators before you buy. Also, look for discounts and specials; you might find an excellent deal.


You must consider how easy it is to use an IR illuminator prior to committing to a purchase. Some illuminators come with a remote control that makes it easier to adjust the settings. These are ideal for people who do not want to get up every time they need to make a change.

Ease of Setup

This is a crucial factor to consider if you do not want to spend hours trying to set up your IR illuminator. Most of the illuminators available on the market are quite easy to set up. However, some come with a detailed instruction manual that can be confusing.  

 It is always better to go for an illuminator that is easy to set up and does not require special skills. This will save you time and effort in the long run.  

Read The Most Recent Queries

What does an IR illuminator do?

An IR illuminator is a device that emits infrared light. The light is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen through night vision goggles. Infrared light is used to light dark areas in order for them to be clearly visible. VR headsets, as well as security cameras, can see their surroundings at night or in low light thanks to IR illuminators, which provide infrared light. Also, this light helps to reduce reflections on glass and other surfaces.

Does Oculus Quest 2 need an IR illuminator?

You do not need an IR illuminator for the Oculus Quest 2. However, if you plan to use your VR in low light or at night, an IR illuminator will be very beneficial to you. It will allow you to see the surroundings more clearly and reduce reflections from surfaces such as glass and other surfaces.

What are the benefits of using an IR illuminator?

There are many benefits of using an IR illuminator. Some of the most notable benefits are listed below:

  • IR illuminators help in providing better visibility in low light or dark conditions.
  • They help in reducing reflections from glass and other surfaces.
  • They help in improving the performance of VRs and security cameras.
  • IR illuminators are very affordable and easy to use.

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