The best VR floor mat will prevent you from accidentally bumping and damaging things and appliances around your room when immersed in VR.

A lot of people think VR floor mats aren’t necessary if you have a guardian boundary that prevents you from ever leaving the area. This is a valid argument, but once you’ve used a mat, you’ll never go back.

Virtual reality offers a sense of safety and comfort that cannot be matched by simply staying in the middle of the room. A sense of safety allows you to relax and enjoy the experience.

When shopping for a floor mat, there are some things to consider, such as price, cushiness, anti-fatigue characteristics, and safety. In today’s review, we will answer all of these questions.

In spite of the belief that finding a mat is not a difficult task, not all items on the internet are genuine. That is why today, we will review the five best VR Floor Mats.

best vr floor mat
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6 Best vR mat for quest 2 / Pro


ProxiMat 35″ VR Mat

Viewpoints: Two different mat sizes (23″ for small rooms and 35″ for large rooms) | Smooth transition | Extremely comfortable |Keeping the surface clean is as easy


ProxiMat 35″ VR Mat is a clean and simple VR mat that comes with some of the same main features as their more standard line of VR mats. The material gets made from a soft anti-fatigue rubberized foam material, which creates a thickness that isn’t too thick and not too thin to protect your feet and knees during many hours in VR.

The non-porous surface makes it easy to wipe up any sweat from any VR fitness session or if it ever becomes dirty, while its low-profile thickness will not make it so much of a trip hazard as long as it’s sitting flat.

The mat has two raised positioning buttons that stick out from the foam material; there is one large raised button in the middle of the mat, which makes it easy to centralize yourself.

Because of the thick plastic, even if you are playing in shoes, you should be able to feel the difference under your feet. This makes it a bit tough to walk on when playing in socks or bare feet. However, you don’t have to stand directly on it and it’s a handy way to keep you centered on the mat.

On the outer edge is a slightly smaller raised button which is made from the same plastic material. This helps you gain an understanding of your role in the real world.


Zyber VR Mat

Viewpoints: 39.4″ Round Anti Fatigue Large VR Mat for Meta Quest 2 or Pro


Check out this Cyber VR mat if you’re searching for a comfortable, and nice-looking VR mat that works with your Quest 2 VR headset.

For starters, the Cyber VR mat features a circular design with nearly 3 feet in circumference, elevated ridges, and comfortable PU foam padding. You can use it as an anti-fatigue mat, for sure, since it is thick enough.

The mat comes in a nice portable package for transportation. When not in use, you may roll up the mat and place it in a bag. Fortunately, it unfolds rather smoothly and does not roll back up while you are playing in virtual reality.

Its firm foam is comfortable on the feet and prevents sliding as you walk on it. To avoid striking objects or other players while playing VR, the mat’s ridges and pattern also offer you a sense of where you are.

You can wear any footwear you find comfortable on the mat. If you like, you may also play VR on a Zyber mat without shoes, but for the greatest experience, I suggest wearing some sneakers.

The mat is large enough for everyone to play on, regardless of how big their physique is.

Zyber VR is also a fantastic alternative for both carpeted and non-carpeted floors.

The price is the sole drawback, as it is on the upper end of the scale. You wouldn’t regret it, though, if you could gather a few dollars for this important item.

Overall, I believe that this is an excellent purchase if you want a bit more security when playing VR games with others.


IncStores Jumbo Soft

Viewpoints: Rubber flooring with 7/8″ closed cell EVA foam for men, women, and children to meet their fitness goals in sports, cheer, dance, and yoga.

IncStores Jumbo Soft interlocking foam tiles are made from highly durable, shock absorption EVA foam to provide a better, more reliable, and longer-lasting mat.

This IncStores model features an interlocking design, so you can create your VR mat wherever you are – this is an ideal solution if you want to add padding to an entire room or a specific area of a room.

If you like VR, you will need to take your partner out frequently, so you will need something elegant. IncStores Jumbo Soft is available in a range of colors and textures.

However, the tiles might stick to your socks, and walking from these tiles to hardwood floors will make your socks extremely slippery. It will spread from your socks to the floor as well.

The main issue with floor mats, in general, is that they have a distinct, unpleasant “rubber” stench. Some product descriptions do not include the words “non-toxic” or “does not contain PVC.” However, you will not find any consumers claiming that the mat has an odor or that it contains any dangerous substances.


XPACK VR Mat – 35″

Viewpoints: A comfortable anti-fatigue mat to cushion your feet and reduce fatigue. Helps you to move more smoothly for a long period of time while playing games.


This XPACK VR mat keeps you from unintentionally hitting your friends and family or destroying surrounding things. It helps you find your location, while the embossed shapes on the front help in determining your orientation. As you play VR games, this 35-inch mat keeps you balanced and centered.

