Ever since the Oculus Quest 2 took the stage the world of VR experience has took a complete turn.

But as being a staple piece in the VR world we need a passable head strap for using the Oculus Quest 2.

The head straps that match the Oculus Quest 2 come in various different sizes and shapes which have different features varying from model to model making each better than the other.

To help you fine the best performing head straps for the Oculus Quest 2 we have researched the VR market in detail and assembled a list of the best head straps in 2022.


For every VR fanatic out there looking for a head strap that fits right up one’s alley for Oculus Quest 2 we have listed the best oculus head straps in terms of durability, price, material, performance and design.

best oculus head strap

1. BoboVR M2 Pro battery strap:

The BoboVR M2 Pro battery strap is one of the most budget friendly and comfortable straps out there for you. They have battery packs that can easily be swapped and changed. Head straps that include a battery onboard require additional testing to ensure the battery is both large enough to make a difference in gameplay time and that the battery provides the correct wattage back. This makes this even more durable to use. It sits on your head perfectly and does not cause pain or discomfort like many other VR headbands cause.

It balances out the weight of the headset on your head keeping it very light on your head. It comes in various different sizes that make it suitable for every head size out there.

Another amazing thing about this is that it has removable pads which makes it very easy to clean as well as makes it feel like a cushion when you wear it. And the startling feature of this is that even glasses-wearing individuals can wear this without any discomfort whatsoever.

BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap + Twin Charger Station/Dock Comb, 2 Battery…
  • Reduce facial pressure: The gravity balance and distributed design is adopted, so that the gravity of the product…

But just as amazing as it sounds there are a few cons to head straps. One of them is that it reduces the FoV slightly and it doesn’t fit as tightly as an elite-style strap.


  1. Easily swappable battery packs
  2. Super comfortable on the head
  3. Balances the headset weight out on the head
  4. Fits every head size
  5. Removable pads
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Great for glasses wearers


  1. Reduces FoV slightly
  2. doesn’t fit as perfectly as elite-style straps.


The Kiwi design head strap is another quality device listed in this. This budget-friendly Oculus Quest 2 head strap and its unique design make it stand out from the other head straps in the category.

VR gamers can agree with the fact that sometimes these head straps can cause serious discomfort but keeping this in mind the kiwi design head strap alleviates the discomfort and allows a much smoother experience for even those individuals wearing glasses.

Not just this the top-quality polymer used in its making allows it to be easily worn with much more durability and adjustment.

This comes with a connecter that allows it to move at 52 degrees- back and forth. By this, the user doesn’t have to remove the side straps when taking it on or off. This head strap comes with a large cushion that provides extra comfort to the wearer and weighs just 350g, because of this it is extremely lightweight on the head.

KIWI design Head Strap and Upgraded Fitness Facial Interface
  • 💡 Upgraded Fitness Facial Interface: KIWI design the most breathable face cushion replacement with two important…
  • 💡 Unique Patent L-shaped Vents Interface Bracket: There are full-width grills located on the top and bottom of…
  • 💡 Comfy Leather Pad, Completely Immersive Experience: 1. The 0.63” thickened face pad performs much better in…
  • Enhanced Side Straps: The side straps of our elite strap adopted upgraded polymer material which is eco-friendly…
  • Optimized Wearing Design: With the 52° adjustable hinge, and you can check your surroundings without the trouble…

The users can wear this for a long time without feeling any pressure because of the large cushion present inside it. This is probably the most suitable and affordable option to consider. The only bad factor is that it doesn’t have any battery so you can’t just swap it with another.


  1. extremely lightweight
  2. large cushions for comfort
  3. optimizing wearing design
  4. easy to attach to the Ques 2 headset


  1. No Battery


This is one of the best head straps for the Oculus Quest 2. It has a very sturdy strap that helps it to increase balance and stability when delving into quality VR experiences.

The back contains a specially designed wheel that helps the users to vary the tightness by simply twisting it.

This also comes with very flexible support cradles to provide the most comfort to the head.

It also removes the excess weight of the head reducing head pressure and discomfort over long periods of time. 

We can visualize the comfort by knowing the weight of this head strap which is only 179g but can keep your head in the right position for long courses of time.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR
  • Upgrade your comfort with straps, bracing, and a weight-balancing design that lifts headset weight away from your…
  • Keep your headset in place and your visuals clear with rigid stabilizing straps that give all-round support.
  • Personalize your fit in an instant with a turn of the easily adjustable fit wheel.
  • Reduce wearer fatigue with a soft silicone flexible support brace that cradles the back of the wearer’s head and…
  • Install with ease by removing your original strap and simply snapping the Elite Strap into place.

It is available in many different colors and made from premium quality materials.


  1. provides great comfort and balance
  2. reduces fatigue
  3. premium materials
  4. adjustable fit wheel


  1. easy plastic cracking 

4. Esimen K3 Head Strap Set: The Easiest to Carry and Adjust

The Esimen K3 head strap is yet another brilliant pick to make your Oculus Quest 2 experience smooth.

