Bowling games are a great source of entertainment for family, friends, or relatives. Especially spending time with your family and kids or friends in the evening whenever you get no time for a walk around.

In that case, Meta Quest 2 can be the bigger and most entertaining platform. There are some VR bowling games available on Quest 2. Some are free like Unlimited Bowling, and some need to pay instead like Premium Bowling, etc.

Best VR Bowling Games For Meta Quest 2

Best Bowling Game on Meta Quest 2

Top Six Picked Bowling Games


Premium Bowling

Publisher: Sadetta
Developer: Sadetta
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Genres: Indie game, Simulation video game, Sports

Premium Bowling VR game is truly premium as the name for Meta Quest 2 and other VR. This bowling game has the most controlling accuracy in recent times.

The physics of the game looks real. For any bowling game, ball customization is one of the most important factors for a smooth gameplay experience. In this game, you are going to get convenience.

The ball customization of this game is pretty cool. You can even create your own ball and play a different style. As this is a multiplayer bowling game, you can easily play together with your friends and family. Premium Bowling games let you bowl without struggling and shoot the breeze.

You are going to get many levels to play in this game. It also has a practice mode. Not only that but you can play also seated and standing. But standing gameplay gives you a better experience. So, it is going to be a pure fun experience of bowling on Quest 2. Another best part of the game is the music.  It fits each bowling lane and has to share features with whoever you want.

I expected to have a two-handed mode. But the game deprived me of my expectation. It could have been better if the developer provided the feature.


ForeVR Bowl

Discover 150+ unique bowling balls and 8 immersive lanes (The Moon, Tiki Hall, Atlantis and more!).

ForeVR Bowl is the best solo bowling game ever. It has both single and multiplayer and both modes perform extremely well. If you are looking for a realistic bowling game, pick “ForeVR Bowl” without any doubt. it is unbelievably good. The graphics are so good as well.

A great feature of the game is- finding new balls are so easy. The balls are colorful and arcade at the same time. You can get different balls to throw. Even you can hide the ball. Playing the bowling game on Oculus Quest 2 is super fun and very friendly.

ForeVR Bowl has 8 lanes in total. Sorting out the ball and locking your position in the lane make the game absolutely perfect. You can even choose over 100 songs from the tremendous youtube jukebox.

Overall, you will get very fun bowling as a workout in this game.


Sports Scramble

Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

Sports Scramble is the best VR bowling game ever. No, it is not really, it is one of the best games on Oculus Quest 2 and other VR. Good for all ages people. It has so many fun levels. Pretty realistic in terms of physic and the physics are truly entertaining. 

The gameplay experience with the game is incredible. Sports Scramble has got a super smooth motion controller and the fastest response time. The numerous challenges compel you to be immersive in the game.

I fell in love with the atmosphere of the game. It was fantastic. The thing that surprised me was the announcer in the game. I like the way he announces. 

The bright and large environment is the most appreciated feature of the game.     


Let’s bowl VR

Publisher: Rising Fun Games
Genres: Indie game, Casual game, Simulation video game, Sports, Early Access
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Sports of bowling game is one of my favorite VR games. As there are limited bowling games VR, Let’s Bowl VR is another recommendable bowling game for Oculus Quest 2.  

In this game, physics is great to look at. You will have 18 locations in total here. All are stunning to look at. This game lets you play 70s style if you want. The beautiful graphics and environment give you more fun to play with. It feels like you are in the bowling alley. Have the potential to be the best bowling game in the coming days. 

The cons of this game are the ability to change the orientation of the room is not good. Because you will not get the oil physics in the lane. Those who play bowling games regularly know oil is a very important element in sports bowling. Besides, the teleport function seems a little bit wonky.  


PBA Pro Bowling

The most authentic and realistic bowling game ever!
 The Pro Bowlers Association has officially licensed PBA Pro Bowling 2023 

This is another recommendable bowling game. Like other bowling games, PBA Pro Bowling has got good graphics, physics, and lighting.  I love the new pro shop and Belmonte spare ball. Easier to get a ticket. Players can create their own bowlers. 

The controlling ability is great compared to Let’s Bowl VR. You can also purchase so many balls and upgrade their attributes for them. There are so many possibilities in the game. 

The downside side of the game is it got crashing sometimes. Hoping the developer solves the issue as much as possible.      


Unlimited Bowling

Game Modes: Single User, Multiplayer
Modes: Standing, Roomscale
Controllers: Touch Controllers
Platforms: Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

The best free VR bowling game on Oculus Quest 2 is Unlimited Bowling. It has got real-world dynamic ball hook motion and pin action. Especially the 100 pins mode is really fun. These features satisfy your feeling of throwing and hitting the breeze. 

The controlling ability in this game is awesome. It is very easy and comfortable. No complaints about the physics and graphics. These have been developed brilliantly.

You are going to get 9 challenging oil patterns to bowl. As there is oil, you can easily customize the balls in the lane. On the other hand, the AI mode seems pretty challenging in this game.

Sometimes you can find glitchy experiences during the rolling balls. Remember there is no teleport function. From my point of view, While it is a free game, it won’t cause a problem for you.


There has been a battle between ForeVR Bowling vs Premium Bowling among bowling enthusiasts. Which bowling game is better? Both bowling games are awesome except for some aspects. Premium bowling claims to have the best realistic bowling experience whereas ForeVR Bowls is a high-end video game.

Premium Bowling game’s price is cheaper than ForeVR Bowls. Another difference between these two is the movement ability. The movement advantage in the Premium Bowling game is less than the ForeVR Bowling. Because premium bowling is some kind of flat or room-scale game. But in ForeVR Bowling, you can explore the lobby and physically walk around the shop.