As an anti-fatigue mat, it relieves fatigue by cushioning your feet, allowing you to move more for a longer period of time.

Since it is thick enough to provide support and ease pressure on your feet, you will get used to standing there for a long time.

Some customers complain about the mat’s slippery feel, but this might not be the case at first. Once you pound the mat with your feet a bit, it softens up and ‘grips’ your feet better. But while it works with either, bare feet get better traction than socks. From carpet to tile to sidewalks, it applies to pretty much anything.


Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat

Viewpoints: Play longer VR sessions and walk like a Ninja without having to worry about pressure on your feet since they are extra thick to support your joints and relieve pressure.

Ninja’s VR floor mat is unusually thick, so it can support your joints and reduce strain on your feet, allowing you to play for extended periods.

The mat has Ninja stars on the top with a couple of small nubs, so you know where you are. The edges also have a slight pitch to them, so it slopes off when you step off of it.

High-density, high-quality foam with complex molding allows you to feel super comfortable on the mat. It has the feeling of memory foam gel on a top-end bed mattress.

The only negative thing you might find on the internet is customers complaining about the mat being slippery, however, it is the easiest problem to fix.

Due to the oil that gets added to prevent air bubbles, the product is slippery. You can just wipe it down with some alcohol wipes, a cleaning wipe, or a paper towel with some soap.

Not only that, but adhesive gel pads on the bottom allow the mat to attach to any surface without sliding or moving; you can use it on carpets, hardwood, laminate, or tile and relax worry-free!

Ninja VR mat works with every virtual reality gaming system, including all VR headsets and VR devices, PC virtual reality accessories, PSVR games, and others.


Skywin VR 35″ Mat Round

Viewpoints: Designed to reduce fatigue and protect your feet during long gaming sessions. It is a non-slip VR surface mat that has the perfect balance of cushion and firmness.

One of the biggest selling points for the Skywin VR mat is its design. If you care about your interior and are afraid to buy a VR mat because of it, Skywin is the way to go.

Texture lines on the game’s surface are not just for aesthetics. They also let you know which way you’re facing and when you’re about to leave your game area.

The mat is also super lightweight, considering its size, so you can move it around wherever you want. Additionally, it has a non-slip bottom and surface.

The non-slip bottom will make sure that the mat will grip anywhere you put it, while the non-slip surface mat has the right balance of firmness and cushion that reduces slipping and sliding.

Overall, the mat is adequate. It might not be full of extraordinary features, but it sticks with the basics and does a great job.


Sponge Neoprene

Viewpoints: Suitable for noise reduction, cushioning, and strengthening joints of precast concrete and steel.


While Sponge Neoprene is the least expensive choice on our list, it comes with some consequences.

Neoprene is a flexible and durable sponge rubber that provides superior thermal & moisture insulation and form-fitting and can resist ozone, sunlight, oxidation, and many petroleum derivatives and chemicals.

Even though Neoprene is a closed-cell foam, this specific formulation does not rebound well after compression. This product is effective for sound absorption, but it is not ideal for situations where you want some sponginess to stay under a continual compressive strain.

When you grip the material, it appears to rebound smoothly since it is springy between your fingertips. Some neoprene formulas appear to be fairly capable of withstanding repeated compression, but not this product! Easily squeezed out of the material, it thins to the thickness of the heavy paper. It should not be used for purposes such as shoe insoles, because persistent pressure will cause it to flatten – virtually forever.

(FAQs) Our Introspection

How much floor area is required for virtual reality?

Room-scale VR games allow you to wander around digital game rooms in all directions.

The more area you have, the better, and a 2 m by 2 m square is sometimes considered a minimum.

Can you play VR while sitting?

Having the ability to sit while playing VR might provide a much-needed rest for your legs. While this is an excellent alternative, players must remember to take pauses during the game. This includes not just sitting down, but also removing the headset.

Can I create my own VR Mat?

You certainly can. However, if you are thinking about constructing your own VR mat, Greatmats has products that would be the ideal addition or enhancement to your one-of-a-kind design.

What Kind of Flooring Should I Install in My Virtual Reality Room?

Using foam-padded tiles in the play space but not to the edge of the room would offer a subtle tactile clue to the person in VR, letting them know, through the change in floor textures, that they are approaching the edge of their safe region.

Our Findings

Virtual reality gaming is an excellent method to unwind and relax during your free time. However, it would be disastrous if you were to destroy your precious appliances or injure yourself while using virtual reality. This is where the use of VR mats comes in.

There are several VR mats on the market, which might be confusing if you don’t know which to choose.

Of course, we cannot tell you which VR floor mat would be the right choice for you, but we would love to recommend IncStores Jumbo Soft. Its interlocking foam tiles are made from highly durable, shock absorption EVA foam to provide a better, more reliable, and longer-lasting mat.

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