Meta Quest 2 is all the rage now. But what is it worth without its gear? The gear is the whole package, or else the Meta is just a fun tool. Even a fun tool can’t last long if it doesn’t have the accessories that help it protect itself. So here’s why we have researched the most popular Oculus Quest 2 stands.

If you don’t want to miss out on the best VR stands for Meta Quest 2, read on. But if you are running late for something, we have got you covered with the most impressive Oculus Quest 2 stand. We ranked among the three. 

The AMVR Compatible with Quest 2 Stand Upgraded Heavier VR Headset Display Stand Holder and Controller Mount Station is the latest of the AMVR VR stands and it has more rigidity than any other AMVR stand on the market. Get yours now if you want everything, from durability to easy assembly.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Stand

3 Best Meta Quest 2 Charging Stand

AMVR VR Stand: Best Mount Station For Meta Quest 2

Viewpoint: Easy to put | Lens Friendly | Easy to assemble | Decent And Stable | Widely Compatible | Technological aesthetics

Due to its superior stability, AMVR’s stand will be in high demand. The engineers cut it strategically to fit the average height. The sense of poise it holds is quite relaxing due to the vast space between its props. 

Our reviewers also praised the thoughtfulness of the engineers for the basal center of gravity they planted. Choosing the lowest possible option for the stand is helpful for the stand to maximize its stability. Because of its rigidity and style, it also looks pretty cool in the house. It is an elegant addition to your home decor when it’s not folded away.

The manufacturers intended the display tray to be placed on the head, and we found it a comfortable distance from the column. This way, the lens will be spotless in that you won’t accidentally cause any scratches to the lens. We learned how easy the stand for the Oculus Quest 2 headset is to set up during our experiment. 

We noticed there were three or four steps. In spite of that, the steps almost blend into one another due to spontaneity. All we had to do was mount the Oculus and its controllers on the stand, and voila! You have completed the setup, and you are ready to play. 

Verdict, Benefits And Drawbacks: AMVR VR Stand has become one of my favorite accessories for holding the Oculus headset and controllers. It’s very handy and can be used for other VR headsets too — it comes with different pieces that can be used to adjust how the stand is used for whichever VR setup you are using.

In all honesty, I am overly impressed with the product. However, I think I’m more likely to be able to justify the price if I consider it just an organizer. I would personally prefer if it could be wall mounted, but I’m considering mounting the cords on a shelf, to keep them out of harm’s way.

I think it’s a reasonable value and it’s not overly pricey for a few ounces of plastic, but it’s a one-and-done package, so I cannot complain about anything else.

KIWI Design VR Stand: Affordable Stand For A Quest 2

Our Verdict, Benefits, And Drawbacks: In my opinion, KIWI design VR Stand is perfect! It is well made and very durable. It was a very simple assembly process with detailed guidelines on how to put it together. I would highly recommend it to anybody who needs a stand for their VR headset, especially for the Oculus Quest. I have used it for years and it is just what I was looking for for my VR headset.

The Kiwi Design VR Stand is sturdy, according to our reviewers, regardless of its cramped nature. It might not have the space of the AMVR stand, but it still remains just as durable, if not more. Gamers might not find it as spacious as it is owing to its sleekness. 

It does look quite stylish and trendy, especially for those who are into the Scandi minimalistic decor. It also has two standard monochromatic colors in black and white, so you feel more in control. And if you like your controllers hanging beside the headset, this stand is right for you.

The Kiwi stand also helps keep things natural. Neat freaks definitely don’t want to miss this out. There will be no tripping or tangling because the frame has a place for everything in itself. The assembly, we discovered, was pretty convenient. The entire setup was then in the air, closer to our arms, demonstrating its usefulness.

It is worth mentioning that the charging ports are left in the open for your convenience. With the Kiwi stand, you can charge your VR set at any time and even while you’re playing. Your VR gear stays safe and sound when you have a place for everything.

AMVR Stand Holder: Best Quest 2 Holder

Our Verdict, Benefits And Drawbacks: My overall experience with it has been exceptionally positive. The assembly was incredibly simple, the AMVR Stand Holder is durable, and the manuals are very clear. The product manual does not describe how your device should be mounted onto the holder. I had to refer to the product photo in order to figure out how. All that said, I highly recommend this product.

We selected another stand from AMVR to showcase in our top picks. This AMVR stand is a bit heavier with a wider breadth and rigidity. This AMVR stand ranks among the most durable stands. We mounted our controllers, which never slipped out due to their curated shape. 

As per the manufacturer, the base is a hundred grams heavier than the older version. Scientifically, this will bring the center of gravity down, and that in turn makes it less likely to tilt to any side. The breadth holds it firm as well. We saw that the stand could withstand any weight, no matter the size or mass of the VR headset.

We checked out the compatibility of the stand with the VR headsets, and it perfectly suits the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, and Valve Index. In our experiments, we found that many different controllers of different brands could be used with the stand. Its versatility and diversity are a huge plus for gamers. 

Up VR Fun Guide: Which VR Stand for Meta Quest 2

VR stands are helpful for many reasons, but you have to select the stands while keeping your headset in mind. So let’s take a look at the factors that determine its progress. 

The Brand

You should usually pick your VR accessories from the same supplier. This means that there will be some minor discrepancies in compatibility between the accessories and the Oculus Quest 2. We recommend you buy a stand with a diverse pairing of different VR headsets and their different sizes and weights. 

If you don’t intend on switching brands, then go for one that can at least keep your controllers too. It should also not have the wires dangling. A neat look helps your device stay safe.

Strong Base

You will need a strong lower base. With wider legs simultaneously, you will receive the gravitational pull from a lower pivot. That will make it less prone to slips and trips. With a Straphanger, you can easily adjust the length of your VR strap to the proper setting. At the same time, secure your head-mounted display (HMD). 

A sturdy circular base and a unique sponge non-slip construction will make it easy for you to place it almost anywhere. Just make sure the floor or desk is even so that the stand won’t fall. Aside from that, the Oculus Quest 2 stands are an elegant addition to your home.


You don’t want a VR headset that looks like only engineers and IT specialists can use the headset. Those sorts of people don’t have spare time for VR games, which are made for kids and adults who may be either newcomer to the gaming world or pros. So what we are looking for is simple assembly. 

Take it out of its package, following the instructions. The stand isn’t good enough if the instructions aren’t clear enough. 


Should I keep the Oculus Quest 2 on?

We know how it feels to have your own Oculus Quest 2. It’s like time stops, and you just want to play all day. What’s worse than a low battery when you are immersed in the world of Virtual Reality? You should immediately stop the game when the low battery signal appears in order to prevent that from happening and your winning game from coming to an abrupt end.

When the headset is not in use, plug it into the charger. We advise shutting off the Oculus Quest 2 as soon as it goes on a hiatus. Don’t let it sleep because the battery also cuts a bit when you click the power button for a split second. If you want to shut it down, hold it and count until 3. Afterward, the light on the headset will disappear. You have to do the same thing to switch it on. It’s simple as that. 

Why does my VR hurt my head?

Sweating, dizziness, headaches, and even nausea are some side effects gamers face when using VR for a long time. Since technology is improving, more individuals are experiencing a conflict between their minds and body when playing virtual reality games. The grueling hours can pull a string in your brain and damage your eyes.

How tight should Oculus Quest 2 be?

When using the Quest 2, you’ll need a tight grip that holds the headset in place but not so tight that it’s awkward. The strap should form a straight line from above the headgear to the nape of the neck. Over your ears, the belt should wrap the occipital bone across your neck.

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