Meta Quest 2 and Pro VR golf games are finally available for those who have been looking for them for days.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Quest Pro golf games? Can these golf games make golfing more enjoyable?

Yes, we have listed some excellent golf games for Quest 2 for hardcore and casual players. These VR golf games have multiplayer options and can simulate a real swing.

Even so, not all games are suitable for everyone, and there must be some pros and cons. Let’s talk about some of those likes and dislikes. 

Best VR Golf Games For Oculus Quest 2

4 Best Golfing Experience Oculus Pro Golf Games

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1. Golf Plus

On Oculus Quest 2, Golf Plus is the most realistic and best golf simulation game so far. This VR golf game is absolutely fantastic for competitive individuals. 

You don’t get full courses per se, but there are plenty of worthwhile and exciting full courses. There are skill enhancement levels as well where you can practice golf hitting and gather skills.  

As I played Golf Plus on Quest 2, I felt that putting, driving, and chipping balls felt much more natural. It was the most relaxing and interactive golf game I’ve ever played.  

You will face challenges in every course. It is always exciting and entertaining to take on challenges. A club attachment makes the game much more accurate and fun. Even if you are a novice, it won’t be difficult.

Amazon offers the most realistic VR golf club grip/ handle for the most accurate golf ball shot and realistic swing. DeadEye VR Golf Club Handle Crossmeta Golf club grip attachment GimmeVR VR Golf Club     

It has a pleasant touch of YouTube in the music of this game. There is no doubt that the graphics and physics of this game are excellent and allow the player to completely immerse themselves in it. 

The multiplayer mode is the most awesome feature in this game. It works perfectly. You can enjoy it with up to 7 friends. 

2. Walkabout Mini Golf

Many remarkable things happen unexpectedly in the world. The Walkabout Mini Golf is the most fun golf game ever. According to the New York Times, this adorable mini golf game is unexpectedly convincing. It has been brilliantly designed by Mighty Coconut. It is a game everyone who owns Oculus Quest 2 must play at least once.

Eight unique 18-hole courses are included in this game. Playing them all is fun. I play this VR golf game 2-3 times a day. In addition to the regular courses, unlocking the night version is pretty challenging. But at this level, you will get the most amazing experience. Overall, I enjoyed the Labyrinth course the most.

There are over 188 custom balls in green, red, blue, and more. Lip sync is an interesting addition to this game.

Playing Walkabout Mini Golf on Oculus Quest 2 is very smooth. You can create a private room and play with up to five people at a time. You can cross-buy and cross-play. This updated version offers a wider driving range.

In spite of the fact that the graphics aren’t realistic, they still look adorable. If you have kids, they are going to love physics.

3. Golf 5 eClub

The Golf 5 eClub VR golf game is another popular VR golf game that can easily be played by kids. Courses include tropical, forest, dunes, etc.

You have immersed yourself in the game with breathtaking graphics and beautiful physics with a smooth tracking system thanks to the stunning graphics and beautiful physics. You can take shots easily from a long distance in the driving range and putting game. This game also has the option of adjusting lofts. In addition, you can also earn items in the game.

Various multiplayer modes are available here. With a friend, you can take the fun to the next level. I really enjoy playing this game’s multiplayer mode. It is easy for me to play. Besides, all matches run smoothly in this game. Obtain the updated version for full courses if you can.

Some say there is no stroke play option. For them just select “Medal” when you are setting up the round.

Here are some minor downsides to Golf 5 eClub-

Some slopes find the clubs unwieldy and unrealistic.

4. Golf Club

Golf Club is the best VR golf game for Oculus Quest 2. It contains both single and multiplayer modes with 6 full 18-hole courses. Golf Club is basically an improved physics-based golf game.

Casual players will love the amateur mode. If you want a more challenging and realistic experience, you should play in Pro mode. Putting and chipping are realistic, but the driving range is limited. Don’t worry. After an update, you’ll be able to get the most accurate driving range.

There are flowing rivers, canyons, trees, lakes, etc. It also offers a teleportation advantage for multiple skill levels.

Some complain that the distance adjustment ability is absent from the game, but you can adjust the power settings when you encounter the same problem.