As an Oculus Quest 2 or Pro user, you have access to enjoy a wide range of collections of different sports games. Over the past years, some of the latest and greatest VR sports games are released on the Meta.

Among these games, we have selected some of the best Oculus Quest 2 VR sports games by considering the best VR experience. Besides, we also tried to make the list keeping in mind the different genres of sports fans. Because there is no saying that everyone will love the same style of games.       

Best Oculus Quest 2 Sports Games

The most realistic VR sports games are available on Quest 2 / Pro


Walkabout Mini Golf VR

If you are looking for a replayable VR sports game for Oculus Quest 2, get the Walkabout mini golf VR right now. Mini Golf VR is the best Oculus Quest 2 game to date undoubtedly. It is an unexpectedly convincing title for VR. I don’t know how Mighty Coconut has managed the game. It has got an insane and detailed environment, great music,  and next-level fun gameplay.

When it comes to gameplay questions, playing the Labyrinth session was an unforgettable moment for me. Also, the reason that the game always compels me to play again and again is the social aspects. You can interact with and catch up on other lives events through this Golf VR game. It is really full of fun playing the game. 


Echo VR

Echo VR is the best free sports game on Oculus Quest 2 so far. This sports combat disc-throwing game is not only the best free game but also one of the best games on Oculus Quest. In this game, you can play with multiple teams of 4 players in zero gravity and make a big score to win the title. The best part of this game is its crossplay advantage between Oculus Quest and Rift. So, if your friends or natives are not owners of Oculus Quest but Rift, you don’t have to worry about it. You can experience the highest fun of Echo VR with limited mobility. This Oculus VR game helps you to build up strong social networking and competitiveness.  


Totally Baseball

What is the best Oculus Quest 2 baseball game right now? The straight answer is “Totally Baseball” is the best baseball VR available at the moment. You can get almost every aspect of baseball experience like pitching, batting, flicking, fielding, etc in this game. From my point of view, the fielding experience in the game was exhilarating.  

In one word, Totally Baseball is a very good VR baseball game on Oculus with multiplayer mode. The thing I like the most in the game is the customizability of the avatar.  

The con of the game is sometimes you may find the game is broken after installing the new updated version. If this happens, try to connect to the Oculus Community


Racket Fury Table tennis VR

Rocket Fury is a great choice for tennis lovers to play on Oculus Quest 2. This game has the most accuracy in using AI technology. I appreciate the developer for offering advanced physics. The physics system and haptic feedback technology in this game are phenomenal. Because of that, you can experience a different feeling while you are playing the game. The best experience you can get when you play with the robot by replicating real-life individuals.

Rocket Fury is not only a source of fun but is also considered one of the best daily workout games. Pixel Edge, the developer, tried their best to offer a perfect and realistic table tennis experience except for the background scenario.  I don’t know what is the other opinion of it. But from my point of view, it should be improved.        


Eleven Table Tennis

First of all, I want to start by saying that Eleven Table Tennis is an unexpectedly good VR sports game on Oculus Quest 2. Thanks to For Fun Lab for developing such an amazing sports game. 

The crafting and mechanics are brilliantly done by the developer. You can easily control the 3D paddle and avatars. Therefore you experience an authentic and real feel during the gameplay. Not only that, you can choose your favorite locations. There are several locations available like- the beach, dojo, coffee lounge, actual park, etc. it is really a great advantage for those who love to enjoy table tennis on VR. One of my favorite features of the game is that it supports multiplayer where you can play 3-4 players together.   


Forever Darts

Throwing darts is one of my favorite hobbies in real life and games on the sports field. Like me, if you are in love with throwing darts, ForVR Dart is the best choice for Oculus Quest 2. The best part of this game is you can use both the Oculus controller and hands to throw the darts. Not only that, you can even invite your friends to the ForeVR hub for having more fun.

Come to the performance parts of the game. The tracking, aiming, and throwing of darts was very accurate and seemed realistic. The mechanics of this game are spectacular and well managed. Overall, ForeVR Dart is worth the money. 


The Thrill Of The Fight

Boxing is one of the most prestigious titles in the sports world. When it comes to the best Oculus Quest sports game, it is like a crime of not keeping The Thrill Of Fight on the list. The Thrill of the fight is one of the best Oculus VR games of all time.  Why it is the best? Because the game has got excellent locomotion activity,  energetic music, and better game design. So if you love intense boxing games, you can get it without thinking twice. This game definitely offers you a real boxing experience like you are playing in the ring.  But if you are new to boxing, you need to gather skills first. Because getting an immersive experience in this game mostly depends on your skills. Otherwise, you will want to quit this game.  


2MD VR Football Unleashed

If you want a groundbreaking VR experience, no VR sports game can be better than the 2MD Football Unleashed. The reasons behind being the best VR sports game on Oculus are its representation style, motion control, and music. Truant Pixel, the developer of the game, has managed it perfectly.     

Recently the developer updated this game. By the update, they have improved some features like “ball carrier mechanics” and added a couple of features like “multiple leagues”. Some other features like the soundtrack, motion control, and graphics have been updated too. So you can expect a smooth, decent, and better performance in moving left-right and forward.  I see some subscribers complaining about the fast-running issue. You have to remember that running is not about how fast you are.