This is made of a very premium quality leather, a special foam material that is very breathable and it can be removed and easily cleaned. This also makes it very comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

Made from top-quality ABS plastic, it supports the user’s head for long periods and reduces facial pressure effectively due to its softness.

The soft silicon coating also prevents excessive sweating while wearing it. Users can easily install and remove this, and adjust it to the size of their head with the straps designated rotation button.

Esimen K3 Elite Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Face Cover, Replacement Head Strap…
  • ✅Specially Designed: Replacement for Elite Strap, perfect fit for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset;Silicone Cover can…
  • ✅Round Rotate Button: Easy to install and remove, and easily adjust to fit most people’s head circumference.
  • ✅Premium Leather Head Cushion: Made of PU Leather with breathable foam material, super easy to clean. Reducing…
  • ✅ANTI- SLIPPAGE-: this Silicone Eye Mask Pad is suit for Oculus Quest 2, durable and soft Silicone make it won’t…
  • ✅EASYLY APPLY AND REMOVE :Light weight.Package:1x Face Mask for Oculus Quest 2;1x Headband

This is available in 2 different colors and makes among the cheapest head straps. Weighing about 800g but is still easy to carry around. it also comes with its own protective cover case which is waterproof and easy to store.


  1. premium leather cushion
  2. anti slippage
  3. rotate the button
  4. easily apply and remove


  1. available in only 2 colors

5. Elite Battery Head Strap: The Most Practical Overall

The elite battery head strap is very easy to install and comes with an instruction booklet that helps you understand it even better.

This helps the users to plug the battery pack directly into the headset and the head strap can be easily adjustable.

It also comes with a battery light indicator which helps you know when to charge both the strap and the headset.

The users who are new to the VR gaming can use the elite battery head strap without any issues and install it under 10 mins.

The extra weight of the headset is on the backside of the which provides balance and removes the pressure from the user’s forehead and nose.

Another amazing factor is that it offers 2 hours of extra gameplay to the user and they can enjoy longer sessions without fearing poor battery life.

This is best for those users who want a prolonged gaming experience.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery for Enhanced Comfort and Playtime in VR,…
  • Extend your play time, maximise your comfort and keep your headset secure however much you move (Packaging may…
  • Play for longer with a built-in second battery that delivers up to double the play time between charges.
  • Maximize comfort with a balancing design that uses the weight of the battery to lift your headset away from your…
  • Get a more tailored fit with an easily adjustable fit wheel that lets you quickly find your size.
  • Keep your headset in place and your visuals clear with rigid stabilizing straps that give all-round support.

However, this is one of the most expensive picks on our list which makes it not the most ideal for users on a budget.


  1. Improves balance
  2. Double playtime per charge
  3. Fast installation
  4. Charge headset and battery simultaneously


  1. Expensive
  2. Takes longer to charge


  How Do I Make My Oculus Quest 2 Better for My Head?

Out of all the given options in our list the KIWI HEAD STRAP Is the most comfortable oculus quest strap.

Due to its model’s connector and its adjustability to various sizes and rotation of 52 degree makes it the most seamless choice.

It also contains the removable side straps and the fact that it can also be worn by glass wearer without any discomfort. Plus, it comes with a very affordable price which makes it to the top of our list.

How Do I Make My Oculus Quest 2 Better for My Head?

To use the oculus quest 2 correctly requires it to be adjusted accordingly to your head.

To achieve this need to remove any pressure from the nose, cheeks or forehead. After this you need to adjust the soft cushions that are present in the head strap.

Most of the other head strap comes with upgraded cushions that help us to get a more pleasant experience. if you want you can also change the head strap with the adjustable wheel so the weight of the headset gets absorbed.

These head straps also give you enough head space so that its breathable and spacious while your placing.

Is Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Worth It?

YES. The oculus quest 2 elite strap is worth every penny.

This model is the most intuitive than most of the head straps.

It is the most comfortable to wear and also comes with a wheel to adjust the strap reducing any pressure from the head and balancing the head strap. As well as this it also comes with a built in battery.

The strap distributes the weight accordingly supporting the back of your head to provide extra support and coziness.

If you are a fanatic and like to play for longer periods of time than the Oculus Quest 2 Elite strap is the best for you since it comes with a carrying case and battery making it a worthy option to get.

How to Attach a Head Strap to the Oculus Quest 2 Headset?

Just like you can easily remove the head strap you can easily attach it back using the following steps:

  1. Attach the new head straps to the same joints the other strap was pulled away from.  You’ll know they are attached by noticing the clicking sound of the strap falling into place.
  2. Next, proceed to attach the top Velcro strap. Loop it through the same area that you used with the previous head strap.

What is the Best Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap with Battery?

The best Oculus Quest 2 head strap is definitely the Elite battery head strap. This model out of all is the easiest to install and adjust.

To work the battery needs to be directly plugged in with the headset. To provide a more seamless use the Elite battery head strap provides a batter indicator that tracks the battery life accordingly.

This design also helps to take off the pressure from the forehead and nose making it a smoother experience.

Moreover, it also provides you with 2 hours of extra VR gaming so instead of taking of the headset to charge it you can just swap the battery and continue playing.

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