You have played many genre survival games on different platforms. But playing survival, action, and terrifying zombie games on VR will give you a unique experience.

There are huge selections of zombie games (Zombie City Defense 2, Zombie Riot, Survival VR, One of the Last, Killing Zombies) out there. But not all zombie games are supported by VR. Though some zombie games are available on VR, they are not all too enjoyable for some reason.

VR zombie games are truly fascinating, have brilliant mechanics, and have great stories. You will have melee combat, action, thrill, and a satisfying horror vibe in those games. Moreover, these 4 VR zombie games have single and multiplayer modes.

Best VR Apocalyptic Zombie Games

best VR Zombie game on oculus quest 2


The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners

Platforms: Oculus Quest 1 & 2, PSVR, PCVR

Mode: Single Player 

If you love stealth melee combat and intense shooting, the Walking Dead is the best VR zombie game ever created. It is a full-featured game. You will have over 15 hours to complete it.

The story of this game is full of moral dilemmas. You have to make a very tough decision for your life. Skydance Interactive has created a perfect thrill by putting a conflict between the players in the story.  In one word, the walking dead is a game changer in the future.

Should you buy this?

The good side

One of the best satisfying parts of this game is the environment. It looks very good with a dark and atmospheric tone which creates a very thrilling vibe. This is one of the success points of the game.

You will be put in a desolate environment and post-apocalyptic world. It looks like there has been a famine and gives you an intense horror feeling.

When you enter the game, you will see a city named New Orlean has been hit by the apocalypse. The city has been submerged in floodwater, buildings are falling apart, and the dead roam everywhere. All the environmental features were unbeatable to me.

The horde presentation is surprisingly good. You can work in any faction or together. Here players align themself and can scatter around the Orlean city to kill the zombies.

I love the crafting in the game. You will find plenty of weapons, ammo and even can pick up any objects from the open environment. So, killing the zombies with any weapon will be very fun.

The graphical presentation and soundtrack are fantastic. You will experience proper physics for satisfying combat with the zombies in this game.

An interesting fact of this game is players can root around any items of the environment and other purposes like food.

The downside

When I was in the game I found that sometimes the weapons are breakable while fighting the zombies. The price for this game is a little bit expensive for me.


Resident Evil 4

Platform: Oculus Quest 2

Mode: Single-Player

Resident Evil is not only the best zombie game on Oculus Quest 2 but also one of the best games ever made. Capcom officially remakes this game for Oculus VR in October 2022. 

Those who have played Resident Evil before should know how terrifying and fun it is to play. But in the VR version, you will have more immersion and fun. This game has a hardcore physics playground with intense verticality.

Is Resident Evil worth buying?

The Good Side

Let’s start with the crafting of this game. In one word, I love all of the weapons and objects they used in VR. There are enough weapons to protect yourself from zombies and monsters.

Aiming and shooting guns, and combat with the zombie hordes with any weapons are accurate. The fact is that all the weapons in the game have their own uniqueness. Reloading the gun, swap weapons, using the knife, and throwing the grenade was incredibly perfect and satisfying.

When you will play in full locomotion mode, you can never explain how responsive the actions are. I truly love it. It is sure that you will get much more advantages to fighting the zombies in VR than in the previous version.

If you are new to VR and not comfortable with the full locomotion mode, you can get more options to play it.

The graphics visual was made in a more crisp and immersive way. In addition, Capcom managed the soundtrack and music perfectly to give the VR owners thrill and fear.

One of the most important parts of this game is playability. Resident Evil 4, the VR version, never disappoints you to play freely. You will be able to move around at large. During my gameplay, I could move forward, backward, left, and right with ease. So, you don’t have to worry about it twice before buying.     


Sometimes you will see a cutscene appear during the gaming session.


After The Fall

Platform: Oculus Quest, PS4, PCVR 

Mode: Multiplayer 

After The Fall is the best VR zombie game for co-op gaming so far with cross-play support. It has a large play environment, huge weapon collections, and massive zombie hordes. 

You will have five levels along with the PVP mode. Each level has different powerful enemies like Brutes, Eaters, Juggernauts, and Skimmers.

Is it a good VR zombie game to buy?

First of all, “After The Fall” is a first-person shooter VR game and the content of this game is pretty cool. You will get new hordes, weapons, a new harvest run, and character customization.  

After the Fall gives you an absurd amount of enemies at any time and you will be tired of fighting with them. 

but it is not like a left 4 dead game, the content of this game is pretty cool. The foundation is fantastic.  

Secondly, one of the major points of any game is its soundtrack. In this game, the soundtrack will amaze you for sure. Especially, when you get into a fight with the vast zombie hordes. 

The change of music and pace will not definitely bore you and give you a thrill. For me, the most frightening part was the music when the Juggernaut and its spawns make a sound. Thanks to the developer for offering a charismatic voice acting for the leader   

Thirdly, the graphics look so good. Especially, when you hold any items in your hand, it feels phenomenal. Every weapon’s skin color and zombie’s physic look fantastic. I love the hub area graphics too. 

The downside 

If you are a looter shooter this is probably not for you. For me, the level of gaming was not enough. So from my perspective, it should come up with a couple of levels.  


Arizona Sunshine

Platform: Oculus, valve index, VIVE, PSVR, PCVR

Mode: Multiplayer 

The Arizona Sunshine is a campaign-based VR zombie game that you must play once at least. You can customize the game as you will and allow anyone to jump in the game. 

The  good side 

Arizona is Graphically pretty good like sunshine in the day. I love the graphical assets on the gunplay. The Vertigo games and Jaywalker Interactive have done well in this game. 

Playability was excellent for all VR platforms. You can move forward, and backward freely. Aiming the gun and shooting at the zombies were accurate. But I found a shabby experience playing on PSVR.   

The major trigger point of this game is its sound design. It was really cool. The voice acting of every character is epic. Especially the zombies’ sound, every player’s gun shooting, and heavy breathing sound feel so terribly good. 

The Downside 

There is a collision in the game. You can’t pick up objects properly. The sight movement controller was a little bit in limitation but will do. I did not find plenty of zombie animation. By this, I want to mean that the same zombie comes again and again. Keep in mind this before buying.